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No Gold Gloves for Billy Hamilton and Adam Duvall

As we noted a couple of weeks ago, Billy Hamilton (CF) and Adam Duvall (LF) were finalists for Gold Glove awards at their respective positions. Well, all the votes have been tallied and 100% of precincts have reported…

…and the system is rigged!

Atlanta Braves center fielder Ender Inciarte is a really good defensive player. Pittsburgh Pirates left fielder Starling Marte is also very, very good. But was it too much to ask that the Reds win one little award in this miserable season? Just one?

You have to think that Hamilton was hurt by the fact that he missed so much time with injuries late in the season. He and Inciarte were clearly the top two center fielders in the league, and you can make a good argument for either of them. The fact that Hamilton didn’t play the last month of the year couldn’t have helped his candidacy.

A Gold Glove for Adam Duvall would have put the finishing touches on a dream season for the big left fielder. Duvall was an All-Star, hit 33 homers, drove in 103 runs. Even better, he was simply fantastic on defense, even if he won’t get a big fancy trophy to memorialize that greatness.

Oh well. Let’s put 2016 behind us, shall we?

17 thoughts on “No Gold Gloves for Billy Hamilton and Adam Duvall

    • When he’s playing, I’ll fully agree with you. The thing is, he missed all of September. That killed him.

  1. The AL winner in center field played fewer games than Billy (105 to 114). UGH. Maybe the guy that won is that good but it’s hard to imagine anyone was better than Billy in CF.

  2. Sorry to see Billy missed out. I think he has a few coming real soon. A SIDE NOTE: Today marks the 140th Birthday of one Archibald : Moonlight: Graham. Born in Fayetville N.C. on this day in 1876.

  3. I haven’t seen much of Inciarte. But I’ve seen a lot of baseball in my lifetime. Billy Hamilton covers more ground than any outfielder I have ever seen. By a good bit. And when he gets to the ball, he catches it. Im astounded that Hamilton did not win a gold glove this year. But I’ll be looking forward to seeing Atlanta’s new defense with a one man outfield and an eight man infield next year, because Inciarte would have to be that good to be better than Hamilton. Wow.

  4. No gold glove love form the baseball gods above. To the BBWAA voters who didn’t vote for Billy and Adam, you know where to shove. It.

      • Yes it is, I stand corrected. The GG and the Silver Slugger Awards are by managers and coaches. The other post-season awards are by the BBWAA.

        • Speaking of the Silver Slugger, those managers and coaches chose Rizzo over Votto. Interesting choice. To the winner go the spoils, I guess.

  5. When I google ‘ender inciarte d’ I get deke; when I google ‘billy hamilton d’ Iget billy hamilton diving catch; so I guess a deke is more valuable in the eyes of these baskets of deplorables?

  6. I demand drug test for every one of the voters that didn’t vote for Hamilton. You could take Ifart or whatever his name is and put a tenth fielder in as a rover and Hamilton still out plays both of them in CF. You could place a circle starting 30 feet behind 2nd base and run it encompassing both power alley’s and if it is hit in the air and Hamilton is in CF the batter is out period! There is no way anyone can justify him not winning his golden glove. When they finally pull their heads out he will earn platinum gloves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Well said! Just glanced at the “Inside Edge Fielding” stats (compares success % on variable difficulty in catches) for Center Fielders. Results in the 10% likelihood to catch category:

      1. Billy Hamilton – 53% (8 of 15 catches)
      2. Rest of list (top 17) – no one above 14% (total # of catches by all other Center Fielders with respect to difficulty level of 10%: 5)

      In other words, Billy has made eight catches of balls that had a 1-10 % chance of being caught. The rest of the league of CFs caught five. If that doesn’t solidify GG status for Billy I don’t know what will.

      No longer purchasing Rawling products! 🙂

      Fangraphs link: http://bit.ly/2fVNWRO

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