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Reds claim RHP Lisalverto Bonilla off waivers

The Reds have claimed RHP Lisalverto Bonilla off waivers. He was added to the 40-man roster, claiming the last empty spot on the 40-man. Bonilla had been designated for assignment by the Pittsburgh Pirates last week.

Here are the particulars on Bonilla:

Photo: Kareem Elgazzar/Enquirer

Photo: Kareem Elgazzar/Enquirer

The 26-year-old Bonilla made his big league debut with the Rangers back in 2014 but missed the 2015 season due to Tommy John surgery. Once a fairly well-regarded prospect in the Phillies and Rangers organizations — the Rangers picked him up from Philadelphia in the trade that sent infielder Michael Young to the Phils — Bonilla spent the 2016 season working his way back to health in the Dodgers’ organization. In 111 innings split between the Double-A and Triple-A affiliates of the Dodgers, Bonilla logged a 3.97 earned run average with a 118-to-40 K/BB ratio. In his brief big league stint with Texas back in 2014, Bonilla pitched to a 3.05 ERA and a 17-to-12 K/BB ratio in 20 2/3 innings. The Bucs had signed Bonilla to a Major League deal earlier this offseason.

Doug Gray notes that Bonilla improved markedly after being moved back into the rotation during the second half of the 2016 season. I agree with Doug’s analysis (read the entire thing) that this is an intriguing guy to keep an eye on in spring training. Certainly worth taking a flyer on.

21 thoughts on “Reds claim RHP Lisalverto Bonilla off waivers

  1. Yes, this is a nice pickup. Honestly, not sure what to think of the Reds when they make a nice waiver pickup like this one on the same day that they declare that Peraza will be the team’s starting 2B.

      • Peraza needs to be at getting games at SS. He can even split time between SS and 2B but most his play should come at SS. Herrera would get most the starts at 2B. Cozart would get some work at 2B, SS, and 3B as a super-sub kind of player. If that isn’t feasable, then having Peraza at 2B is the best alternative. It’s just not the ideal situation. Hopefully, Cozart will be movable soon and they can put Peraza where the Reds plan on playing him going forward. All this assuming that the Reds eventually want Peraza to be their starting SS on the next competitive team.

        I also have an issue with declaring it at the beginning of spring training.They’ve all but told Herrera, the key return of the Bruce trade and in my opinion, a better hitter than Peraza, that he’ll be starting the year at AAA or riding the bench. If Peraza is the starting 2B, then Herrera probably should be in AAA playing every day.

        • Totally agree. Why not have Cozart play 2B in spring? Very disappointed with this “announcement”.

          • Not that I can think of but he has gotten some MLB service time. There could be some benefit of holding him back but I doubt a very large one.

      • You very rarely will see me complain a whole lot about the front-office or the manager but this team is doing some really odd things as part of their rebuilding efforts. A lot of smart analysts are scratching their heads.

  2. So, this is interesting. It is a quote from WhiteSox GM Rick Hahn about how a couple deals died at the last minute. I guess some owners tend to have their fingers in the pie even more than I had originally thought.

    “But, yes, we did have two deals—with different clubs, involving different players—die at the ownership approval stage when the other clubs decided in the end that the deal did not work for them. That’s unfortunate, but it happens. It’s also part of the reason that I never handicap the likelihood of a deal taking place when asked—nothing is completed until that final call is made. Far more deals fall apart for one reason or another than ultimately get consummated.”

    Full article is here: http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2017/02/whitesox-gm-rick-hahn-rebuild-qa.html

  3. Sounds like a better prospect than either of the pitchers we received for BP. Very sad that we got very little in return for BP because he was so valuable to us and our fans for so many years.

    • Sad that when he was worth more over a year ago, he didn’t accept a trade that would have brought back more to the Reds (and saved a few more million in the process). But it’s the reality of a 35 year old second baseman, even if he had a lot of great years for the team we follow.

    • It’s a different business that I saw when growing up in the 60’s. It’s easier to understand when you realize that teams are no longer dealing the players, but rather the contracts. Still difficult for an Old School guy like me to accept, but these two deals make much more sense when looked at in this way.

    • Why is that sad? Pretty predictable when the Reds were selling a depreciating asset in a limited market.

  4. I like to see moves like this. Definately worth a flyer. Looking forward to seeing this guy work in Spring Training

  5. Didn’t even think about him in the rotation but Doug Gray says he’s been working out of the rotation. The pickup is looking better and better.

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