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Podcast — RNR #154: Why Billy Hamilton and Adam Duvall should win Gold Gloves

Lots of Cincinnati Reds news to discuss this week as Jason Linden joined me for another riveting conversation. First up, should Billy Hamilton and Adam Duvall win Gold Glove awards? Then, we discussed the flurry of recent transactions and what they mean for the 2017 Reds. Finally, my new book about the 50 Greatest Moments in Reds history is available for pre-order!

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2 thoughts on “Podcast — RNR #154: Why Billy Hamilton and Adam Duvall should win Gold Gloves

  1. I thought watching baseball in the 1970s we were seeing the greatest decade of baseball players in History, I kinda think the 2010 to 2020 decade might turn out a bit better, actually alot better.

  2. B. Phillips was outright robbed last year for the Gold glove at second so I have no doubt they will rob Billy of the center field Glove

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