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Do you agree with Marty Brennaman?

I tried to avoid this, because my opinion about Marty Brennaman is well-known. His voice (along with that of Joe Nuxhall) is the background music to my childhood, so I don’t spend much of my life criticizing him. I don’t agree with him all the time, but there is no one on earth with whom I agree on every topic (with the obvious exception of my wife, in case she reads this).

This is going to be completely unscientific, as Redleg Nation caters to a specific segment of hard-core Reds fan that might not represent the average fan. But I thought it would be interesting to see how many of you agreed with Marty’s recent comments about Joey Votto’s contract.

If you missed the comments, Marty said:

Time out here now. I’m not going to get into all that crap. I’m going to tell you this: If I were an owner of a baseball team I would say to him if I could trade him, I’d trade him yesterday. And I would say, hell I can lose 94 games without you just as easily as I could lose 94 games with you. I don’t care about the OPS. I don’t care about none of that. This team made a bad deal when they signed Joey Votto to a 10-year contract. And he’s gonna make $22M and either next year or the following year he’s going to make $25M. There’s NO sanity on God’s Earth that justifies this being a good contract.

So…is he right?

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  1. Marty is opinionated. That’s nothing new. His epic Cubs fan rant is like music to me. Do I agree with him? I agree it MIGHT be better to be able to spin Votto for talent. His discourse here seems to be like a personal conversation with Votto. Not sure why there’s no diplomacy…well its Marty.

    I could agree with him in part.

  2. I disagree 1,000%! Reds fans need to sit back and enjoy the opportunity to witness a true master at his craft.

  3. To want to trade joey votto is absolute insanity, as much I’ve loved listening to Marty the last 30 years, he needs to be more careful about what he says, he’s very well respected in the reds community, and to say his ideas are antiquated would be an understatement. IMHO anyway.

  4. I’ve long questioned whether Votto challenges Brenneman’s sense of masculinity. There’s something about Votto he doesn’t like at a visceral level.

    Even at his current price, Votto is creating excess value over his salary. How many players in the MLB who make over 10m a season can say the same? If Marty doesn’t care about OPS, baseball’s going to a very unpleasant place for him.

  5. I hate to say it, but I agree with MB. I am a fan of JV and I wasn’t necessarily against the contract, but I think the timing has been bad for the reds. The contract is structured so that JV produces excess value in the early years and then the reds take on more back end risk as the annual cost escalates and JV ages/declines.

    Will JV play up to the value of his contract in the later years? It is possible, he is a great player, but it is risky due to potential decline and injury. The red’s reward for accepting this risk is the excess value that JV has produced in the early years of the contract. What have they done with this reward other than be one of the worst teams in baseball?

    Granted, that is not JV’s fault and they would have been worse without him, but I just don’t see how this deal makes sense given what they have been able to do with the excess value he produced.

  6. I am fine either way actually. I’d be just fine with a “good” trade of Votto, meaning getting a top prospect and another one or two that are promising. We should be getting a top 25 MLB prospect and another in the top 100. Yes, he has big salary, but the talent matches it, it’s not like he has been a bust.

    I am also fine if they keep him. He won’t be worth it (and killing the team) in a few years, but the next couple he will earn every bit of current pay, plus some.

    I’d lean trading simply because if they wait a year or two and THEN decide he is hurting putting together a good team, it will be too late and they’re won’t be any takers unless the Reds take back crap or pay half the remaining contract.

    So trade now for max value, or hold till he is a detriment (payroll and on the field) and hope it doesn’t keep the Reds from being a true contender in 4 or 5 years.

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