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  1. 7 more days until pitchers and catchers report and 25 days until we fly to Arizona for spring training.

    • Maybe… A lot can change between now and June when it comes to draft prospects. Good chance though, with the way that Yahoo is raving about him, that he’ll still be the #1 guy on the board in June.

      • Way, way too early. But I wanted to pass this along as it was interesting. I have been favoring the Vanderbilt pitcher, Kyle Wright, but the more I read on Hunter Greene, the more I like.
        Here is a site to check out, as Greene now is listed at #1 overall to the Twins. Click on his name there at #1 and it will take you to 3 videos of him.


        Click on any player’s name it will bring you to some videos of that player. Check out the high school SS at #4, Royce Lewis, and the high school OF at #9, Jordan Adell. Both are rising. If Greene is taken at #1, the Lewis kid might become a #2 pick.
        But it is only speculative speculation at this time.

        • There are no 2 way players in pro ball. Greene throws extremely hard and no team will pass on a 6’4 98 mph arm while he tries to figure out how to hit against real pitching and makes tons of errors at low A. He will be a pitcher…Reds did great with drafting an elite college hitter…Do it again…Jeren Kendall. Elite college outfielder with everything.

        • “speculative speculation” … I love it! Yes, it’s way too early but taking a look at these kids and getting familiar with them isn’t ever a bad idea.

    • All we know right now is that he’s a great athlete…he is smart enough to have been accepted at UCLA…and he is able to dominate high school players.
      Does he have the emotional composition to handle failure and make adjustments? Does he run or throw inn such a way that he will be more inclined to injury once he starts playing 100 plus games per year? Can his bat speed improve? Can his arm get stronger? The Reds aren’t drafting him for what he is right now…they would be drafting him based on what they believe he can be in the future. It’s way too early to know what needs to be known in order to project what kind of player he may possibly become.

      • True, Chuck, but true of any high school player (and, to a lesser degree, college players) drafted.

    • Someday, I want an MLB team to have a true 2 way player. A starting position player that also pitches. I don’t think any team is brave enough to try. Seems a waste to have an MLB team decide to throw away his elite level hitting skills. Every level of baseball before Pro involves players excelling at the plate and on the mound. I would draft this guy and develop him as an infielder that also contributes to the bullpen. If they only want a pitcher, pass and take someone safer than HS pitcher at #2

  2. The Reds are in first place, and will stay there for at least another 8 weeks.

      • Michael Lorenzens comp is Danny Graves, so there’s that.

        I have been a fairly avid baseball fan my whole life and I have no idea who a lot of the comps are to this Reds team.

    • Notice Winker is the 2nd best hitter on the team by projection? Lots of us have been saying that for awhile.

      Hope we’re all right!

      • I’ve been concerned with his power but Doug doesn’t seem too concerned and says it will come back. I tend to trust Doug on these things so hope that he is right as per usual.

  3. In other “Hey, guess what?” news, USA TODAY Sports (always a bastion of sportswriting excellence) has predicted the Reds will be 66-96 this year. That’s something to look forward to, fans!

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