Reds broadcaster and longtime friend of Redleg Nation Chris Welsh — the crafty left-hander — returns to the podcast. Welsh joined Bill Lack for a wide-ranging discussion about the Cincinnati Reds and what the future holds for this organization.

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10 Responses

  1. TR

    My first listen to the podcast. Time well spent. Good stuff from Chris Welsh. Well done.

  2. yorktownred

    Listened to this one and the throwback podcast with Jim Maloney. These are fantastic! Very enjoyable.

    • vegastypo

      Agreed. Another of them was with Fred Norman, too. Can’t get enough of these visits,

  3. Chad Dotson

    Thanks guys! They’re fun to put together.

    I’m going to try to do some more throwback episodes during the off-season. Fred Norman will be included in that group. Might also revisit the first time Devin Mesoraco and Tucker Barnhart joined us, as minor leaguers.

  4. Harvey Butler

    Great podcast. It’s very difficult to see our rival cubs heading to the world series to face our in state Ohio cup rival Indians but i did see some positives in an a very difficult re-building year. I hope the change in management and the development of our promising young players will contribute to a better season in 2017.

  5. Bill Lack

    If you’re looking for, IMO, really good ones to listen to…I’d suggest the one with Greg Rhodes (Reds historian) that Chad and I did with him at the Reds HOF, the one with Tom Browning was also very, very good. The Maloney and Norman ones are two of my favorites.

    • yorktownred

      Just listened to the Fred Norman ones. Exceptional podcasts! I, too, was relieved when we acquired him in 1973 as he seemed to always beat us. Fred is one of the underrated pieces that helped put us over the top.

      • Bill Lack

        And I’d bet you’d have a hard time finding a player that was traded to a new team and had such an amazing start…back to back shutouts and almost a 3rd (9th inning homer to Ron Cey).

        I was a big Fred Norman fan.. He threw a complete shutout in the second game of a DH in ’74 against the Giants (7/25) on the first night I had my driver’s license and my two buds and I went to the ball game.

        Reds won the first game 14-13 with 5 runs in the bottom of the 9th…two run homer to win it by Perez off Randy Moffitt (who was Billie Jean King’s brother). 35 hits combined in the first game.

        Reds were 19 games over .500 and were still 5 1/2 games behind the darn Dodgers.