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Happy Thanksgiving: A Redleg Nation Tradition

Happy Thanksgiving all, from your friends here at the Nation.

It has become a tradition here at Redleg Nation to enjoy this classic Thanksgiving episode of WKRP in Cincinnati together. The Big Guy was right. It was a great promotion idea. It should have worked.

Last year, Steve suggested a good topic for this yearly Thanksgiving open thread: What Reds players – one past and one present – are you most thankful for being able to watch play?

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  1. Big Klu. what a hero to a skinny little boy. Only saw him till I was 11. But I will never forget him.

  2. off topic, but now that seattle has traded for Sangrea, they don’t need a shortdtop. Cozart to?… Padres? mets?

  3. @azkurgan The D-Backs got Ketel Marte in that deal, the shortstop the M’s wanted to upgrade with Cozart, so this is definitely possible, depending on how Arizona sees Marte.

    • the D-Backs still have a bunch of middle infielders, not a likely scenario at this point.
      Not sure who needs a solid ( just solid) SS

  4. I have seen thousands of Reds games (most on TV), so I thought of my answer from the perspective of games I have seen in person at Riverfront / Cinergy / GABP.

    Past was Johnny Bench. I was there when he hit the game-tying homer in the ninth against the Phillies in game 3 of the ’76 playoffs. I was also there on his night when this happened:

    Very close tie for second are Pete Rose and Tom Seaver. I saw Rose’s 3000th hit (with Tony Perez playing for Montreal to greet him at first base). I was also at Pete’s first game back at Riverfront as a member of the Phillies, and was among the 40,000-plus who booed at the top of my lungs. 🙂

    I greatly admired Seaver even before he became a Red, and it was great to see him pitching for Cincinnati. He and Mario Soto are perhaps the most dominant Reds starters I have seen, albeit for short time frames. There was one game at Riverfront with Seaver pitching for the Reds against the Giants. Willie McCovey hit a ball that I thought on first glance from my field-level perspective was going to go completely out of Riverfront. I’m sure it went higher than the circular opening at the top of the stadium. I was stunned when it landed “just” in the lower deck in right field.

    Present day, nothing was more exciting at GABP than Aroldis Chapman coming in to nail down a save. The stadium became electric. In four decades of watching MLB, he is the most dominant reliever I have seen other than perhaps Bruce Sutter at his peak.

  5. That man has got o be stopped fore he promotes again…

    I used to love Alice’s Restaurant on this day, but now I click this link

    Mario Soto

    Billy Votto

  6. I like Reaganspad’s approach:
    Past: Johnny “The Red” Larkin
    Present: Joey Hamilton
    Johnny Bench was the player that inspired my love for the Reds. As a young catcher during the heyday of the BRM I idolized Bench and his team.
    As a young adult, Eric Davis and then Barry Larkin solidified my appreciation for the Reds, and made me proud to root for Cincinnati, even in years that weren’t 1990 magical.
    And now with the advent of the Internet, MLB TV, and so much information, I love watching Joey Votto on his arc to the Hall of Fame, approaching the art and science of hitting in a way that no one ever has save perhaps the Splendid Splinter Ted Williams. And it’s also been really cool to see two incredibly gifted, once in a generation athletes – Aroldis Chapman (sigh) and Billy Hamilton – wear Cincinnati red.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    • CFD — Johnny Bench was the reason I became a Reds fan as well (in Northern NJ). Of course, Davis and Larkin would soon become favs. And I like the Chapman and Hamilton mentions. They are both captivating, and stop you from leaving the room when they are in action. Bench and Hamilton would be my second choices overall, after the two Joes.

      Nicely done.

  7. We will never know how bad Williams kicked the Cozart deal or if in fact there was a deal and it was kicked. I have no problem going to camp with him as the SS other than it stunts the growth of a possible rebuild. The past has to be JB but like all baseball folks I am superstitious and he never hit well with me watching so I would leave the room and have to watch his greatness on replay. LOl The present and I hope the future is JV, there have been better hitters but they were before my time or were better in certain areas not the overall hitter that JV is.

    • I would also interject that we don’t know for sure that Williams had full authority to make deals last year, it’s possible that Walt was involved also..don’t know, just saying it’s possible.

  8. Past: Johnny Bench
    Present: Joey Votto

    I’m thankful for Joe Morgan’ s greatness… for Pete Rose ,the hitting machine version , for Eric Davis’ electric spring of 1987 and Game 1….yeah…..and Barry Larkin’s 1995…. For Sean Casey’s class and enthusiasm….for Greg Vaughn’s power and leadership in 1999….and Brandon Phillips defense and extra base hits and smile ….circa 2009….Chapman’s fastball…. Cueto’s fearlessness..and Billy’s speed.

  9. Mine would have to be :

    Past: Peter Edward Rose (worked for everything he achieved (IMO), nothing came easy or natural)
    Present: Joey Votto (he’s so good and so many people (including at least one Reds broadcaster) seem to miss the fact of how good he really is (offensively).)

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