Cincinnati Reds Top 25 Prospects

It’s “Prospect Ranking Week” over at RedsMinorLeagues.com — that’s kinda like Shark Week, but with fewer sharks and more Chris Okeys. You can follow along all week, as Doug Gray counts down his picks for the top 25 prospects in the Cincinnati Reds system.

He’s already made it through #15. You can check out the top five prospects here, 6-10 here, and today’s ranking of 11-15.

I’m not going to spoil Doug’s top five, but I will tell you that Yorman Rodriguez is ranked 14th!

3 thoughts on “Cincinnati Reds Top 25 Prospects

  1. Chad, with that comment about YRod I do believe you are trying to incite a hornet’s nest here like the one starting on Doug’s site over that placement 🙂

  2. I guess I should not worry that we have to go down to Number 11 to find a Catcher, I know we got one potential great one and another good one, but the potential great one may never play a full season if at all. The good one is a very good back up, maybe best back up around, but most great team are strong up the middle, with the catcher being the beginning of that. Just a thought

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