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It’s official: Bronson Arroyo signs with the Reds

This, of course, has been all but a foregone conclusion for some time now…but it’s official. Bronson Arroyo has signed a minor league deal with the Reds and reported to Spring Training. According to the Enquirer’s Zach Buchanan, Arroyo will make the major league minimum if he makes the team.

Welcome back, Bronson. We’ve missed you.

7 thoughts on “It’s official: Bronson Arroyo signs with the Reds

    • Hey now. All careers come to an end. Don’t you want Reds players to come back and end it this way? Arroyo is done. It’s all good. I hope he throws a few good innings. Can’t wait for Bronson Arroyo appreciation day at GABP. Who doesn’t want that?

  1. Love the photo from the Reds’ tweet… Rather or not it’s a great baseball move is debatable but it is a nice story and it does fill me with happy.

  2. C’mon, who’d deserves a $2 million dollar salary, a guy named Alfredo Simon or Bronson Arroyo. I like this deal from a fan perspective. Says a lot about the managment as well as what Arroyo brings to the game and the city.

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