Jon Morosi tweeted this bit of rumor news last night:

How would you rate these three pitchers in terms of willingness to trade?

  • Anthony DeSclafani
  • Brandon Finnegan
  • Dan Straily

Use a scale of 1-10 with 10 being untouchable and 1 being Brandon Phillips.

Steve grew up in Cincinnati as a die-hard fan of Sparky’s Big Red Machine. After 25 years living outside of Ohio, mostly in Ann Arbor, he returned to the Queen City in 2004. He has resumed a first-person love affair with the Cincinnati Reds and is a season ticket holder at Great American Ball Park. The only place to find Steve’s thoughts of more than 140 characters is Redleg Nation. Follow his tweets @spmancuso.

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  1. it depends on the return. But the pitcher I’d really like to trade to Seattle, if it were at all possible and the return was right? Homer Bailey.

    • We need to give that a rest. Until he pitches again for at least a month without missing starts and fairly well, he is untradable. We all know this. Not his fault he got all these injuries, just terribly bad luck

  2. Disco would be the last one I would trade, with Finnegan and Straily second and third , respectively. Finnegan is,younger and has far more upside than Straily. Desclafani is going to be a legitimate #2 starter in the foreseeable future for most teams. As far,as ratings, I would rate Disco an 8, Finnegan a 6, and Straily a 4. I think Stephenson and Garrett have alone far more upside than Straily. If the Reds want a competing team then they would trade Straily for an above average setup man or a decent prospect who will contribute by 2018. I feel as if the Reds get two decent relievers they will be able to finish above 500 this,season. Iglesias and Lorenz end in the bullpen will make a big difference.

  3. 2 – Straily. When a local media member refers to him as a “waiver wire wonder trying to do it again” (, the Reds likely are selling high after buying as low as you can.

    6- DeSclafani. I would be slightly disappointed to see him, but if the aging, win-now Mariners want to go all-in this off-season and offer a king’s ransom….Happy Trails, Disco.

    9 – Finnegan. He is so young (23) and shows flashes of very good stuff. He plays in a home run-friendly park, and who knows who will be doing the catching for him. He might have another erratic year in 2017, and the jury could still be out on him.

    I bet Seattle, with a park known for suppressing runs and with Mel Stottlemyre as its pitching coach, would love to land Finnegan.

  4. You never have enough pitching. Didn’t the M’s just trade tiajuan Walker? Well disco=9, Finnegan=8, steadily=2

  5. Disco = 7
    Finnegan = 5
    Straily = 3

    • Those are exactly the numbers I was about to post.

    • I’m pretty close to this. I’d bump Disco up a point or two to 8-9. He’s super valuable. That’s where I’d have the other two.

      • Disco – 9, Finnegan – 4, Staily -3. I’m not particularly high on FInnigan and if someone wants to give me a little more for him than they would give for Straily, then I think I’d probably pull the trigger on that one.

  6. Cozart 1.5. Strailly 6, Finnegan 8, Desclafani 9. When I look at Strailly’s stats, I’m blown away by his low hits per inning pitched and low whip. When he gets hit is is hard 31 homers. I remember arroyo giving up like 47 homers one year. The next year he really improved on that. I really would like to see what all 3 do this year. But if the return is really good sell!

  7. Honestly, I’d go Homer first. But, of the three you mentioned, Straily about a 3, Finnegan about a 7, DeSc about an 8.

    With Straily, even though he had a good season, it was one season. Unlike with DeSc, where he recorded 2 good seasons in a row. He showed he could repeat good work.

    With Finnegan, I believe he had a good season, also. But, given the fact he’s a decent lefty is the reason why I would keep him.

    • The thing is, though, this is just part of a trade. What’s Seattle willing to give up? That can dictate what we offer, also.

      • That is the point, it is difficult to answer properly without the entire equation! I mean if the return for Disco is a major league ready ball player and 2 top ten prospects and the return for Straily is just above a lateral trade see you later DeSclafini!

    • You must know Homer finished the year on the DL. Any trade of him right now would be selling at rock bottom prices. Yet you still say you’d trade him first. Interesting strategy.

      • Tracy Jones (yeah,I know) had a radio Sports Talk Show at one time on WLW back in 1990’s and that was one thing he beat on constantly……good GM’s trade players when they are on top of their game not when they are struggling….you trade players when they have the most value not the least.Makes sense to me…and at this point in Homer’s career he has close to zero value…

  8. DeSclafani=8.5
    R. Stephenson=1.0

    FWIW, I’d trade Finnegan, Stephenson, OF Phillip Ervin, 2B Alex Blandino, and 3B Brandon Dixon to the Chicago White Sox for SP Jose Quintana. Four 1st round draft selections and a fifth player that would be negotiable for 4 years of Quintana.
    Quintana would solidify a rotation at the top on that “next Reds winning team”, probably in 2017. It would also help to lessen any pressure on Homer Bailey to return to form quickly in 2017.

    • Wow WV, if I were the Sox, I’d take that deal right now. … And why are you so low on Stephenson? I think at worst he’s probably a back of the bullpen kind of guy and I still see a guy that can be a #2-#4 rotation piece. If I’m the Sox, I’d think ‘we can sort this guy out!’

      • Agreed, LW. The only hard part of doing this deal for the White Sox would be suppressing their laughter in front of the Reds FO while they finalized the deal.

        Quintana is a fine pitcher. No disrespect to him. But the Reds will get much more aggregate value for their buck by holding on to the players named above for the years that they are expecting to be competitive. The Reds need more than just 1 starter to be competitive again. I have to think that between Finnegan, Stephenson and others, they already have that guy in house for much less financial commitment. Plus, that’s a lot of other players that will fill needed depth for the team. Not all of the young guys will pan out. But I wouldn’t be in a rush to move them out the door now.

  9. Desclafani 9, Finnegan 6, Straily….Hmm. The other young guns appear more desirable, but Straily is a thinking man’s pitcher. He’ll be what, 28 next year, not exactly old, and probably very affordable down the road for a starting pitcher. I wouldn’t trade any of these three. Homer and Stephenson, 1 and 2. Very similar. Hard throwers, hard heads.

  10. Disco 7, Finnegan 5, Straily 3. That’s not an assessment of what I think they might be worth in trade, just of my reluctance to see them go. None of those guys should be even close to untouchable, but of course it all depends on the return.

  11. As pointed out by others, you need to see what is realistically on offer when making an offer.

    Thinking out of the box, and looking at the pitching pipeline, if there is quality on the table, why not package Cozart, Bob Stephenson and Cingrani. Two disclaims: (1) the obvious one – not an established starter, but a potential starter with years of control plus a reliever to back him up and (2) it may still be too early to give up on Stephenson … but to get quality, one must give quality. Remember, we have Garrett in pipeline as well as the possibility (well, wished for) starting role for Lorenzen.

    And, of course, it’s all a function of what one can get in return.

    As for the three -named- starters. DeSclafani, NO. Finnegan, probably NO, and while Straily may revert to mean, he’s an innings eater, he’s affordable, and he sort of fills the Arroyo role for now (i.e. -not- another power pitcher).

    • The backbone of Reds next pitching rotation….how in the world can you consider trading any of them?? All under club control until 2021/2022 time frame so all cheap and nothing but upside.What could you realistically get in trade that is better than that??

      • That was my point – it depends on what you are being offered in return. Otherwise, it’s just the sound of one hand clapping. Show me the offer.

        And, to be clear, I am in the camp of NOT trading Disco, Finnegan -or- Straily, for the obvious reasons..

        • Yeah Ket…I was agreeing with you,I forgot to mention that 🙂

        • Not a problem, Bob. Not at all.

          The one problem with the ‘net is the absence of body language, intonation and nuance. I tend to overcompensate a bit for that (chuckle)..

  12. Unless someone is giving you a Shelby Miller like package, I don’t really see the point in trading Disco or Finnegan right now.

    You’ve got two good, cheap, controllable major league pitchers. Why would you trade them for more prospects at this point in the rebuild? Maybe if the rebuild had just started. But the Reds rebuild is supposed to be coming out of the nadir and back on the upswing. Making a trade like this would be tantamount to the Reds admitting they miscalculated and the rebuild will last longer than expected.

    I just don’t know why they would do that at this point. Maybe if it was a good young major league hitter for a good young major league pitcher. But the Mariners don’t really have anyone who would fit that bill, besides possibly Zunino. But I don’t think either team would be interested in that deal.

    Its just not the right time for a trade like this.

    • TCT,

      Good shout on catcher Zunino. If it were he and Tony Zych, young reliever with electric stuff who was hurt last year, both MLB-ready and under 27, maybe that is the start of a suitable package from the M’s. But, Seattle would really be thinking all-in to part with them.

      I realize I am in the minority saying the Reds should take until 2019 to contend, but I don’t think the Reds will know for a while who to trade for offense. Not to mention, the free-agent class next winter looks like crap:

      Unless the Reds want Jay Bruce back.

      • It looks a little better than that. CarGo, JD Martinez and Lorenzo Cain for OF’s.

        For SP’s, it’s a good year though, with Arrieta, Cueto and Gio Gonzalez.

        But the reality is, the Reds aren’t going to be going after those guys most likely, and we have to hope our own prospects turn out, or we can package some prospects for high-quality cost-controlled players.

  13. Depends on the return but I’d want a lot for Disco. One where pundits would actually say: Reds got a steal from the M’s.

  14. Its October 2018 and the Reds made the playoffs(optimism #1) in the 1 game wildcard.
    Homer Bailey(optimism #2) returns to form and pitches 8 dominant innings. Raisel Iglesias pitches a 1-2-3 9th and the Reds exact a tiny amount of revenge eliminating the Giants and advance to the divisional series against the Chicago Cubs.
    This is why I am not trading Disco or Finnegan. Instead , I am looking to make trades for controllable starters now who can start in the post season in 2018 Who starts that series?

    Game 1- Jake Odorizzi or Chris Archer or new pitcher
    Game 2- Disco
    Game 3- Garrett
    Game 4- Finnegan
    Game 5- Homer

    Other than Garrett, I don’t see any minor leaguers ready to develop into playoff caliber starters by 2018. I would do the opposite….Trade Hamilton and young pitchers for a more established controllable starter.

  15. I think Straily would be the guy I would probably rate as a 2 . Finnegan and Desclafani would rank 7 and 9 respectively . I could see a three way deal where the Reds would send Cozart to Tampa and Kyle Lewis would go from Seattle to the Reds . Seattle would get Dan Straily .The Reds would get Jake Odorizzi from Tampa . Tampa would get Phillip Ervin or Aristides Aquino from the Reds and Luis Gohara from Seattle

  16. Finnegan 9
    Disco 7
    Straily 4

    Straily could be traded now, but its worth risk to see if he does continue to pitch well and boost/solidify his value. Plus he can help avoid really overworking the younger guys.

  17. None of these guys appear to be SP1 or SP2’s to me. Desco is likely SP3/4 solid innings eater with some small upside left to get to SP2. Finnegan is more unknown but just as much upside left to get to SP2. Straily is just an innings eating average SP, prone to one bad start every month.

    I’d trade the one that brings back the highest quality player/prospect we can get. Forget getting 3 or 4 middling prospects to make it look like a haul, get a top 3 prospect from the other team.

    None are untouchable and I can’t say anyone is a key to the future rotation. Desco appears more finished (as solid, nothing special ) starter, but he won’t be shutting down some team in game 1 or 2 or 3 of some playoff series, so trade if he commands a top prospect.

    All things equal (assume same return for all), I traded in order:

    Desco (you could flip Desco and Finnegan)

  18. Assuming an equal return I’d first trade Straily, then Finnegan, then DeSclafani.

    If trading Disco gets the Mariners to include Tyler O’Neill though, I would make that trade right now.

  19. I am an outlier on Straily. In an age of power pitching, a pitcher with great command can be a bit of a puzzle for hitters geared up to hit 96 mph fastballs. I get all the stuff about the peripherals, including low BABIPs against lefties and at GABP, but he was too consistently good for it to be a total fluke.

    Plus, he is a good staff influence on younger pitchers. Stephenson and Reed, for example, need to understand to subtract in tough spots, not add. Straily can probably convey that message as effectively as a pitching coach can. He’s 28, very cost controlled, and a good guy.

    And Straily likely won’t bring that much back in value. Seattle, believe it or not, can read and interpret peripheral stats the same as we can, so they will understand that perhaps Straily was just lucky last year, and won’t give up much for him. To me, there is very little downside to keeping Straily. If he has another very good year, then his value will only increase. If he doesn’t, nobody was willing to give up much for him, anyway.

    I’d keep all of these guys, although I would use a 6-man rotation beginning about April 20.

    • From what I’ve read the jump in Straily’s performance has a lot to do with advice from Riggleman,Price and Ted Power….at least that’s the company line.Hard for me to believe his 2016 season was a fluke,his WHIP and ERA were consistent thru entire season..even in September pitching 6 games with 37 IP….4-1 record…3.13 ERA and 1.286 WHIP.I’ll take those stats all day any day….

    • I agree. I forget who wrote about it, but strailly helped Finnegan with his changeup which I believe gives Finnegan a change to be a solid 3 or 4 starter. Strailly likely wouldn’t bring enough to warrant trading him.

      I also agree with the 6 man rotation idea completely. It gives us a change to decide who the real starters are quicker and who the bullpen guys will be. Put Lorenzen in the starting rotation!

  20. I would try and trade Robert Stevenson. I just don’ believe his arm will hold up nor do I have a high confidence he ever finds the strike zone on a regular basis. I would try to convince Seattle that his potential is equal to Kershaw.

  21. Take it for what it’s worth, but minor has the Mariners minor league system ranked at 26th. By way of comparison, they have the Reds ranked at number 11, with possibly going as high as number 7.

    It would appear on the surface that the only thing the Mariners could offer us is sitting on their Major League bench. But since they are an aging team trying to win now, I don’t think that’s a possibility.

    I don’t think they can go for an unknown commodity. I think the only pitcher we have on our staff that we could get a lot for from a team like the Mariners, might be Disco.

    While I am not opposed to trading anyone that can improve Us in the long-term, I just don’t see a deal working out here. I say pass.

    • Oh, but in answer to the question, I would ask the most for Disco, but I rate them about the same floor and ceiling wise. It depends on who I’m trading with values more.

  22. DeSclafani: 8
    Finnegan: 5
    Straily: 2

    Ultimately, the willingness to trade any of these pitchers to any team would be based solely on the return being offered.

  23. In order, 7, 5, 2. Straily is as valuable a commodity as he ever will be.

  24. the reds will not be good for 4 years, so disco returns the best players long term

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