Jeff Passan of Yahoo News reported just after 8 a.m. ET this morning that the Reds and Miami Marlins were “near” a deal involving starting pitcher Dan Straily. The report indicates the Reds would receive two pitching prospects back – Luis Castillo (24) and Austin Brice (24) – along with a third player.

About 15 minutes later, FOX Sports reporter Ken Rosenthal confirmed the deal.

Not so fast. The deal isn’t finalized, according to Cincinnati Enquirer reporter Zach Buchanan.

No trade yet, according to Straily (via Mark Sheldon).

Check back here as we update this story and analyze the trade today if it takes place.

Update: It appears the third player for the Reds is OF Isaiah White (20).

Steve grew up in Cincinnati as a die-hard fan of Sparky’s Big Red Machine. After 25 years living outside of Ohio, mostly in Ann Arbor, he returned to the Queen City in 2004. He has resumed a first-person love affair with the Cincinnati Reds and is a season ticket holder at Great American Ball Park. The only place to find Steve’s thoughts of more than 140 characters is Redleg Nation. Follow his tweets @spmancuso.

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  1. Per Jon Heyman via Twitter…

    Straily goes to marlins in trade, pending physicals

    5:48 AM – 19 Jan 2017

  2. Now move Lorenzen to the starting rotation.

  3. —A bullpen ready piece now and a potential starter that would slot into the next wave of prospects. Seems fair enough.
    –Open competition in the rotation now.
    –I wouldn’t guarantee a spot to anyone besides Disco and Homer.
    –Time to go get Greg Holland to remove the temptation of putting Lorenzen in the ‘pen simply out of necessity.
    –Stephenson and Reed have a wonderful opportunity being handed to them on a silver platter.
    –Does this signal that the front office gets it? That Straily’s peripherals were unsustainable and that they’re paying attention to advanced metrics???

    • Does the front office get it, maybe. Although how intelligent do you need to be to see that? It’s hard to say too much negative about him as they wanted to keep his value high, but I bet they knew. I have heard Williams talk advanced metrics.

    • And, I wouldn’t think Homer is a safe bet health-wise. Disco seems to be the only sure thing.

    • Finnegan has a spot.

    • and if they sign Holland, just like Storen, trade both at deadline if they’re pitching well and add yet another top 7 prospect in each trade. This is easy way to beef up farm, sign some one year deal vets, the ones that play well, trade and add a prospect to the top 10 pool making it ever deeper and talented (and CHEAP for the coming years).

  4. Wow. I thought Texas would be the one that got Straily if any team was going to.
    Luis Castillo is a huge get though. I think he was involved in that Miami-SD trade where the SD pitcher had to be returned back to SD and Castillo went back to Miami.
    I guess this opens the door for Lorenzen to return to the rotation and breathes a little new life into Robert Stephenson’s chances to make the rotation.
    Now if we can just get a 2B and a SS moved soon.

    • WV: any thoughts on Amir Garrett and whether he has a legitimate shot at making the rotation this spring?

      • I’ll answer, even though you ask WV… That’s just how I roll 😉

        I think there is a great chance that Garrett is in the rotation at some point this year but I highly doubt he’ll make the rotation out of spring.

        • I agree with LW.
          Personally I hope Garrett seizes the opportunity by the throat in spring training, but it would be GM malfeasance if Garrett were on the 25 man roster on April 1. Now whenever the extra year date falls, a la the Kris Bryant Rule, I can see them brining him up after that. Garrett may be one to wait on until after the super-2 date near June 1 to call up. I wouldn’t worry about super-2 status with Stephenson and Reed and their ML service time. But with Garrett, it would have to be a consideration. It might not end up being a determining factor on when he is called up, but they will have to at least give it some consideration. That will be a decision that could save them $10MM-$20MM down the road.
          Now, I thought the super-2 status would be a big determining factor on when Jesse Winker makes the 25-man roster, but now I am not so sure. He won’t be called up until after the Bryant date passes, but he may arrive before that super-2 status date. The lack of power is harming his earning potential, so it may end up that the super-2 date isn’t all that meaningful with him.

  5. This is very much in line with the proper mindset of what this rebuild should be about … get as much promising young talent into the organization and then let them sort themselves out. Don’t ever be afraid to overstock at any one position, because only a fraction of the “prospects” are ever going to make it.

    Castillo looks to be the main piece:



    • That is my read, too. Castillo is close, and was the Florida State League pitcher of the year, before moving to AA for his last 3 starts. Brice looks a little AAAA-ish, but has a decent arm and could be a useful bullpen piece.

      White is only 20, from a smaller town in North Carolina, and looks like a poor-man’s Terry Trammell. He is a good athlete but raw in baseball terms, so he has some upside with low risk. Looks like he would be slotted to Dayton, and may pan out if they are patient with him.

      • Brice’s numbers last year between AA and AAA surprised me at second glance. They got lost when I first looked at his stats. Very possible the Reds got two this-year or next-year contributors in the deal.

    • My question though, if Castillo is so close, why do the Marlins move him for Straily? There’s a chance he’s the better pitcher right now and he’s 24 years old. I don’t get this move from the Marlins perspective. They either think that Straily isn’t a regression candidate or they think that Castillo just won’t be ready this year.

      • Castilo is not that close, he won’t be a 2017 arrival. He probably won’t be a 2018 arrival either, maybe September of 2018.
        Brice is the one that will show up in 2017. They may give him an opportunity to start some in spring training to see what he can do, but he most likely will be a main bullpen piece in 2017. Brice has a nice arm too, and he shouldn’t be overlooked. I like this Austin Brice. The Brice is Right.

      • The Marlins see themselves as contenders, and are still trying to deal with the loss of Fernandez. Castillo spent most of last season at Class A. The Marlins knew he wasn’t going to be ready to help them this year, and traded him for someone who will be able to.

      • I always think when I see a move like this one that maybe it is a case of the team have decided it is as far as they are going to go! The team that holds the contract have decided they are done it doesn’t mean the player is not still valuable asset just they have decided he isn’t worth it!!!!!!! I hope a change of view or coaching staff will spark something and the REDS benefit from it!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’ll definitely miss Straily, but seems like a good trade. Opens up rotation for young arms and the trade itself at worst further strenghens both for now and in the future. And that is if neither of the prospects work out as starters. Good trade all around, does anyone know much about the third guy White?

    • A quick glance at the OF’er stats: Was in Low-A last season as a 19 year old. Didn’t hit for average but improved his BB rate quite a bit from his first season as a pro. Hit for better average in RK ball as an 18 year old but barely walked at all.

    • The best thing about Isaiah White is he has raw talent, very raw. He’s a young, fast, wiry kid who was drafted out of high school and managed just a .646 OPS in 333 PA at Rk & A- levels the past 2 seasons. He was the #16 prospect in the Marlins’ system, but that speaks more to the lack of talent in the Marlins’ system than to White’s prospect status.

  7. Thumbs up on the deal. I think the odds are good they sold about as high as one will on Straily.

  8. A nice flip by the FO. Adds depth and opens a rotation spot for both Stephenson and Reed, or Garret/Lorenzen. All for a guy we got for nothing, who out pitched his peripherals.

    • Now sign Holland, and flip either Holland or Storen (one of them should be pitching well at least), or both in July and add a bat or two to the top 10 list.

  9. Incredible job of Williams selling high on Straily. He’s highly unlikely to repeat his 2016 performance.

    • Can’t disagree, he won’t repeat his win total or ERA. But he could repeat his xFIP, fly ball rate and K rate and still be terrible.

  10. Grand Larceny. Wow.

    • Finally a good looking deal. I would have been happier getting fleeced on Straily and maximizing Chapman or Cueto deals for better top-end talent though.

      • So Say we all. This is better than a sharp stick in the eye, though.

  11. Good luck to Straily, who helped Finnegan develop a change-up and was by all accounts a good guy.

    My guess is that the Marlins figured that his weakness was giving up homers and that he would translate well to their ballpark. In the age of overpowering pitchers, a guy with his command/control/brains can be hard for hitters geared for 97 mph fastballs to square up.

  12. What I take from this, other than the obvious sell high move, is the Reds have confidence in some combination of Reed, Stephenson, and Garrett to be big league pitchers fresh out of the gate. They could still sign a veteran starter for all the same reasons as before, but the Reds have designated at least one of those 3 as “will be in the starting rotation to start 2017”

  13. Trading with the Marlins seems a good thing for us.
    How is the DeSclafini for Latos deal working out.
    Castellini must have picture of Loria with a goat.

  14. Good move, love the stockpiling of power arms. Don’t love the preference of athleticism over hit tool.

    • Me either, but when it’s a ‘throw-in’ 3rd piece for a guy that the Reds paid peanuts to get….. it’s hard to complain about taking a flier on a raw, high ceiling (ish) type player.

    • Yeah, I don’t think that third piece was much of a choice. Marlins gave in on good pitching and probably listed four light hitting string beans in rookie and A ball as choices. It’s just a flier/wildcard is all.

      • True, but it does fit a trend by this front office concerning position players.

  15. Straily was a flash in the pan, and even if he could repeat it for another season, he was not part of the next Reds contender. The FO was smart to realize it and strike while the iron was hot. Castillo could be a really nice pickup, and even if not, the Reds got him (and two other possibly useful pieces) for essentially nothing, since that’s what they got Straily for last season.

    A fine piece of business. Hopefully a sign of more shrewd moves to come.

    • Agree in full. I was hoping they’d sell high on him too. he just is not a top 3 rotation arm. Maybe, maybe a solid innings eating SP4/SP5 type, but I’d rather have young, cheap talent to gamble on than hold and pay Straily.

  16. DeSclafani>>Finnegan>>Bailey>>?????>>>>?????.
    Robert Stephenson and Cody Reed have been give a huge opportunity to knock down one of those spots. The Reds won’t start Garrett’s service clock until mid-May, if they don’t have to. A battle-royale between Reed and Stephenson for that spot will make spring training very interesting.
    There was word last week that Dick Williams was still contemplating adding a minor free agent starter. Travis Wood? Not a bad idea, but will cost about $5MM-$7MM a year on a 1 or 2 year deal. He can start or be a multi-inning reliever. There is some value there for the Reds.
    Maybe Dick Williams has the number 1-800-BRONSON handy.

    • Last we heard Arroyo’s arm was trash. As much as I love the guy, I wouldn’t touch this with a 20 ft pole

      • The fact that if they sign BA it would have to be a minor league FA with an invite for a chance to make, Major League money if he makes the team! I can’t see if that is the contract where the Reds could go wrong. His arm being “trash” may or may not be but at his best, his stuff was suspect. He understands how to get Big League hitters out, if he only stays through ST that would be a plus for the “kids” trying to pitch to the “big boys”! I am usually not real big on the “great club house guy” thing but this could pay some dividends where we have such a UGE number of kids!

  17. Maybe the front office is starting to get it.Straily was a great find last year but it is hard to imagine he could sustain his performance this year.A three for one deal is always good when you get younger talent and all you have to do is hit on one that can contribute at the big league level.As mentioned this means we now have a starter spot open which plays well for the young guys.

    • Yes, in year’s past, Jimmy Haynes -err, Dan Straily would have been opening day starter after an over-achieving season. Good job, FO!

      • In years past, Hayn, er Straily would be the ONLY candidate for opening day “ace” (yes, that is sarcasm).

        Our ace was another teams AAA SP4…for about 10 years.

  18. Very nice job by the Reds here. Certainly opens up a better competition among the younguns for the rotation, but–depending on how much cash is left in the coffers–I wouldn’t put it past the FO to try and land a one-year rebound candidate (Eovaldi, Alvarez, etc.) to potentially flip in six months.

    • Stop with the logic and sensible moves there. 🙂

    • Free agent starting pitchers still available:
      Travis Wood- age 29
      Jason Hammel-34
      Doug Fister-32
      Jake Peavy-35
      Bud Norris-31
      Edwin Jackson-33
      Jorge de la Rosa-35
      Jon Neise-30
      CJ Wilson-36
      Jared Weaver-34
      Henderson Alvarez-26

      Wood and Hammel might be good fits. Alvarez, while only 26, would pose a huge risk, but also could be a big reward. He has missed most of the 2015 and 2016 seasons. But he did pitch 4 innings in 3 outings in late August and September. Fister and Peavy would eat some innings, but probably won’t be as good as Straily would have been.

      • TWood certainly makes a lot of sense. Plus, worst comes to worst, he’s a decent bullpen arm.

        • And probably as good as or better bench bat than some guys who have tried to fill, that role for the Reds in recent years 😉

      • If they bring in someone like this, it would have to be with the understanding that a bullpen role is a good possibility. With today’s move, you don’t bring in someone at the end of his career to hold a starting rotation spot — unless he EARNS it in the spring. As someone said above, other than DeSclafani and Bailey, the rotation should be an open competition with best men win. That is critical in this so-called year of sorting.

      • Sign a couple and hope one of them is surprising by July (to the upside) and flip that one, Storen and maybe a Greg Holland and add another 3 good prospects to our top 10 (Squeezing out a few into the teens in the process). Maybe you can even swindle a desperate contender for one of their top 3 players. It happens, just not usually with the Reds.

  19. Nice move by the FO! Their turning of an asset that probably didn’t figure into their long-term plan into some solid young prospects is exactly what they should be doing.

    I like that Steve Adams at MLB Trade Rumors said that “the price Miami is paying to acquire Straily is a steep one”. Substantial return in the trade for the Reds.

  20. Reds have officially confirmed the trade at 12:43 p.m.

  21. Straily was a great pick up, but I love this deal. nice going F O.

  22. Attaboys all around for the Reds GM and front office on this deal. Williams moving out of the shadows of Walt Jocketty here is very welcoming to see. I haven’t been to impressed with Williams so far, but this is his best work to date. Good job.

    • It’s good to see, yes, but I’m still reserving judgment on Williams. After all, even Walt managed to find a sucker for Alfredo Simon and his dangerous-looking peripherals. Got the Reds Suarez and a pitching prospect. … Let’s hope this is the start of a pattern of shrewd moves, not an outlier.

  23. Are we sure Walt wasn’t behind this one 🙂 Tongue firmly planted in check!!

  24. We don’t need innings eaters this year. We need sign and flip candidates or high risk high reward signings. So Wilson Alvarez is a possibility. I wouldn’t be disappointed if they signed Wood either (not because of high reward, but flexibility). Like the deal a lot!

  25. MLB Pipeline has slotted the three prospects at # 8, # 23, and # 30 into the Reds prospect rankings.

  26. Where do they slot into the rankings for Reds prospects? Doug? Anybody?

    • I believe Doug wrote on his site that he will discuss the ranking of Castillo tomorrow. He’s received a couple questions about that already. IIRC, he said most likely top 10, but is going to wait to talk to some people and get a couple more reports to base it off of.

  27. I’m waiting for Doug’s analysis on this. His insight is going to be a lot better than mine. Might be good to hear from Tom on it too.

    • I like this deal. A sell high on a mid to back end of the rotation starter. The deal clears a spot so we can see Stephenson and Reed from the get go this season with Garrett at AAA guarding his service time, ready to replace either one who doesn’t have it together by the end of May. I love that Castillo throws hard and actually throws strikes already. He starts at AA this season, and hopefully plays a big part in 2018 as one of the group of him, Davis, Romano, Travieso, Mella, …. etc that continue to provide great options for the Reds to sort through to build a great rotation going forward. Brice appears to have less upside and command, but is a year closer and should help the Reds out in some capacity this year, most likely in the bullpen. I won’t be surprised if Brice starts out in Louisville, but would expect him to contribute in the majors this year at some point as well. White sounds like a great athlete who took some good strides in his plate approach last year. He should go to Dayton where we’ll find out if he’s going to be more Jose Siri or Taylor Trammel. Dayton’s outfield may be pretty stocked with potentially Friedl, Trammel, Beltre, Siri, and White.

  28. New trade analysis post up.

  29. Bottom line, I like to see that the Reds are doing something. They had to make some kind of commitment towards a direction, towards a player(s). Where, even with this trade, the Reds still have a load of young “supposedly studly” pitching prospects. I believe it shows me they’ve simply opened up a slot for the #4 man. I believe Homer and Disco are #1 and #2. I believe Finnegan is the favorite for #3, at least as of now. So, who’s out there for 4 and 5? I believe spring training will tell us.

    It will be hard for me to see Straily’s success leave. But, it was inevitable that someone was to leave (I still wish it was Homer, myself).

    What we get back? No one for this season, most likely. Let them develop. I believe with the trade, the Reds are “caving in” for 2017, also. Which is most likely what is going to happen. I have no problem with it. Whether before or after the trade, for the Reds to be competitive this season, it was going to come down to pitching, anyhow. Straily wasn’t going to change that entire outlook. Not one player, not as bad as the Reds pitching as been.

  30. If Straily is the real deal this is a smart move by the Marlins who will contend this season. This is no risk for them as the prospects they gave up were not going to help them this year. They have a low rated farm system so the players the Reds are getting are not future stars in any honest evaluation. The Reds may wish they still had Straily as the only sure bet in the starter group is DeSclafani. The Reds need at least 2 young pitchers to step up and give them quality starts in 2017. Stephenson and Reed gave no indication they are capable of this based on results in 2016. Finnegan is not a proven starter yet. Beyond this the bullpen is weak until there is evidence to the contrary. Other question marks are catcher, third base, right field and usetlled situations at 2B & SS. Can Duval repeat? Has Hamilton turned the corner or is he no more than what we have seen to date? All of this said, the Reds might get lucky and the young guys blossom. I hope this happens because it will be a great story and indicate the Reds are entering several years of success way ahead of schedule.

    • You have a weird definition of “no risk”. Do you think the Jeff Bagwell / Larry Anderson trade in 1990 had “no risk” to the Sox because Bagwell wasn’t projected to play that season?

    • Having a low-rated farm system doesn’t necessarily mean that none of their prospects will become stars.

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