The drip-drip-drip of transactional news continued today. Immediately after the end of the World Series — the Series finished earlier this morning; did you watch it? — teams can begin announcing transactions and eligible players declare for free agency. The Cincinnati Reds had two such players, pitchers Alfredo Simon and Ross Ohlendorf. As expected:

In a bit of housekeeping news, it appears that reliever JJ Hoover — who cleared waivers and was outrighted to Triple-A in August — will be a free agent as well.

Redleg Nation wishes the best of luck to all of these guys.

Finally, John Lamb was traded to the Tampa Bay Rays for cash considerations. Yes, we discussed this yesterday. But since teams are forbidden from making any announcements during the World Series, the official word on the trade finally came today:

If nothing else, these transactions put an official end to the less-than-successful 2016 season. The Reds were bad and the stupid Cubs won the World Series.

Winter is upon us. And:

22 Responses

  1. WVRedlegs

    JJ Hoover a free agent? Aww, the sky is falling. Good guy, Bad fastball.

  2. Chuck Schick

    With Hoover’s departure, I now better understand how Yankee fans felt when Mickey Mantle died.

    • cupofcoffee1955

      I was there at GABP last June when JJ gave up his last grand slam to Baez. I can still hear the Cub fans cheering, not a good day…

  3. JB WV

    Sad ending for Lamb’s tenure here. Thought he would be a contributor, but injuries derailed it.

  4. ohiojimw

    Recalling that Hoover, Ohlendorf and Simon were considered to be backbones of the pitching staff at the onset of the season should make us marvel that the team managed to win as many games as it did.

  5. Greatredlegsfan

    Do free agents count for unemployment index?

  6. Christopherj jones

    Thank god, John lamb and his bad hair is gone!

  7. DHud

    Three big breaths of fresh air with those three gone

    It’s done; it’s finally over

  8. lost11found

    The injury to Lamb must be a long-term thing or they would have gotten more than $$?

    • Gaffer

      Hmm, maybe his nearly 7 careear ERA. The royals refused to bring him up in 2015 even after tons of injuries. Maybe no one else thinks he is a real prospect.

      • Patrick Jeter

        I have to agree. At this point, given his performance, his injury history, and his lack of command (and velocity), there’s no real reason to think he’ll ever be a major league contributor. It’s certainly possible, but less than likely.

  9. Patrick Jeter

    Let us all make a sacrifice to the baseball gods in appreciation that we’ll never have to see Alfredo Simon throw another pitch in a Reds uniform.

    • DEN

      Ah…remember what James Bond once said…Never say Never…

      • Patrick Jeter

        My favorite movie, and Simon’s, is “From Free Agency, With Love.”

      • Big56dog

        Hopefully its You only Pitch for the Reds Twice for Simon

    • Preach

      We all know how he liked to throw Moonrakers

      • Steve

        In this case. We hopefully say that Diamonds are not forever.

  10. Jay King

    After all is said and done I honestly feel the fact that we got $$ for Lamb was probably the best thing for us. Sorry things didn’t work out for him. There was a point that I was really rooting for him to show that top 20 potential prospect results.

    Good Luck Lamb.

  11. Earl Nash

    Simon and JJ both did have a couple productive years with the Reds. Bullpen guys are like that though, one year you got good movement the next you are serving up fat pitches in dead red.