You have to love the sight of Reds catcher Devin Mesoraco swinging the bat free and easy. More of this, please.

Now I want to see some footage of Mesoraco doing catching drills.

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  1. earmbrister

    Yes indeed. If Meso is able to come back fully the middle of the lineup would like a lot more promising.

      • Gaffer

        Which Devon, the one who had sub 80 OPS for 3 plus years or the one who had one huge stretch for 3 months?

  2. Eddie

    Makes me want to go to a batting cage. Go Reds!

  3. jazzmanbbfan

    I want to be optimistic but with pretty much two full years away from facing live ML pitching, it could be a challenge to get his swing and timing back in order. Then again, the optimist in me says “that’s what Spring Training is for”.

  4. Hotto4Votto

    I read he was catching in the bullpen as well. Maybe it was in the Arroyo article…

    • Preach

      Then we know he can catch softballs down the middle.

  5. Jason Linden

    The most encouraging thing to me has been the tone of the organizational people talking about Devin vs. how they were talking about Homer. It was pretty clear they didn’t really believe Homer was going to be ready to come back, but with Devin, the tone is very optimistic.

  6. Shchi Cossack

    Spring represents a rebirth of past glory and the emergence of future glory. Spring training presents a platform when hope springs eternal. Enter Devin Mesoraco…

    ISO => 0.261
    BB% => 9.4%
    OPS+ => 147
    HR/AB => 15.4
    RBI/GM => 0.70

    Those are the numbers from past glory, just 2/3 of a season followed by 3 significant surgeries and 2 lost seasons. All accounts indicate Mesoraco is healthy once again and ready to pick up where he left off 2 seasons ago…We’ll see…At the very best, Mesoraco will be stale. He hasn’t faced live pitching and hasn’t seen actual game competition in a long time.

    What Mesoraco brought to the lineup beyond just the numbers was a presense, a fear factor, intimidation. Mesoraco attached the ball with ferocious fervor. Any pitcher who claimed he was not afraid of seeing Mesoraco in the box with runners on base was lying. Any pitcher who claimed he was not over-aware of Mesoraco standing in the on-deck circle or the top step of the dugout with a bat in his hands was lying.

    It’s the same impact Joey Votto has on opposing pitchers. Without the supporting cast to augment that presense, pitchers simply mitigate that presense by avoiding the controntation and push back the conflict by opting to do battle with less dangerous opponents. This is what Mesoraco brought to the lineup and what the Reds have lacked without his bat in the lineup, healthy and ready for battle.

    There is good news from a financial perspective regarding the contract extention signed by Mesoraco after his monster, breakout season. The 2 lost seasons for Mesoraco represented his 1st 2 seasons of arbitration with reasonably minimal negative finacial impact. Any significant impact from those 2 lost season really trace back to the 2 initial seasons of 2012 & 2013, when Mesoraco was relegated to a parttime, backup role while squandering away his pre-arb service time. Any real financial impact from his contract extention begins this season and ends next season. We can only hope that Mesoraco can once again find his mojo at the plate for the next 2 seasons after multiple concussions and multiple surgeries.

    The Old Cossack is not betting on that happening, but I’m certainly not betting against it happening. This is spring training and hope springs eternal.

    • reaganspad

      I really do not want to see footage of Meso behind the plate. That will or will not, come.

      I want to see him in RF taking fly balls and learning to hit the cut off man.

      Catching him 3 days a week is a waste…. kind of like catching Joey Votto

      We need him HITTING 5-6 days per week

      • big5ed

        I said this at the end of 2014. Never understood why he wasn’t moved to left field then. Got a good arm; pretty fast for a catcher; too good a bat to play part-time at catcher, when he had an injury history.


      • lwblogger2

        The Cubs are going through the same thing with Schwarber, but of course he was a brutal defensive catcher anyway. They also have the luxury of having Montero and a great young catcher (Contreras)

  7. David

    Devin is a hard charging, hard working guy. I am sure he did everything he was asked and then some during his re-hab from surgery. I hope they hold him back, and don’t let him do too much, too soon. Let him build up his game strength and game endurance gradually. I don’t want to see his shoulder, in particular, injured again. Not expecting much, but hope for the best. He’s a great young guy.

  8. jessecuster44

    Good news! Hope he can catch 3-4x per week!

  9. lwblogger2

    I saw that yesterday on Twitter and basically commented that it was a lovely sight.

  10. JB WV

    IF he can stay healthy and regain his swing…Can make a nice catching duo with Barnhart, sub in LF from time to time, and DH for all the AL games away. Any positive contribution at this point will be more than welcome. And Cossack, comparing the fear factor between Meso and Votto for opposing pitchers is, well, a little vodka-laced.

  11. jim t

    I will consider him playing the whole year and staying healthy my expectation. If he performs well it is a bonus. We need him playing to his potential beyond this year. After 2 years off and many surgeries Making it through the season will be a victory.

  12. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I still can’t help thinking we should be looking for him to take over another position. At least as of now, he’s only played 3 games in LF in Louisville, though.

    • Vandy

      sadly, you have to consider a player injured until they “prove” they are fully healthy. to do otherwise just sets yourself up for letdowns. same concept applies to Homer Bailey.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        The thing is, like with many players who get injured, many of them never get back to the point they were at before. And, with Devin, catching is already hard on the hips as well as the shoulder (both his injuries, I believe). Change his position, then that can relieve some of that stress.

      • JB WV

        Agree, but hoping that at still a relatively young age Devo can bounce back. I think the Reds are very sensitive about what his workload will be.

  13. Adam M. Singhoff

    Would be really nice seeing him catching half the games. If he can come close to a 350 obp, it will be a huge benefit to a Reds lineup that desperately needs players on the basepaths.

  14. Nick Doran

    Devin looks like he has lost some weight. His swing looked sort of tentative, like he was testing out his shoulder. He wasn’t putting his whole body in the swing. Early days of Spring. No need to go full bore just yet.

    • Michael E

      I thought it looked more like he was focusing on mechanics and the swing. Notice he doesn’t watch the ball after he hits it, he wants the next pitch. I didn’t see anything abnormal for early spring BP.

      • Chris

        He doesn’t look right. I Michael E is correct and it’s just an early-spring mechanical focus. But this swing looks stiff, tentative, and limited.