Next June, the Reds are going to have another glorious Pete Rose celebration at Great American Ballpark:

On the heels of his induction into the Reds’ Hall of Fame this past summer, all-time hits leader Pete Rose will receive another honor next year. The Reds announced on Thursday that a statue of Rose will be unveiled and dedicated outside of Great American Ball Park on June 17, before the Reds play the Dodgers.

Local artist Tom Tsuchiya was again commissioned as sculptor of a Reds statue. Tsuchiya created the three previous statues of honor for Big Red Machine members Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan and Tony Perez. He also sculpted the four original statues on Crosley Terrace of Joe Nuxhall, Frank Robinson, Ernie Lombardi and Ted Kluszewski.

The statue will be Pete in a headfirst slide. Could it have been anything else?

I know half of you are sick of Pete, and I get that. I have my own thoughts about Pete, which I shared last summer. I even had a little fun with our buddy Doug on this subject earlier this week (see below), but I can’t argue with any opinion held by anyone about Pete Rose (including Doug’s opinion).

Except this one: we all need to agree that Rose was completely entertaining as a studio analyst on the Fox post-season broadcasts. If you didn’t enjoy his schtick, well…you’re just wrong. Says me.

8 Responses

  1. Gaffer

    Put me in the camp that Pete deserves what he has gotten. But, similarly he has earned his appreciation from this fan base. While I personally want no part of it, it is really good for this team to maintain the fan base. Reds country is small and spread out but we are die hard fans, so let’s celebrate our antihero!

    On another note, anyone see him on Fox? OMG!

  2. jessecuster44

    Pete Rose is a hero, but he did plenty wrong. Most of our heroes are flawed.

    I’m glad the statue is of Pete sliding instead of filling out a lineup card.

  3. Bill

    I don’t think there is any question about what he did wrong or what he accomplished in the game. I personally think he deserves in the Hall of Fame, but isn’t getting in while he is alive, mostly due to his own actions, so I don’t feel sorry for him. On the other side of the argument he is a Cincinnati hero and he is going to be celebrated. Those that don’t approve of these types of celebration are free to boycott 17 June game and activities. There are much bigger things to worry about in the world than Pete’s gambling problem and denial of any wrongdoing.

  4. Obc2

    I think it’s great the Big 4 from the Big Red Machine will have statues outside the ballpark. I reckon Barry will be next, wonder what his statue will look like?

    After that it might be a long wait. Perhaps Votto?

    • Patrick Jeter

      While I think it would be neat (assuming Votto gets in to the HoF), I don’t think he has the fan appreciation of Pete or Barry. I’d say a statue would be a long-shot. That could all change if he led the Reds to a WS win, though!

      • gaffer

        That’s a travesty that fans don’t think of Votto the same way (but may be true). Clearly, fans only value championships but man that is a high bar. Tony Perez is a HOF because he was on a team that won, but he is not nearly as good as Votto.

  5. lwblogger2

    For anyone interested, there is a BRM signed baseball with Rose’s signature on the sweet-spot sitting in a display case at the Waynesville Antique Mall for $295. It’s legit and more than a fair price for the ball. The signatures are all done with the same pen in blue ink and aren’t faded or smudged. I didn’t have $300 to spare on Thursday and would have preferred a different player on the sweet-spot but it’s a nice ball for someone’s collection.