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Report: Rookie Davis has made the Opening Day rotation

I don’t want to detract from my ode to Bronson Arroyo, but the news is flying fast and furious today. There is a report from Josh Norris of Baseball America that Rookie Davis is going to be in the Cincinnati Reds Opening Day rotation:

If the report is accurate, Davis will begin his Rookie year in less than a week.

So, what do you think? Scott Feldman, Brandon Finnegan, Cody Reed, Rookie Davis, Bronson Arroyo? Maybe Robert Stephenson or Amir Garrett instead of Arroyo?

You tell me.

In addition, the Reds announced more roster moves, one of which was a bit surprising:

With Desmond Jennings being demoted, it appears that Patrick Kivlehan will be on the Opening Day roster. I thought Jennings was a pretty good bet to make the roster, especially given his ability to be a legitimate backup outfielder. I guess the Reds believe that Jose Peraza, Scott Schebler, and Arismendy Alcantara can handle the backup outfield duties if Billy Hamilton is unavailable.

The roster picture is becoming less blurry by the minute…

UPDATE: I may have jumped the gun on saying that Davis was in the rotation, as the tweet cited doesn’t actually say that. Of course, Davis’ dad — the Lamelo Ball of Baseball — says that Rookie will be starting on April 6.

33 thoughts on “Report: Rookie Davis has made the Opening Day rotation

  1. Yea.
    Congratulations to Rookie Davis. He did it the old fashioned way. He earned it.

  2. Wow, R Davis making the starting rotation!?! I love it, hope it’s true. He certainly has pitched well enough in spring training.

  3. Jennings has an opt out if not on Opening Day roster. Will he exercise that?
    The rotation looks like what you have Feldman, Finnegan, Reed, Arroyo, and Davis.
    Stephenson to the pen? Likely.

    • I’m guessing he will exercise that opt out.

      I don’t really get why you’d get rid of Jennings in favor of Kivlehan, but what do I know. I do like Kivlehan as a bench bat. And we’re just talking about the end of the bench, so I find it hard to get too worked up.

      • Power. Kivlehan has it, Jennings doesn’t really. Alcantara has a decent amount of pop for guy who primarily plays up the middle. I don’t recall Gennett having much pop in his bat either. But once Raburn was sent packing, the Reds really lacked for a power bat off the bench.

        Also, the ability to cover corners both in the infield and outfield. With Irribarren sent down the only guy capable of backing up 3B was Alcantara and he’s not an appealing option at the corners either offensively or defensively. There’s really no one to cover 1B, and they’d have relied on INF to cover the corner OF spots otherwise.

  4. Happy for Rookie. I thought things might work out for him. He’s pitched as well as any of the candidates. He’s the politically correct choice (return on Chapman). Also, he is probably seen as the lowest eventual ceiling guy among the group of guys with no MLB experience; and thus, the least long term risk where service time issues come into play.

    • Ya, I think being the only who looks like he might be useful piece from the Chapman trade could have something to do with the decision, too. They might want Stephenson to show he can throw strikes and get more seasoning in AAA. You gotta think the final spot is between him and Reed. Knowing the Reds, Arroyo is already in even though he hasn’t shown much in the last 3 years. He could be this year’s Jason Marquis.

  5. Arroyo gave up back-to-back-to back HR’s this afternoon to AAA Dodgers in the 3rd inning. Maybe BA goes to the bullpen and not the rotation.

    • That would make more sense. Let Arroyo pitch an inning here and there as the seventh or eighth member of the bullpen and let the prospects get the experience as starters.

      • I have never been big on the veteran bench or bullpen guy! I will say however I am okay with BA on the 25 man roster for his “leadership” he can help these young pitchers understand “pitching” at this level instead of throwing! He also adds a specialty arm to the 25 man roster! He has never been the “stud” but until he went to Arizona was a big time contributor, yes he is older now and he has now had a major injury he does however have that cerebral approach to the game! He is a cheap risk!

    • Yeah thst 83 mph fastball isn’t going to fool anybody. Especially the second time through the lineup.

  6. Congrats to Rookie! Getting thrown right into the fire but why not? Are they still going to platoon someone w/Schebler in RF? I’m kind of excited to see Alcantara as well….my Cubs buddy really thinks he could be a keeper! He hit a HR today!

    • I would have thought they’d platoon Kevlehan with him as it seemed a natural fit against LHP. Apparently however, Price said he doesn’t want a platoon in LF. I don’t like it considering Schebler has never hit LHP well in limited MLB exposure and more significant MiLB exposure.

  7. Im excited only because im going to that game and so selfishly i hope it’s true. But i really want the reds to play the service time game and save all they can.

  8. Interesting that the Reds are starting Davis in the exact same spot in the rotation and against the same team that they started Stephenson in his ML debut last season.

    • I’m just now catching up on a flurry of RLN posts from the last couple days. I’m disappointed that you had to post your disappointment. I was almost at the end of the comments thinking I need to compliment Chad on the sweet GIF – surprised no one has. Sweet GIF Chad, but you stole my line. As for Rookie Davis, I’m not sure I believe that he’s got a slot ahead of Garrett. Stephenson, and even Reed, but I haven’t read all the stories yet…

          • In this post the .gif is the short, looping movie scene he included of the guy putting on his sunglasses. It’s from the Breakfast Club. In general, a .gif is just a computer format way to include a brief loop of any clip. Like documents can be in .pdf form, or pictures are .jpegs. Just computer stuff.

  9. Okay…that was a sweet gif. Why the need to bash Rookie’s dad and call him the “Lamelo Ball of Baseball.” Talking to his hometown newspaper, who has reported regularly on Rookie since HS and throughout the minors, hardly puts him in the same category as an attention hound (nicer name than what I wanted to say) Lamelo Ball. Rookie comes from a great family and his father, Billy, is one of the nicest gentlemen you will ever meet.

    Good luck Rookie! I wish you nothing but the best!

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