Arizona Fall League

LH SP Seth Varner has been added to the Peoria Javelinas roster to bring the total of Reds prospects playing in the AFL to eight.  The Reds eight prospects are listed below with some stats for each level they appeared at this season.  The Javelinas begin play next week on Tuesday, October 11th, and their regular season play wraps up on November 17th.

RH SP/RP Barrett Astin put up a 2.29 ERA in 102.1 IP allowing 74 H and 25 BB with 95 SO at AA.

RH RP Evan Mitchell put up a 3.38 ERA in 16 IP allowing 13 H and 6 BB with 18 SO at A+ and then put up a 2.95 ERA in 42.2 IP allowing 38 H and 15 BB with 23 SO at AA.

LH RP Nick Routt put up a 0.89 ERA in 50.1 IP allowing 29 H and 12 BB with 46 SO at AA and then put up a 5.00 ERA in 18 IP allowing 22 H and 13 BB with 12 SO at AAA.

LH SP Seth Varner put up a 3.83 ERA in 134 IP allowing 151 H and 27 BB with 100 SO at A+ and then put up a 24.75 ERA in 4 IP allowing 16 H and 4 BB with 3 SO at AAA.

2B/OF Brandon Dixon hit .260/.315/.43/.746 in 432 PA at AA.

SS Zach Vincej hit .271/.320/.374/.694 in 414 PA at AA.

C/1B Chad Wallach hit .235/.367/.402/.769 in 221 PA at AA.

OF/1B Brian O’Grady hit .235/.363/.394/.758 in 424 PA at A+.


Baseball America League Top 20 Prospects

Baseball America has begun listing their Top 20 Prospects for each Minor League.  The Reds did not have any players listed in the Rookie Arizona League Top 20.  OF Michael Beltre (.292/.380/.443/.824 in the Rookie AZL and .309/.423/.531/.954 in the Rookie Pioneer League) was mentioned in the chat as someone who just missed out on both the AZL and Pioneer leagues rankings.  LH SP Wennington Romero (1.93 ERA in 46.2 IP) also was mentioned in the chat.

The Reds did have four players make the Pioneer League Top 20.  OF Taylor Trammell (.303/.374/.421/.795) was the highest ranked Red coming in at #3.  RHP Tony Santillan (3.92 ERA in 39 IP) was ranked #6.  OF T.J. Friedl (.347/.423/.545/.969) came in at #10.  RHP Ian Kahaloa (2.82 ERA in 44.2 IP) rounded it out for the Reds at #18.

The Reds only had one player listed in the A Midwest League.  3B Nick Senzel (.329/.415/.567/.982) was named the number one prospect in the league.  In the Midwest League chat it was suggested by the moderator that  Senzel could start next season in AA and possibly appear with the big league club next season.

For the A+ Florida State League, the Reds had just one player make the list also.  OF Aristedes Aquino (.273/.327/.519/.846) was ranked as the leagues #9 prospect.  RH RP Jimmy Herget (1.78 ERA in 60.2 IP with 24 S) also received mention in the chat transcript.

They have not yet released the AA and AAA League Top 20 rankings.


Roster Moves

C Kyle Skipworth (.151/.246/.292/.538 in 123 PA between AA and AAA) elected to become a Minor League Free Agent.  Skipworth may be best remembered as the “Player Yet to be Informed” in relation to Brian Price’s F-Bomb tirade in April of 2015.


9 Responses

  1. ohiojimw

    The AFL group this year looks to be guys competing for a 40 man roster spot ahead of the Rule 5 draft in December more than guys being pushed toward the MLB team.

  2. Patrick Jeter

    A few days ago in his chat session, lead prospect analyst at Fangraphs, Eric Longenhagen, suggested Aristides Aquino could potentially break into some Top 100 lists this year. That would be cool.

    • Hotto4Votto

      It really seems that the light switched on for him. He absolutely raked in a notoriously pitcher friendly league. He’s always had the tools, now he has some production to back those tools up.

    • Steelerfan

      I admit I have an irrationally high opinion of him because he hit 58(!) home runs in my 2021 Outside the Park season when the reds finally won the world series (Votto got 350 ABs as a platoon 1st base, DH, PH and retired after the season).

      Of course this is a meaningful predictor of real life…

  3. RedsFanForLife

    Nice signing of Alcantara today. Quality depth who should start in Louisville or compete with Herrera for 2nd base job if BP is moved.

  4. RedsFanForLife

    I should say waiver pick up instead of signing

  5. David

    Thanks for all the minor league reporting this season.

    Always interesting, always something good to read. Thanks again for being such a thorough “amateur” sports writer.

  6. WVRedlegs

    Thanks for a great season Tom.
    I saw that another Cuban RHP flamethrower is seeking a MLB deal. RHP Hector Mendoza and he is only 22. He would pair exceptionally nicely with the Reds new Cuban RHP Vladimir Gutierrez. In fact, going into the 2015 season these two RHP’s were ranked #1 and #2 of Cuban players Under-23 years of age.
    Here is what they said about both pitchers.

    “2- Hector Mendoza (RHP). Isla de la Juventud. (20) 1.90m / 80kg

    Mendoza was in Japan in 2014 and the Asian discipline has helped him a lot. He is a possible closer with a 98mph fastball and a violent slider above 84mph. His rivals only bat for .228 in Cuba with 1 HR in 4 seasons. His ability to maintain the ball inside the stadium will provide him more value in the near future.

    1- Vladimir Gutiérrez (RHP). Pinar del Río. (19) 1.86m / 78kg

    He was the Rookie of the Year in Cuba in 2014. His fastball has reached 96 mph, but the criterion is that his speed will increase given his young age and muscle mass of his arm will become stronger. He has developed a fast curve of 80-82mph and excellent command in addition to a changeup that he will try to refine and will be vital against left-handers. He has an unusual and different release angle. His tools include the strength and development to become an ace pitcher.”

    Mendoza is just what the Reds need with that low HR allowed stat and that 98 mph heater. They mention him as a closer, but I read that he wants to be a starter. I don’t know if the Reds would have to give up a draft pick to sign him though. That could be possible and a big drawback. Having Gutierrez and Mendoza would be a huge bonus for the Reds. If Mendoza would be a better prospect than what the draft pick would deliver, then by all means explore the possibility.

    • David

      The Cuban league is probably, talent wise, between High A and AA. Certainly any outstanding young pitcher there would be better than a draft pick. They are not quite ML ready, but a lot closer in terms of talent evaluation and physical preparedness (except for the very top of the college talent).