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Fathers, sons, and incredible home runs

It must be father/son week. If you missed it a couple of days ago, you’re really going to want to read Nick Carrington’s piece here at Redleg Nation about fathers, sons, and the Cincinnati Reds.

Today, over at the Enquirer, Zach Buchanan has a wonderful piece about Reds pitcher Michael Lorenzen. You probably remember Lorenzen’s emotional return to the Reds last August, after returning to the club in the wake of his father’s passing. If you don’t remember, watch this:

Zach has the full story:

The emotions surrounding that August home run made it by far the most memorable event of the 2016 Reds season. The 25-year-old reliever had been away from the team for several days, attending to his dying father before he eventually succumbed to a months-long illness. This game was the pitcher’s first since returning from the club. It was a cathartic moment for anyone who’s ever lost a loved one.

But Clif Lorenzen wasn’t just a dad to Michael. He was the dad who habitually lied and stole, a lifelong alcoholic whose booze-fueled battles with Michael’s mother caused plenty of rancor in their Anaheim, California, home. He was a man who ditched his family when Michael was 12 in order to avoid arrest on grand theft and forgery charges.

Go read the entire piece. It’s worth your time.

4 thoughts on “Fathers, sons, and incredible home runs

  1. Life is not always a smooth road. Congratulations and best wishes to Michael and Cassi.

  2. Thank you for the article Chad. Living in the L A area, I knew of his pitching and hitting exploits following his fathers passing, but I knew nothing of his fathers troubled past. From all accounts, it sounds as if Michael is the antithesis of this. That’s a difficult childhood to come out of, and I wish Michael and his family nothing but the best. I hope that he is a red for many years to come.

  3. Thanks for the link Chad. Totally get Lorenzen’ story. Experienced a lot of it myself, apart from the mlb part of course

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