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Where the roster stands – 3/28

[The Reds announced the final roster decisions. See new post.]

After the Reds announced they were sending Desmond Jennings and Sebastian Elizalde to the minor leagues, the number of players remaining in camp is 31. Homer Bailey and Anthony DeSclafani are two of those, that leaves 29. If Devin Mesoraco starts on the DL, that makes 28. They have to get down to 25 by Opening Day. Here’s the status of the roster.

Position Players (12)

This is all set.

  • Two catchers: Tucker Barnhart and Stuart Turner
  • Five infielders: Joey Votto, Jose Peraza, Zack Cozart, Eugenio Suarez and the newly acquired Scooter Gennett.
  • Five outfielders: Adam Duvall, Billy Hamilton, Scott Schebler, Arismeldy Alacantra, Patrick Kivlehan

Hated to see them demote Jennings, who has an opt-out and is expected to leave the team rather than take an assignment to the minor leagues. Jennings was having a solid spring, showing flashes of power. He was the one guy who could play centerfield without looking like he was out of position. Losing him is a product of the decision to carry eight relievers instead of seven. That brings us to …

Pitchers (13)

Here’s where decisions remain. If we assume three starters (Scott Feldman, Brandon Finnegan, Rookie Davis) and five relievers (Tony Cingrani, Blake Wood, Drew Storen, Raisel Iglesias, Michael Lorenzen) are set, that leaves this competition for the final choices:

  • 2 starters from: Bronson Arroyo, Amir Garrett, Cody Reed, Robert Stephenson
  • 3 relievers from: Barrett Astin, Austin Brice, Wandy Peralta, Nefi Ogando + above

My best guess at what the Reds will do: Arroyo and Reed start; Astin, Peralta and Stephenson relieve

What I would do if I were GM: Reed and Stephenson start; Astin, Peralta and Arroyo relieve

If the Reds put Cody Reed instead of Peralta in the bullpen because they say they need another LHP, I’ll pound my head on the desk. The club will say it’s just temporary. Tell that to Aroldis Chapman, Raisel Iglesias and Michael Lorenzen.

We’ll know soon.

16 thoughts on “Where the roster stands – 3/28

  1. Well I still never fully believed The Cuban Missile as a starter (I know he did in Cuba, but I don’t really count that), but Reed most certainly is one. Iggy has durability issues (not to mention the propensity to slip in the shower) so a relief role is fine with me. Lorenzen should be starting, but I’ll not pick that fight here anyway.

    I know .500 is a pipe dream for our boys, but I really want to see the young guys get cycles with MLB opponents. We have a LOT of parts to shake out and I for one want to see us start doing some shaking.

    Mild rant over … soapbox back in the closet … still jealous of the AZ trip (and I have family there so I could stay for next to nothing).

  2. Nice synopsis. Your best guess is a good one. Winker ,Garrett, and Herrera will be up soon. Mesoraco isn’t that far away and Disco and Homer are on the radar as well. That’s a 1/4 of the roster. Lets see what June 1 looks like.

  3. I hope they’re scanning the waiver wire for a reliever. I don’t want to see Ogando in the bullpen. I also don’t want to see Reed, Stephenson, or Garrett. I’d have been good with Davis going to the pen, but it appears he’s slated to start. Brice is said to be battling an injury of some sort. I like Astin but he hasn’t pitched above AA to my knowledge. Of the lot, I’d pick him to be in the pen, but it’ll be interesting to see how he handles the aggressive promotion. Peralta can’t find the plate and isn’t a LOOGY, as he does better against righties. Not a lot of good options, so hopefully they’re on the look out for the next Straily or Simon (the 2012 version….not the 2016 one obviously).

  4. So, after Feldman, Finnegan, Davis and Garrett one more spot is to be filled in. Since Stephenson is slated for the bullpen and Reed has not made much for himself, it’ll go indeed to Arroyo, just incredible.

    • Guys will be licking their chops to hit against Arroyo and that 83 mph heater. 2nd coming of Marquis and Gregg wrapped into one.

      • They might not see much of that heater in the strike zone. What they might see is slow breaking stuff that they can’t time. I said might….

  5. So, the great Robert Stephenson, the Reds’ perennial No. 1 prospect and entering his seventh season in the organization, could not beat out a 40-year-old junk-ball thrower who’s been out of the league for two years for the fifth spot in the rotation. A sorry state of affairs.

  6. Steve must be pounding his head on his desk, just read that Reed is slated for bullpen along Stephenson. Stephenson I understand, Reed not so much. Reds FO did say “It was not permanent.” You must be a prophet Steve.

  7. I don’t know if I put Alacantra in there yet.

    I don’t see how you leave Garrett out of the starting rotation.

  8. Thankfully Votto is on the roster or this would be by far the worst roster in MLB. A really poor starting rotation, Desclafani being out certainly does not help.

    • Peel the two top starters off any MLB roster and then compare. This team is much, much better with a healthy Disco and Bailey. The young position players will hopefully surprise.

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