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Report: Brandon Phillips is on the verge of being traded to the Atlanta Braves

You remember last month, when reports emerged that Brandon Phillips blocked a trade for Atlanta? Well, it ain’t over until it’s over:

We’ll keep you updated.


UPDATE 2: I thought the chances of an Atlanta-Cincinnati deal involving Phillips were diminished after Atlanta acquired Sean Rodriguez. But then this happened:


24 thoughts on “Report: Brandon Phillips is on the verge of being traded to the Atlanta Braves

  1. Whoa! This could be GiNoRmOuS! Resolve questions about who’s on 2nd, what to do with Peraza/Herrera, general roster logjam and how to avoid what surely has to be a bone of contention as we move through ST concerning BP’s playing time, etc.
    Hope this isn’t just another effort he blocks. We all like him, but the team needs to move to a new level.

  2. And now we know why the front office has not simply released Phillips and Cozart. They don’t want to eat $19 million between the two. Other teams will have injuries and Phillips and Cozart are feasible replacements.

      • It was expected that the Reds would have to eat most of his salary to move him so to me, so what. I’m just interested in them opening up 2B for one of the young guys.

    • Agreed. There was always a possibility of this scenario and the Reds could afford to wait through ST if they needed to. Hopefully, the team can work out a deal to trade Cozart that gives him one last chance to show what he has before FA while giving the Reds the opportunity to sort through the middle infield prospects.

  3. Hmmm, so that would be like ‘addition by subtraction?’
    I’m guessing that others too might be having similar thoughts!
    Ethan, you might be right, but this deal could reduce the urgency of moving Cozart as well. Either way, this would make things realllly interesting heading into next week’s reporting dates for pitchers and catchers!

  4. So, if this happens, and unless/until Cozart is moved also, is second base a spring training competition between Peraza and Herrera??

  5. Hope that means Herrera is starting at 2B and Peraza will be the utility. That way, both players will see significant playing time with the Reds in 2017.

  6. Oh please let this happen. It’s a step better than just DFA’ing him (let’s him keep a little pride) and it moves us closer to the next generation. Cozart still has some value, so I’m way less anxious about that (still think it will happen well before the mid-season deadline.

    This could make us much more fun to watch and give BP a new environment for his last guaranteed season.

  7. I would like too see him traded also but paying him to play for another team seems ludicrous.

    • Yes basically paying almost his entire salary and not getting much of a return seems a bit ridiculous to me too. It is barely better than DFA-ing him. Of course most here just wanted to be rid of him even if it meant a DFA. Apparently that’s how the Reds feel as well. They must think that Peraza/Hererra would be more productive in 2017 than BP.

  8. What a great thing to wake up to! I can feel my interest in the 2017 Reds starting to renew! Kudos to Dick Williams for continuing to work to make this happen. It was at the top of his to do list, and somehow against the odds was able to figure something out. I really had lost hope that we would be able to move Phillips and would have to watch his swan song all year.

    Now the question becomes, does Herrera take over at 2B and Peraza becomes the super sub starting 4x a week? Or does Peraza take over 2B and Herrera stays in AAA until Cozart can be moved? If Peraza took 2 starts at SS, two at 2B, and one in the OF every week I think that may be the best outcome. It would help the bench out, allow Cozart some extra rest, and allow Herrera to ease into the position some. Just food for thought.

    Obviously the best case scenario is that the Reds find a taker for Cozart and we really get to see a what we have in the MIF.

  9. Finally, if it does happen. BP was stupid for not taking the Nats trade last season. At least he took this one. Sure, I hope we get something back, whether we pay the salary or not. But, the key to this trade is opening up in the MIF for us.

    I do home the Reds find someone for Cozart now. I would miss Cozart (more than BP). But, making the room is necessary.

  10. Glad there has been a break in the logjam. Now there is hope. ‘m not as concerned about Cozart, he still has value and now there is alight at the end of the long rebuild.

  11. I’m thinking it took BP all this time to ‘see the writing on the wall.’
    It must have become clear to him that one way or another, he wasn’t going to be on this team’s roster on Opening Day. So why not make as graceful an exit as possible, rather than go ‘kicking and screaming, into the night?’
    Too bad they couldn’t have made this clear to him before he nixed the Nats deal as well as the Braves previous offer. Or, perhaps he sees he cannot possibly wring one single more ounce of vengeance out of the Redlegs organization.
    Just glad it is finally concluded.

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