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John Lamb has surgery

John Lamb

It appears that Reds lefty John Lamb had surgery (lumbar disc herniation) and will not be ready when spring training opens in 2017:

Best wishes to Lamb for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

At press time, there was no word on whether Lamb drove his yellow T-top Camaro to the surgery, or whether he was wearing his lucky REO Speedwagon t-shirt. Redleg Nation will update as more information becomes available.

12 thoughts on “John Lamb has surgery

  1. He has been on the DL for a while .. Could this surgery have been done long before late October ?

    • Maybe they waited and tried PT on it. If he was due to start season in Louisville no matter success in ST, they could have gone the therapy route figuring if surgery was needed, he could utilize extended ST followed by a rehab stint in low minors then AAA.

      • Believe he has exhausted his options. If they carry him on the 40 man roster across the winter, they can DL him in ST to (aside from recovering and rehabbing) kick the can down the road on his roster status for probably months. They could even put him on the 60DL day to open an additional spot on the 40 man roster.

    • The timing was also a big question earlier when Lamb had surgery in December 2015 to repair a disc. With that, an injured hand, a flexor mass problem, and now more back surgery, the last year has not been good for him.

  2. Back issues stink… I wish him best of luck on his recovery, for the young man’s sake and for the Reds.

  3. Does anyone think this portends the ending of the being-a-starter audition?

    • My initial reaction to the reported 2nd back surgery was two-fold. The elbow injury followed by the back surgery certainly explained the poor performance for Lamb in 2016, but a second back surgery in two years really brings in durability questions regarding Lamb.

      I think your point about bullpen duty has merit and high probablity going forward. That could remove three potential starters from consideration to the bullpen (Lamb, Lorenzen and Iglesias).

    • I think when I guy this young starts having multiple back surgeries, the idea of him being a productive pitcher at all comes into question. Let’s just hope for the best for both he and the Reds. We’ll worry about his role once he starts pitching again and is pain free doing so (or as pain free as any pitcher can be).

      • I was wondering given their roster crunch if the Reds might go on and risk outrighting Lamb and leave him exposed to the Rule 5 draft as opposed to some of the younger prospects needing first time protection.

        It seems to me a pretty same bet that nobody is going to touch him in the Rule 5 under these circumstances; however, seeing as how he is prearb, somebody might take a flyer on him the waivers required to outright him.

        Still at some point, and not just on Lamb, the Reds have to start seriously weighing the eventual value to organization of some of the older guys who haven’t panned out (yet) versus younger guys more likely to be taken in the Rule 5 if left unprotected.

        • It’s a tough call on Lamb. For the most part, some of the younger guys I’m not that worried about protecting in the Rule 5. Even if they do get claimed, it’s most likely that they can’t stick on an MLB 25-man so chances are the Reds will end up getting them back. This will be an interesting balancing act though and outrighting Lamb may not be out of the question.

  4. I think Lamb could be a very good loogy/long man type of guy. A good 68 mph curve always have value against lefties….especially if he can get the fb up to 92-93 consistently again.

    • I think you’re right. Honestly, as far as stuff, he reminds me an awful lot of Sean Marshall.

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