The first place Cincinnati Reds (3-2) will try to win a rare series on the road against the St. Louis Cardinals (2-3) at 2:15 today. The Reds are 4-32-3 in series in St. Louis since the start of 2003. The Reds hitters will have a tall task going up against the Cardinals ace, Carlos Martinez.

Cincinnati Reds 3-2
Chicago Cubs 3-2
Pittsburgh Pirates 2-2 0.5 GB
St. Louis Cardinals 2-3 1.0 GB
Milwaukee Brewers 2-4 1.5 GB

Viewing note: today’s game is not on TV in Cincinnati. The game will be on via FOX Sports Midwest for those outside of Cincinnati, and on 700 WLW.

Starting Pitchers

Scott Feldman 4.2 3 2 6 7.16 -0.1
Carlos Martinez 7.1 0 0 10 0.14 0.6

Scott Feldman is back at it today for the Reds. Feldman gave up a home run to the very first batter he faced on Opening Day. He settled down and pitched OK after that. He will be facing a much tougher lineup today in St. Louis, who was awoken yesterday. The Cardinals scored 10 runs yesterday, after scoring just 9 runs in their first five games combined. It will be imperative that he keeps the ball in the park. It was encouraging that Feldman struck out six batters in just 4.2 innings on Opening Day.

Feldman has made just one career start back in 2013 against St. Louis, and it didn’t go so well: 5.1 IP, 6 H, 5 ER, 4 BB, 4 K. Jhonny Peralta is the only Cardinal that has seen Feldman a decent amount, and he is 4 for 16 with a home run. Jedd Gyrko also has a home run against Feldman.

Carlos Martinez was very impressive in his first start of the season against the Cubs, as you see his numbers above. His 2017 ZiPS projections: 31 GS, 192.0 IP, 8.53 K/9, 3.05 BB/9, 0.84 HR/9, 3.33 ERA, 3.3 fWAR. If Martinez could lower his walk total (which is currently around league average), he would be a legitimate Cy Young contender.

Martinez has mostly faced the Reds out of the bullpen (16 appearances, 5 starts), but has been very effective: 2.76 ERA, 16 BB, 46 K. He had a 3.46 ERA in 2 starts against the Reds in 2016. Scooter Gennett has seen Martinez the most (7 for 23, 1 HR, .925 OPS). Votto is just 2 for 12 with 1 HR, but does have 6 walks. Cozart and Hamilton also have a home run against Martinez.

Starting Lineups

Reds Cardinals
1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Jose Peraza (2B)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
6. Scott Schebler (RF)
7. Zack Cozart (SS)
8. Stuart Turner (C)
9. Scott Feldman (P)
1. Dexter Fowler (CF)
2. Aledmys Diaz (SS)
3. Matt Carpenter (1B)
4. Matt Adams (LF)
5. Yadier Molina (C)
6. Jhonny Peralta (3B)
7. Jedd Gyorko (2B)
8. Randal Grichuk (RF)
9. Carlos Martinez (P)

The Reds are back to the standard lineup, minus Tucker Barnhart. Stuart Turner will make his second start behind the plate. It will be interesting to see what the Reds decided to do when Devin Mesoraco returns. The Reds just can’t send Turner down to the minors, as he was a Rule 5 draft pick, and would have to be returned to the Twins. Dick Williams did say before that the Reds would carry three catchers on their roster if needed.

Mesoraco homers in Pensacola 

Devin Mesoraco hit a home run last night in his second rehab game at AA. Mesoraco apparently got all of it, hitting it into the Pensacola Bay.  It was Mesoraco’s first home run since Sept. 23, 2014. The Blue Wahoos manager Pat Kelly had this to say about Mesoraco after the game (courtesy

“He hit that ball good. We talked earlier in the day at batting practice and he’s still not feeling comfortable yet. But he jumped all over that 3-1 fastball. He’s knocking that rust off.”


It would be really nice to start the season with back-to-back series wins. It would be even nicer to leave St. Louis still in first place in the division, and pushing the Cardinals record to 2-4. It will be a tall task against Carlos Martinez, but the Reds offense has looked mostly good through the first week. Hopefully the Reds can stay patient against Martinez today. Go Reds!

Nick is a lifelong Reds fan who was born and raised in Cincinnati. He acquired his love of baseball from his late grandfather. Nick moved to the Cleveland area in 2014 with his wife, and his currently fighting to convert his beautiful baby daughter Emma to Reds fandom. Nick has been writing for Redleg Nation since 2013. Follow Nick on Twitter @nicholaspkirby.

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  1. Love seeing that about Mes. … I wonder how long carrying three catchers would last, especially if the Reds see the need to add more bullpen help from time to time.

    I also think you are being kind to Feldman. He pitched OK after the leadoff home run? He didn’t get out of the fifth inning! I fear another bullpen day coming but hope he proves me wrong.

  2. So, how long are gonna actually have to deal with Feldman and Arroyo starting? It blows my mind that there was no better option yesterday then Bronson Arroyo, grit factor and all.

    • The only reason that Arroyo and Feldman are starting is because Descanfani and Homer are injured.

  3. I’m still pretty skeptical about Mesoraco. Even when he was healthy, he really only had one good season, in 2014. Since then, he’s been injured and always seems to get right on the cusp of coming back before something else happens.

    I’d love for him to come back and pick up right where he left off in 2014. Getting 147 OPS+ and 4.8 WAR from the catcher position would be transformative for this lineup, and he’s just now entering his prime years, so he at least has that going for him.

    But like I said, he’s only had one good season, so I tend to view it as an aberration until he does it again. Can he? Like I said, I’m skeptical. But I hope Mez makes me eat my words.

  4. Yea!? Feldman is pitching today. On the bright side, at least it isn’t Arroyo

  5. Afternoon, all.

    If the Reds new TV deal that starts in 2018 does not have all 162 games broadcasted locally, shame on them.

    This is 2017, not 1977.

    MLBTV is worth every penny, but especially on days such as this.

  6. Votto surely made him work a bit, if nothing else …

    • Sure did. I’m not sure how me made contact with some of those pitches. I’m a little sad he couldn’t work a walk. That would have been vintage Votto. Instead, we’re nearing the point where I’m going to have to go look up the longest AB streak w/o a walk for Votto…

  7. Votto made Martinez work hard for that out. 22 pitches in total that inning.

  8. A scoreless first inning for Feldman. Nice.

  9. Matt Carpenter cursing as he swung at ball four, a pitch way inside. He is struggling as bad as anyone in MLB in the first week.

  10. Duvall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I know some people on this site are down on Duvall, but as long as the dude keeps mashing, I’m ok with him sticking around in Cincy for the next 5 years or so.

    • If he puts together a whole season like last year’s first half, I doubt anyone will disagree with you.

      • Sure would be nice to have left field sorted for the forseeable future, wouldn’t it? If Duvall and Schebler keep going like they are, and Winker gets here and puts up similar numbers to what he did in the minors, suddenly the Reds have their outfield taken care of.

        I know I’m getting ahead of myself, but I’d be lying if I said the possibility doesn’t excite me.

  12. Feldman in not Cy Young or Clayton Kershaw, but he’s also not Marquis or Gregg. He was signed on a low risk contract with a reasonable expectation of a positive return on that contract. Feldman had 6 SO in 4.2 innings on opening day. He one SO today in 2.0 innings and sent Matt Carpenter back the to dugout cursing to himself. I think we need to at least give him a chance before crucifying him. He was not responsible for Price naming him as the opening day starter. He’s just doing his job.

  13. Billy, overmatched.

  14. After Feldman was very professional, squared around for the bunt before Martinez even began his delivery, getting it down….Hamilton no contact, no run. Little things can add up. Disappointing.

  15. Joey Votto looked like Joey Votto in his 1st PA today. He worked a full count on 12 pitches with 7 foul balls before flying out. That’s encouraging. And Duvall does what Duvall does. That’s also encouraging. If the two results can be combined, that turns ionto a 2 run lead rather than a 1 run lead.

  16. Great heads up play by Turner!

  17. Feldman > Martinez in bunting today. Big play.

  18. So we’re not the only team that can waste a leadoff double. Nice escape there.

  19. YES!!! Stuart Turner with a double to lead off the 3rd inning. Unfortunately after the Feldman sacrifice, moving Turner to 3B with 1 out, Hamilton and Peraza fail to deliver. I hope Turner makes DW squirm big time when Mesoraco comes back from rehab. Keep the kid on the 25-man roster for the future.

    • Maybe some of the catchers can spell Votto at 1st every now and then. Votto is getting up there in years and could probably use a few more days off here and there, even though he looks like he’s in phenomenal shape.

  20. And the dreaded TOOTBLAN.

    • Not sure that’s a TOOTBLAN as much as a bad decision to hit and run with Duvall as the base runner. Price tried so hard to stay out of the double play that he ran into one instead.

  21. Cozart with a gap shot!!!

  22. Another hit for Duvall and an excellent AB by Suarez, even though it ended with a SO on a wicked changeup. I really like Suarez hitting in the #3 hole behind Votto.

  23. Oh, goodie, the run-on-contact, my favorite, sarcasm there. And Cozart just stands there to get tagged out.

    • The worst part, and this is negligence in the highest regard, is that the contact play was on to begin with… THE INFIELD WAS IN.

      If the ball is fielded, you are out 100% of the time. If the ball goes through, you score. But you score ANYWAYS if the ball goes through, even if you don’t go on contact.

      As a manager, 90% of your decisions are easy…ones that anyone can make. You make your money implementing sound strategy. Bryan Price is, and always has been (IMO), very overmatched as a big league manager.

    • Two TOOTBLANs credited to the manager.

  24. Cozart is playing for a dinkey and his next contract! I’m going to miss him. He handles himself on and off the field with class and skill.

    • uh…donkey…

    • He has really morphed into a pretty good hitter these last few seasons, but his destiny is to be traded (and hopefully packaged) for a nice return at the deadline this year. With every hit he gets, that’s hopefully a better prospect the Reds are going to pick up this season.

    • Much like Bruce. Zach is really improving his stock. Hope he stays a little longer so I can get to see him live. Hopefully next weekend.

  25. Five scoreless from Feldman !!

    • One inning from a (very) quality start.

      Dick Williams better be working the phones tonight, with his best used car salesman pitch, “Hey, GM (insert name), let’s keep it touch if we fall into obscurity. You won’t find a better innings eater in today’s pitching market, especially for 1 yr/2.3 million, than Scott Feldman.”

  26. Gyorko pulls a Votto with a 12 pitch PA. Feldman is dealing!!! I hope Price recognizes that Feldman has 5 superb innings in the book and a 2-0 lead, but will be starting through the lineup for the 3rd time in the 6th inning.

  27. Duvall, the RBI guy again!!!!!!!!!

  28. Wow, the Cardinals have not been known for their defense, but that was just bad. And I love it.

  29. Make it hurt boys!

  30. Schebler with another hit against a lefty, and another Cardinals error. Yowsa!!!

  31. A little Bronx cheer there, for getting an out, from “baseball’s best fans.”

    Little too spoiled, me thinks.

  32. Duvall 3-3 off of one of the best righties in the NL! Buy 1 crow pie & get 1 free for the sceptics:)

  33. I really like the look of Duvall-Suarez-Schebler batting 4-5-6. If what we’re seeing in the first six games is a glimpse of these three maturing as major league hitters, this year is going to be very fun to watch.

  34. This needs to be Feldman’s last inning.

    • Six solid innings,90 pitches and a 6-0 lead. Time to find a seat and turn it over to the bullpen. YOOSERS!!!

  35. Wow, real nice start by Feldman. Who was betting that he’d outduel Martinez?

  36. Only have radio today. How is Feldman looking? Keeping ball down?

    • Hitting corners, keeping hitters off balance. Not the same guy who started on Opening Day.

    • The box shows 3 hits, no walks, and 6 K’s …

    • That is exactly why he’s winning this game for us. Most of his misses are wide or down from what I’ve seen. Few climb the ladder pitches but almost everything down. He’s done a fantastic job.

  37. Today completes week 1 of 26 regular-season weeks. So, tough to say anything about anything yet.

    But, Feldman getting 6Ks in each of his first 2 starts is a potential marketable, flippable commodity, as the season grinds on, and the inevitable injuries occur.

    • Yeah I won’t start searching online for Reds playoff tickets til next week but the offense could be greatly improved if Duvall, Cozart, and Schebler keep it up! Hamilton could slump or get hurt and they’re still going to score! The pen is going to be much better but its all about these young starters and getting rid of Arroyo sooner then later! They’ll give him the Marquis/Simon treatment and prob lose 6 out of 7-8 starts before they pull the plug.

  38. Wow, a dunker from Peraza and the runs keep coming after the Hami-double.

  39. Peraza is amazing when it comes to dumping the ball into right field.

  40. I swear, Billy Hamilton turns a single (er….double) into the most exciting play of the game.

  41. Methinks that Hamilton and Peraza may be realizing they need to get their act together or lose their slots in the batting order if everyone except them is producing.

    • I think that’s a healthy attitude to take regardless of your name or current position the order. I’ve always wondered what would happen if a manager simply took the hottest players in order according to the last week’s results and used that for lineup construction. Would certainly encourage competition among your players I would think.

  42. This would be a good day to use Cingrani, Reed and Peralta for an inning each to give the “closer crew” (Iglesias, Lorenzen, Storen) all the day off.

  43. Surprised Feldman is being allowed to approach 100 pitches this early in the year.

  44. The Cardinals have issues. Matt Adams in LF should not be a thing, and Jhonny Peralta looks like he’s toast.

    • I agree! I noticed how weak their lineup looked in their Cubs series. Molina and Peralta in the middle of their lineup isn’t scaring anyone!

  45. First walk for Feldman. Would not have guessed that.

  46. Get him out now. He’s run out of juice.

    • He could have used that close pitch that went as ball 2 or 3 against Carpenter. It was on the corner. (But then, Duvall got a break on a pitch like that earlier in the game that saved him from being struck out. He then homered.)

      • Similar location for sure. According to the mlb pitch tracker though, Duvall’s pitch was indeed a ball while the one Feldman threw showed as a strike on the black.

  47. Good to see Price pull him here. Lets see if we can get out of this unscathed

    • Good to see the double switch when Price pulled Feldman to allow Wood a chance to finish the final 2 innings, but daggumit!!! why couldn’t Price be a little proactive for a change and prepare in advance, before dealing with 2 runners on base and no outs?!?!

      • because he walked 1 batter on a strike that was called a ball. Then the next guy got a hit and Price took him out. . when exactly did you want Price to pull him?

        • As I posted 20 minutes prior to the comment you referenced…at the end of the 6th inning. Not bwecause Feldman walked a batter and gave up a hit, but it was the correct decision after a superb effort by Feldman and pitching 6 excellent innings of work.

          “Six solid innings,90 pitches and a 6-0 lead. Time to find a seat and turn it over to the bullpen. YOOSERS!!!”

  48. Can’t believe Price sent him back out there….

    • With a 7 run lead, I think it’s a good time to send him back in. Gotta extend the arm a bit and reward the pitcher a little. If it were a 2 run lead, I would definitely have pulled him but with 7, see what he can do.

      • Feldman had thrown 90 pitches and was not going to finish the game for a complete game opportunity. Nothing was gained by sending Feldman back out for the 7th inning and Price risked really putting the Reds in a bind and ruining a spectatcular outing by Feldman by doing so. Other than Lorenzen and Iggy, the bullpen is not overworked. In fact they need work. This was/is the perfect opportunity for the bullpen to finish the funal 3 innings.

        • I understand what you are saying, just beginning of the season, I don’t mind stretching guys arms out some. Again, wouldn’t have done it with a small lead but with a large lead, you tend to look bigger picture.

  49. That’s the way to enter a game!! Rally dead.

  50. Eugenio Brooks Robinson Suarez there. DP !!

  51. Blake Wood slams the door !

  52. Good job by Wood to pull Price’s patootie out of the fire.

  53. Been watching on Gameday on my phone … got to love it when you get 6 strong innings from an also ran. Yes, Price did push his luck, but with a 7-run lead I wasn’t that concerned. Icing on the cake to walk away still up 7 to zip.

  54. Ok….who thought we’d have a chance for 3 shutouts in the first 6 games?

  55. The weird part is Votto is not really on his game yet and some of the other guys have been a little lackluster as well. Could be pretty interesting if everyone plays up to expectations in the lineup.

  56. OK, aside from yesterday’s Bob Steve meltdown (which I can easily chalk up to letting him learn some stuff), I’m thinking our bullpen is pretty good. Wood only offers up 24 pitches in 2 innings of work plus gets out of a pretty tight jam.

  57. I’m sorry Joey. Didn’t mean it.

  58. According to Gameday he needed about a 5-iron to hit that one … anybody see where the pitch actually was?

  59. Not being a Cards fan I really don’t care, but I think I’m safe in saying Matt Adams is NOT their answer to LF. He’s half what he looked last year, but he still just lumbers after the gap shots.

  60. Cardinals put in there close to get a little work, and he’s getting worked.

  61. Ah, a little role reversal action…Votto homers and Duvall walks. Reds baseball is fun again.

  62. Arroyo is probably thinking “Hey, where was this yesterday??!?”

  63. Cingrani returns to the scene of one of last year’s crimes. And it starts with a hit.

  64. And this one belongs to the Reds!!!

  65. Cardinals suck! They have no speed whatsoever and they had all these guys hitting 25+ HRs last year that probably can’t repeat that. I like our future better then anyone outside of Chicago.

    • I tend to agree … and I know most of us are biased but The Neck Tattoo contract won’t age well at all. And no AL team is going to pony up squat for him as a DH either.

  66. A snowman is ugly on a scorecard, but it’s purty as the runs scored vs the Cards in a boxscore.

  67. No matter how bad this year might go – I certainly like me a series win and an old fashion thumping of the Cardinals. You can’t take that away from me – no you can’t take that away from me.

  68. Some on the blod remind us that w started 5-2 last season. Bu our pitching appears to be much stronger. Our offense and defense are about the same – but we haven’t brought up Mes, Herarra nor Winkler yet. I’m optimistic that our offense will end up better this year than last. And a couple of great looking prospects are probably a year away! I’m really excited about the 2018 & 2019 reds.

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