2017 Reds / 2017 Spring Training / Game Thread

The Reds play baseball today!

The Cincinnati Reds (0-0) will play their first official spring training game today! The Reds take on the Giants at 3:05 PM at Scottsdale Stadium. Today’s game will not be broadcast on TV, but is available on 700 WLW (you can find the full schedule of TV and radio broadcasts here)

Starting Pitcher

Rookie Davis (9)

The Reds will be sending Rookie Davis to the hill to kick off 2017. Davis is currently the Reds #9 prospect according to MLB Pipeline. He missed some time last year with a groin injury, but still posted a 2.94 ERA in 19 starts. Davis was promoted to AAA at the end of the season, and struggled in four starts with a 7.50 ERA. He has done a good job limiting walks and home runs at the AA level, but his strikeouts are way down from early in his professional career (6.48 in 2015, 5.52 in 2016).

Starting Lineup

  1. Jose Peraza 2B
  2. Arismendy Alcantara CF
  3. Scott Schebler RF
  4. Adam Duvall LF
  5. Jesse Winker DH
  6. Patrick Kivlehan 1B
  7. Rob Brantley C
  8. Tony Renda 3B
  9. Zach Vencej SS

Joey Votto, Billy Hamilton, Eugenio Suarez, Tucker Barnhart, and Devin Mesoraco are not on the travel roster for today’s game according to C. Trent Rosecrans.

The Reds will get to see their new full-time second baseman Jose Peraza right out of the gates. Arismendy Alcantara is a former top prospect with the Cubs that the Reds claimed this off-season. He can play just about every position. Chad Dotson wrote two articles about him back in October: Reds claim Arismendy Alcantara and Brandon Phillips vs Arismendy Alcantara.

You know about Scott ScheblerAdam Duvall, Tony Renda and the Reds current #3 prospect Jesse Winker.

The Reds claimed Patrick Kivlehan during the last week of the 2016 season, and he appeared in three games for the club. Kivlehan has a career .814 OPS in the minors, and is an interesting player to watch.

Rob Brantley is not much of a hitter, but he has appeared in 112 MLB games (last game was in 2015). Zach Vincej posted a .708 OPS playing SS for AA-Pensacola last season, and was impressive at the Arizona Fall League posting a 1.101 OPS with 4 HR in 20 games.


Are you guys excited? Reds baseball is here! Well, sort of. Opening Day is still five weeks from Monday. Hopefully the Reds can sort out some of their questions this spring and put together a competitive ball club for 2017. Go Reds!

17 thoughts on “The Reds play baseball today!

    • Report says the injury affects his right shoulder (throwing arm) and he is shut down from throwing until Monday, so only a few days of down time. He can still hit and DH if needed. But if this injury lingers I think it is cause for concern that this might be a chronic issue and another case of “here we go again” on the injury front.

      • Just from memory, I believe there was some concern about Herrera’s shoulder at the time of the trade that brought him to the Reds; but, the Reds looked at the medical records and signed off. Then shortly after he arrived at Louisville, he had to sit out for a spell with a similar explanation being given as is currently being floated. Also there were at least a few whispers that a prime reason he didn’t get a September call was to allow maximum time for the shoulder to rest and recover over the winter.

  1. Perhaps I’m reading too much into it (i.e.-I’m definitely reading too much into it), but already batting Winker 5th is indicative that Price will probably deploy Winker 6th-7th in theoretical real games because he’s an outfielder, thus wasting his OBP skills. I think Alcantara batting 2nd shows Price is still stuck in the “let’s not use our brain” mode of lineup construction. He’s in CF!!! He’s gotta bat 1 or 2!!! HE HAS TO!!!

    • Plus…Winker is lower on the totem pole than veterans Duvall and Winker…So he HAS to bat lower in the order than a veteran who plays his position.

    • Commenting on lineup in construction in the first spring training game is definitely reading too much into things.
      That said, whenever Winker first comes up I wouldn’t be surprised if he is put 6 or 7 in the lineup for a “get his feet wet in a lower-pressure spot” kind of reasoning.
      Hopefully once he shows that he is comfortable in the majors, he is moved into a lineup spot that takes advantage of his high-obp skill set.

    • Winker will clog the bases with all that walking/OBP stuff. – sayings of Dusty Baker

  2. With a slightly different take…

    Alcantara doubles in the 1st with 1 out.
    Ground out to 2B moves Alcantara to 3B with 2 outs.
    Duvall takes a walk then steals 2B.
    Winker takes a HBP, loading the bases.
    Kivlehan singles, driving in 2 runs.

    Baseball season has begun and the Reds strike against Bumgarner. I don’t care if its the first game of spring training. It’s 70 degrees out on February and this feels good!

  3. Sal Romano!!!

    2 IP, 1-H, 1-BB & 4 (count ’em…4) SO!!!

    The Old Cossack is ready for the playoffs…

  4. I thought somebody snagged up Hernan Irabarren already? They need to find a spot for that guy on the bench because he can hit the ball!!

    • Iribarren elected FA when the Reds DFA’d him off the 40-man roster, but resigned a minor league contract with Cincinnati. I’m with you Indy. At least give him a legitimate shot to make the 25-man roster and if he earns it, give him a shot.

  5. This team has some really good young talent and depth. The non-trade of Cozart may be a big development. Irbarren and Alcantara are so versatile. Hopefully, the catching situation goes our way and the young pitchers come out throwing lights out. Good first day for Rookie/Romano/ and Astin.

    • I can look at as a half full type of guy when they trade Cozart and get nothing in return and pay him not to play for the Reds it won’t be 13 million dollars!

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