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Billy Hamilton and Adam Duvall are named Gold Glove finalists

The finalists for the Gold Glove Awards were announced today, and two Reds were among the chosen few:

Adam Duvall is a first-time Gold Glove finalist, and the honor is richly deserved. Using FanGraphs’ quick and dirty “Def” measurement (defensive runs above average), Duvall was the top defensive left fielder in all of baseball. (Pittsburgh’s Starling Marte is the only National League left fielder with more defensive WAR, according to Baseball Reference.)

Duvall wasn’t particularly flashy, but it was evident early in the season that he wasn’t a butcher with the glove as he’d been advertised. Quite the opposite: he’s athletic, had good range, and sure hands.

You already know about Billy Hamilton, who is a staple of SportsCenter highlight reels. It’s Hamilton’s third time as a Gold Glove finalist, and it’s high time he won his first one. FanGraphs has Hamilton as the best defensive center fielder in the National League and second in the majors (and he was tops in the NL in defensive WAR, as well).

I was hopeful that Zack Cozart would win his first Gold Glove this year, but the injuries and all the missed time doomed his candidacy, I’m afraid.

If I had to guess, I’d say that Billy Hamilton will win the Gold Glove for NL center fielders. Duvall has a tougher hill to climb. But, as Trent Rosecrans said, his 2016 season was a great one no matter what:

Really happy for both these guys. Always good to find a ray of sunshine in what was otherwise a difficult season.

13 thoughts on “Billy Hamilton and Adam Duvall are named Gold Glove finalists

  1. I am really hoping we can get some hardware but I have a bad feeling they will give CF to Inciarte and RF to Marte. Very hapy for Duvall, regardless of outcome.

    • Billy has an edge in a bunch of the defensive metrics and they play an explicit role in the rankings. He’s lucky he doesn’t have to compete with Pillar in the AL, though.

      • But the award is actually determined by voting and not ranking, correct? I read that they already know the winners and that announcing the finalists is basically a tease. Are the announced the finalists the actual top three vote getters?

  2. I think BHam is a lock. Beyond the stats/metrics, he also has the “SportsCenter” intangible, in that he was regularly featured (rightfully so) in defensive highlights on a weekly, sometimes nightly basis. This build up a public perception which I’ve noticed tends to influence the vote.

    This was the year BHam “arrived” on a more national level of recognition, and the GG is the next step in cementing his reputation.

    Duvall, I’m shocked they noticed. Not sure if he has a chance, but it’s still nice to see him getting recognized as well. If Duvall wins, would that mean he’s even more likely to be the full time LF for the Reds for the next few years?

  3. The only way I can see Hamilton not winning is if the time he missed at the end of the season weighs into the decision. He’s clearly the best CF in the NL and perhaps in all of baseball. Duvall was much better than I thought he’d be and he deserves consideration. Honestly, I’d vote for Marte but a case can certainly be made for Duvall. The metrics don’t seem to be lying.

    • Missing all of that time could hurt Hamilton. But if Rafael Palmeiro could win a Gold Glove at first base despite playing the position for less than 30 games a decade or so ago, I’m a little less pessimistic. Maybe the criteria has changed since then.

  4. Tucker Barnhart’s Def numbers are the best in the NL. Wish he would have gotten a mention at least.

  5. This comment is where I’ll finally cash in my check.

    The day (or soon thereafter) we acquired Duvall I’m pretty sure I was the only commenting reader of RLN or poster who predicted Duvalls success. I wish someone would track down the comment.

    Anyway, here it comes: told you so!

    That felt good.

  6. I’m frankly astounded that Duvall could be so highly thought of defensively. I mean, we see him pretty much every day so it’s not like he hasn’t earned it — he most certainly did. As early as spring training, he made a catch as he flung himself backward at the base of the left field wall and managed to hang on to the baseball as he fell down and his head hit the base of the wall. Pure hustle. So I was just startled that he didn’t live up — or down — to the reputation of a poor defender and had assumed there would be several more deserving candidates who we don’t see day-in, day-out. Whether he gets the award or not, well done, Adam!

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