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One more day for fundraiser

Our fundraiser continues through tomorrow, Monday, April 10. If you’ve already donated to the site, thank you! If you haven’t, please consider supporting Redleg Nation based on the value you receive from the work that goes into it.

Donating just takes a minute. Click the DONATE button in the right column, or scroll down the main page if you’re using a phone. It’s the easiest transaction you’ve ever made online. No membership, no form. Just indicate the dollar amount and enter the credit card info.

And go Reds!

2 thoughts on “One more day for fundraiser

  1. I donated what I could afford, and that is certainly less than the value I receive.

    I know any amount is appreciated and I know everyone who comes here Appreciate this website, so for the price of the Kroger meal deal, Or any amount, really, you can show your appreciation and I promise not to have any more run on sentences.

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