How about those Reds!  Tonight they will be looking to sweep the Pirates in the conclusion of this 3 game set at PNC Park.  The Reds have already clinched winning their first three series of a season for the first time since the 1990 season.  Even if you are less than 20 something years old, since you are reading this, I’m guessing you know what other series the Reds won in 1990. Yes, it is early; but, after the last three seasons, we need a reason  to believe.

Starting Pitchers


Amir Garrett gets the ball for the Reds in his second start of the season and MLB career. The leftie was nothing short of outstanding in  his MLB premiere versus the Cardinals last week, pitching 6 scoreless innings and allowing just  2 hits along with 2 walks while striking out 4.  The Reds bullpen is a bit stretched right now. Hopefully Garrett will be able to go 6 innings or even longer tonight with effective results.


Veteran righthander Ivan Nova gets the call to the mound for the Pirates. He is also making his second start of the season.  In his first start of 2017, he pitched 6 inning and allowed only 1 unearned run versus the Braves in a game eventually  won 5-4 by the Pirates.  Expect Nova to pitch to contact. Since coming to the Pirates in a 2016 deadline deal, he has walked only 3 batters and struck out just 58 in 70.2 innings pitched.


Again, since it is early in the season and we have a rookie versus a veteran, I’ll trust that the ZIPS projection system has figured out how to make the numbers an apples to apples comparison.

PITCHER Projected 2017 FIP Projected HR/9 Projected BB/9 Projected K/9
Ivan Nova 3.90 0.90 2.11 6.54
Amir Garrett 5.08 1.31 4.96 8.03


Consecutive short starts have left the Reds pen somewhat stretched.  However, reinforcement has arrived in the person of RH Barrett Astin called up to take the place of Rookie Davis who was put on the 10 day DL after he was struck by a pitch on his throwing arm while batting Tuesday. Coming off 3 inning outings on Monday, Cody Reed and Michael Lorenzen probably still have very limited if any availability tonight. Raisel Iglesias threw around 20 pitches in Tuesday’s 5 out save; he is likely limited to just 1 inning tonight. Blake Wood and Tony Cingrani should also both be good for at least an inning   Wandy Peralta has worked an inning for 3 consecutive days; he may be unavailable. Robert Stephenson appears to be out of the mix right now except for mop up duty.

The Pirates top relievers are well rested. Longman Wade LeBlanc may still be unavailable following his extended relief stint on Monday. Trevor Williams suffered through 2 innings Tuesday and may have the night off.

Starting Lineups

1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Jose Peraza (2B)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
6. Scott Schebler (RF)
7. Zack Cozart (SS)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Amir Garrett (P)
1. Jordy Mercer (SS)
2. Starling Marte (CF)
3. Andrew McCutchen (RF)
4. David Freese (3B)
5. Francisco Cervelli (C)
6. Josh Bell (1B)
7. Josh Harrison (2B)
8. Adam Frazier (LF)
9. Ivan Nova (P

Zack Cozart returns from his bout with a sore wrist. Bryan Price does not appear to be throttling back because he already has the series win. I’m starting to like the way he is managing, except for the sac bunts.

Final Thoughts

In case you missed it in the Bullpen section, Rookie Davis’ is on the 10 day DL  after being hit on his pitching arm by a pitch while batting in the 4th inning last night.   RH pitcher Barrett Astin is up from AAA to bolster the pen.

Go Reds! Nail down the sweep.

Looks like Fox Sports Ohio is still on my cable and as a bonus both the Reds and Blue Jackets playoff game, also in Pittsburgh, will be available thanks to the alternate channel setup. I’m happy.

I’m scheduled to next be with you all on these previews when the Reds visit Milwaukee in a couple of weeks. Until then….
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  1. The Rookie Davis injury makes it a bit easier to slide Devin Mesoraco back onto the roster sometime soon.

    • Not sure why everyone is so convinced that Mesoraco will represent an upgrade at the catcher’s position?

      He is a below average defensive catcher and outside of 2/3 of a good season in 2014 has not been a good offensive player either. Other than 2014 he has been negative WAR each season of his career. His career BA and OBP are lower than Tucker’s. The only possible upside he offers is slightly more power, his career slugging is about 50 points higher. And he certainly isn’t as familiar with the pitching staff as Barnhardt.

      Perhaps Meso should remain at AAA in case of injury, let Barnhardt continue as the starter and keep Turner on the roster for his rule 5 status? If Mesoraco kills it at AAA then trade him.

  2. Nice preview Jim! Like seeing you above the comments section!

    “Go Reds!” is a given but also, “Let’s Go Jackets!… CBJ!”

    • And yes, I’m growing a Stanley Cup Playoff beard. Hope it gets to be a long one.

      • I didn’t think it was appropriate to say in the actual preview but seeing as how this is Reds game of 9 of 162 versus a genuine Stanley Cup playoff game for CBJ, I’m probably watching CBJ live and recording the Reds for later review 😉

        • I plan on watching the Jackets and checking out the Reds during intermissions, with quick checks during other commercial breaks.

  3. Congrats on the cable win, Jim!

    • It is never over till it is over and I have not seen where either Spectrum or Fox has declared its over (till next contract renewal); but I’m hoping..

  4. That 10 day DL is going to be used a lot for this sort of thing. I’m not saying Davis isn’t really hurt, just that it makes it way easier to say “what the heck, let’s DL him, skip a start, and get a fresh arm up here.” (More broadly, I thought Rookie getting hit last night might have been a blessing in disguise…he was pushing 90 pitches, but with a tired bullpen it would have been tempting for Price to send him back out there.)

  5. That was a quick uninspiring half inning

  6. Hamilton making centerfield look easy.

  7. Suarez with another defensive gem starting a double play last inning

  8. Did you see that last pitch to Frazier? The ball literally bent around the strike zone.

  9. The bottom dropped out of that 92 mph fastball for Amir to get the K

    • It seriously looked like the pitch track was a solid object and the ball hit it and dropped straight down

  10. Did that graphic just say Nova has a K/BB ratio of 18:1????

  11. Joey is definitely struggling….that 3-2 pitch was right where he likes it on the outer half and he hooked a weak grounder to first…like Jay would do repeatedly when he’s cold. Hope he gets it together soon!!

  12. Suarez looks great at the hot corner

  13. Even though I know he is going to be fine, it hurts my soul when Votto isn’t great at the plate.

  14. Tucker!!! Missed that one by a couple of feet. Nova starting to lose the break on his pitches

  15. Billy with a ribeye. Nova is not looking so swell

  16. Be a good time for Peraza to get it going!

  17. Peraza!!!! That was a rope

  18. Banga Rang!!!! Peraza drilled it to the corner!

  19. The one time it really makes sense to bunt and bring the infield in for Joey and Peraza smokes a double instead. Normal Reds team and he smokes a 1-hopper 6-4-3!

  20. Crooked number innings are fun

  21. Per fangraphs, Reds now a 90.5% chance of winning. Last year I think it’s 50/50 at best but with the bullpen this year I would say that’s about right.

    • Who is actually available, I would think everybody but Iglesias, probably need Reed for Davis spot, and might want to given Lorenzen another day after 3 innings Monday off but he only has thrown 32 pitches since Friday. Hopefully Garrett gives them 7, right on pace and turn it over to Storen and Cingrani

  22. I love a goose egg by our pitcher after the offense just scored 4

  23. Someone help me out…what is Amir Garrett’s ERA this year?

  24. What a great bunch of pals … I’m out with my wife for our 31st anniversary dinner and nobody let me know that our Reds are doing it again and Garrett is having a very solid game so far. 66 pitches through 5 with a mere 3 scattered hits and 3 K’s. I’ll take that anytime, especially when we’re backing it up with 4 runs so far.

    • If I had known, I would have been your wingman and have called you and we could have faked an emergency so you could watch something important. I’ll put it on the calendar for next year.


      • Presheadite Preach … I hold off buying until Father’s day when they let it go for about $50. Raleigh is too far to get the WLW signal and I don’t have satellite radio in the car.

  25. Starting to think that Amir Garrett might be good at baseball.

    • There’s a distinct possibility that could be true. 74 pitches through 6. I’m thinking we might get 7 from a starter yet. And on my anniversary no less … lucky me!

  26. This time last year we wouldn’t want this to go to the pen in the 7th without at least another 4 runs on the board

  27. Amir Garrett doesn’t worry about high gas prices. His car runs on fear.

    • That’s not bad … perhaps we can make a regular thing out of this if AG keeps it up.

  28. Suarez!!!!!

  29. Y’all just know you want yell out, “Way to go Eh-U-Hey-Knee-O! Make that Bastardo pay for his missed pitches!”

  30. Duvall, Suarez, and Cozart can’t hit any better…..they’re on fire!!!

  31. Reds are on fire. Suarez is hot. Wonder where they will move him when Senzel comes up

  32. 400+ foot shot by Schebler…..that might’ve been our best shot at keeping the HR streak going. We aren’t just beating the Pirates….we’re crushing them:)

  33. Brutal double for Schebler

  34. Who are these guys?

    • I have no idea? I just know the only 2 losses were starts by Feldman & Arroyo. The youth movement is working…..quit trying to screw it up with washed up scrubs! Feldman might work out like Straily but Arroyo has zero chance to be successful and we don’t need him if he could eat some innings with a 4.50 era which is his ceiling imo!

  35. Must be some mistake…….

    Ex Cardinal………

  36. 3 hit night for Tucker

    • 0 hit season for Alcantara …

    • Can Tucker play 1B? Maybe he can replace that lightweight there.

    • Peraza tacks on his 3rd hit also

    • What kind of season would Joey have if he got off to a hot start?

      • no doubt. changing approaches at the start of the last 3 seasons after raking the 3 previous 2nd halfs

        • Is he changing how he approaches things, or does the league adjust, and then he has to adjust as well?

          Tell you what, the other players in the middle of the lineup seem to be getting better pitches to hit due to the respect that Votto gets. And the others are taking advantage.

          • seems like this year’s adjustment is swing early and often. A lot of non committing half swings and weak contact

          • I don’t get to see a lot of games live. Last year he seemed completely lost at the plate for a month and a half. Hopefully, he’ll come around quicker this year.

  37. Peraza needs a stove pipe hat with dual earflaps

  38. Votto gets in on the act with an RBI single

  39. Votto gets a knock and a walk tonight.All is well.

  40. +17 runs in a 3 game domination of the Pirates….hope Arroyo doesn’t ruin our winning streak. I swear I’m coming to Cincy to complain if they leave him in the rotation til June like Marquis & Simon. Arroyo has nothing left!

  41. Reds win!!!!!! Best record in baseball, baby

  42. Bob Steve 4Ks in 2 shutout innings….can’t give up on a guy throwing high 90s with a nasty changeup like tonite!

  43. Good to see Bob Steve get 2 scoreless innings

  44. Stephenson with 4 k’s in his two innings of work.I love our young power arms.

    • It took Garrett 6.2 IP to get 5 K’s, and he ruined his 0.00 ERA to boot …

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