Brandon Phillips, on the elephant in the room:

“I haven’t really thought about it. I just know I have another year here,” he said. “I’ll just be waiting on the what the Reds are going to do and what other teams are going to do. Other than that, I play for the Reds and I’m happy. I can’t wait to finish my career or finish my contract out here.”

Phillips said he wants to play for the Reds in 2017.

“This is where I want to be,” he said. “That’s why I’m still here, I’m happy. I played great for this city. I proved a lot of people wrong. I love the haters. They motivate me. I prove people wrong – just like I’m going to prove them wrong next year – and hopefully I can be healthy the majority of the season and I can put up numbers like I used to.”

Go read the entire piece. You already know what I think about this. Where Brandon Phillips is playing next year is going to be an early litmus test for the seriousness of the Dick Williams regime, when it comes to this rebuilding process.

Blame Chad for creating this mess.

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  1. BP had a great year and he deserves to play everyday he is healthy in 2017 as he is the best option. 2018 or if BP gets injured we’ll see how well he wannabes perform at 2b.
    I do think we’ll see Peraza being our opening day SS in 2017 though. I would be very surprised if he wasn’t.

    • He was worth .9 fWAR which is hardly great. He has been a very good player for the Reds though so he doesn’t deserve to be uncerimoniously dumped. If I am the manager I platoon him with Herrera.

    • Can’t wait to see how this is received.

    • He’s a below-average player overall. His defense, the last of his calling cards, has failed him.

      Not to say he can’t turn things around, I mean, David Ortiz just put up his best offensive season at age 40.

      Also, even if he was the “best option” for 2017, he’s the worst option for 2018 and beyond. The Reds won’t compete in 2017, so Phillips production is worthless.

    • A low bar for great years when someone who was below average both offensively and defensively is considered to have a great year.

    • I believe BP isn’t the “great player” he once was. I believe BP is still serviceable. But, I believe we have several serviceable players who can play 2nd, for cheap costs. Also, if BP isn’t in the talk for 2018 and beyond, then 2017 is needless for us.

      I believe the smartest Reds move for 2017 is let BP go somehow. For BP, I believe the best he will get from the Reds is platoon. Then, if the other gets injured, we still have a serviceable 2nd baseman. But, that would be an expensive injury marker.

  2. This is where the front office proves a new regime has arrived. Play Phillips twice a week next summer. If he has a problem with it, he’s more than welcome to accept a trade or outright release. Otherwise, he needs to do his duty to the team that has promoted him and given him an opportunity for all these years.

    This is where you earn the trust and respect of the young guys who will be on the next winning reds team, and all of the high profile prospects this front office will see come through in the future. No one wants to play for an organization who will play a 36 year old second base man instead of a young talent. If any other players have an issue with this (looking at you, Homer), be prepared to back up your decisions with facts and statistics.

  3. I don’t think this situation is going to be resolved anytime soon

  4. Interesting is that he blamed his numbers on being injured. Not sure if it’s true or not…

    • Phillips second half wasn’t bad offensively. If it hadn’t have been for Votto, Schebler, and to a lesser degree Peraza doing what they were doing at the same time, it would have been more of a talking point. But the defensive slip still stood; and, could he repeat the 2nd half offense another year down the road.

      • Agreed. He had a very good (relatively speaking) 2nd half. As with many short resurgences, we should always look at BABIP.

        1st Half: .282 BABIP
        1st Half: .308 xBABIP

        2nd Half: .353 BABIP
        2nd Half: .324 xBABIP

        So, his eXpected BABIP increased from .308 to .324, mostly due to his line drive rate being 3% higher, and his infield fly ball rate being 2% lower, yet his actual BABIP was a Votto-like .353. So, Phillips was indeed lucky in the 2nd half. (His hard hit % actually fell from 27.9% in the first half to 25.2% in the 2nd half). That underscores the fact that he was a bit unlucky in the first half. Overall, Phillips appears to have been neither lucky nor unlucky for the entire season.

  5. I’ve already offered the opinion that the Reds cannot allow Phillips, Cozart, or Mesoraco to get in the way of the future.

    Peraza looks to be the shortstop unless and until the international signee Rodriguez come along to displace him; and, Cozart is easily enough moved for what (little) he will bring.

    If Dilson Herrera is healthy, he needs to be playing at 2B next to Peraza. However there are questions about Herrera’s shoulder. Should be not be able to play every day, who would the Reds rather have at 2B, DeJesus, Renda, or Phillips? I suspect the answer to that is Phillips until they find somebody better.

    Thus the Reds FO needs to sit down with BP and make it clear to him that 2017 is a year of transition at 2B, that Herrera figures to get the bulk of the playing as long as he is healthy and not falling on his face performance wise. Let BP decide if he is willing to have a couple of starts a week and otherwise work off the bench. If he’s on with that, situation settled. If not ask him where he’s willing to go in a trade and get to work trying to make it happen. If he indicates he won’t approve any trade and isn’t willing to work off the bench, then it is time for an ARod solution, i.e. departure with as much grace as the two sides can manage.

    • I’d say this is just about a best case scenario Jim. I suspect the more likely version is BP makes it clear he wants to finish his career in Cincinnati, gets healthy and stays healthy, and has a non-terrible year at the plate and in the field, starting five games a week, then is gone after his contract expires. I’m hoping for your version, worried that mine will play out instead.

  6. BP would be a solid bench piece. I would just tell him that we would love to have him here for another year, but as long as Herrera is healthy he is gonna be starting. If BP is not cool with that then he could waive his no trade clause.

    If BP, Herrera, Peraza, and Suarez are all on the roster then there is no reason to have a light hitting middle infielder on the bench. You could go out and find a corner guy with a decent bat who can play third. When Peraza needs a rest, you just slide Suarez over to short and play the corner guy at third. Third base is a pretty deep position in MLB right now. It shouldn’t be that hard to find a decent hitting third baseman who doesn’t have a regular job.

    • Duvall could be the IF corner man in your scenario which would give them even more leeway in who they look to sign.

    • Williams has stated publicly that upgrading the bench and bullpen are priorities and has also stated that money is available for 2017 for upgrades.

      Hernan Iribarren, LHB (3B, 2B, 1B, LF, CF, RF)
      Brandon Phillips, RHB (SS, 2B)
      Steve Selsky, RHB (LF, RF)
      Tucker Barnhart, SWH (C)

      That leaves one open utility position, preferably a LHB. I’ll throw a name out there that is not a LHB and may be a prototypical, 29-year-old AAAA player, but has only amassed a total of 5 PA at the major league level and that was 4 years ago. He’s a RHB without much pop, but has a .268/.378/.357 slash in 1359 PA @ AAA and put up an .803 OPS last season in AAA.

      Jermaine Curtis, RHB (3B, 2B, 1B, LF)

      Let Phillips know that he needs to take his SS skills out of mothballs and plan on a strict uitility role in 2017 with the caveat that if Herrera is not healthy, Phillips is 1st man up to fill any vacancy in the middle IF.

      The only significant cost for the bench is Phillips’ $13MM salary.

      The 2017 season should be the final audition for 2018 and that includes the bench, bullpen, starting pitching and starting positions. Replacements (Winker, Aquino, Senzel plus a bevy of pitchers and middle infielders) for any failed final auditions are on the way.

      • There is going to be another catcher in the mix until they are certain what they have in Mesoraco, which won’t be until after they are going through the grind of the regular season for several weeks at least (unless Meso washes out in the spring). I think they are better served to go out and get a guy they’d be happy using in tandem with Barnhart as if they figure on getting zero from Mesoraco. Then if Mesoraco shows he can carry the load and perform, they can always move one of the three later in the year.

      • That bench looks bad outside of BP and Barnhart. The Reds need to quit using AAA journeymen for the bench. They aren’t getting any production out of them.

        Bench players by definition are flawed. If they had complete games, they would be starters. What you wanna do is find guys who do one thing really well and use them in ways that you can get production. Guys with big platoon splits. A guy that can run and play defense, but doesn’t hit enough to start. A guy with big power who strikes out too much. You fill your bench with these guys and use them in a way that maximizes their strengths and minimizes their weaknesses.

  7. I have never believed that the Reds would be contending in the 2018 season.

    Because of that, Phillips is likely to be around next year and getting at-bats while playing 2B in some capacity. The Reds won’t pay him not to play, given how he is a fan favorite and his salary is $14 million.

    It is not uncommon for business people or politicians to set a date they know is unreasonable, but sellable to the public. When the date comes, throw up your hands, say “we tried to reach it, but reason x prevented it”, and say “just a year of two more.” People buy it.

    New manager, new 2B, pitching slots settled….in 2018. For contention in ’19 or ’20.

    We will buy it from the Reds.

  8. Well here we go again this off season with the BP dilemma. Chad, I think this is going to be one of the liveliest threads of the off season. To start, IMHO the Red’s FO showed us that they were only “half in” on the rebuild by not developing the plethora of young talent that is going to be our new “up the middle” defense. We still don’t know what we really have because on numerous occasions Price and Jocketty have both said there will be no discussion about who starts at SS or 2B as long as Cozart and BP are in a Red’s uniform — period. The insanity of catering to BP’s ego was perfectly illustrated when Price refused to move him out of the 4 hole because he said, he just knew that if he kept him there he would eventually come out of his slump and hit a home run. As we are all painfully aware of, he didn’t hit one for 2 months and Price finally relented and moved him down in the order. I believe about 99% of us would have made that move a month earlier.

    Most of us also said last year, what is the difference if we loose 100 games or 95 games by playing the veterans. The most important aspects of a rebuild are to determine if you have the talent, and if so, to develop said talent. At some positions we seemed somewhat committed to that philosophy, but when it comes the most important area, the up the middle defense, well we really are still flailing around in the dark. Cozart had a 2.4 and Phillips a 1.4 WAR respectively, which means that Price tickled 3.8 additional “wins above replacement” by playing them every day. Was it really worth those wins to impede the development of our future?

    The bottom line is that Price, with the blessing of Uncle Walt, or some may say directive, managed the team to avoid losing 100 games and to keep his job. I guess you could say Hamilton developed nicely in center field, but catcher, 2B, and SS is still a mystery and we will now have to wait until 2018 to answer those questions. That’s right, nothing much will change next year either. (I really hope I’m wrong on that one).

    Why? We are going to rely on Meso to be healthy, and so Barnhart will be the answer at catcher. I love Meso, but I think the writing is on the wall that he will never physically be able to handle the brutal rigors of catching. Barnhart did an admirable job, but when it became clear that Meso was out for the year we should have immediately brought in a veteran catcher to work with the young pitching. Who cares if he hit .200. The priority was developing those young pitchers.

    The real insanity, however, was playing Cozart and BP all year when we knew Peraza had already hit .300 at every level of the minors and had nothing left to prove in AAA. Then our big haul for Bruce is parked at 2nd base in Louisville for the rest of the year. As for next year, until Cozart plays again and can prove he’s healthy no one will offer us much more than a bag of peanuts and clearly BP doesn’t plan on going anywhere. What that means is that there is a very high probability, based on Jocketty, Williams, and Price’s own words, that BP and Cozart will both be standing out there on opening day. IMHO, the Reds FO need to get serious about this rebuild and stop massaging egos.

    • Remember that our 2nd baseman of the future, parked at Louisville, was there, at least in part, because he had an injured shoulder. The rationale for playing Cozart–to increase his trade value–was probably working until he got injured. I agree with your frustration, but there is also the consideration that attendance and interest in the team can’t really be ignored, and not all fans will stay riveted by the triumphs and foibles of young players throughout a 100-loss season. Of course, what we got instead was not particularly riveting, either, though Joey, Billy, Duvall and Schebler had their moments.

  9. I think the solutions are to let Cozart go for that bag of peanuts, get a catcher to work in tandem with Barnhart with Meso left behind at extended spring training (happily deal with his success if it happens), and offer Phillips the bench job with the alternative of being traded or released if he doesn’t want it.

  10. BP was a great 2b for the Reds….the best defensive 2b I’ve ever seen and a Reds HOF player for sure. Thank you BP.
    But, he fought really hard and really dirty to get his 6th year at $14 million, including throwing his teammate JV under the bus with jealousy and calling the owner a liar.
    Please dispense with the notion that BP had a great year. He wasn’t awful or even bad. He was ok.
    Virtually every MLB team had a better player at 2b and every team had a better value at 2b.

    Brian Dozier Twins had a great year with 42 HR.
    Daniel Murphy Nationals had MVP caliber numbers.
    Robinson Cano/Jason Kipnis/Ian Kinsler/Dustin Pedroia/Ben Zobrist/ had great years.
    The Cardinals had 2 second baseman better than BP-Carpenter and Gyorko.
    Josh Harrison Pirates or BP? I’ll take Harrison.

    Logan Forsythe Rays was better than BP
    Joe Panick too.
    Jonathon Schoop???? way better.
    Trae Turner/Javier Baez/Rougned Odor??? Better, better, and better.
    Adam Rosales was maybe even better.

    Fellow old man Chase Utley was better and paid less.

    Brandon Phillips is a far below average 2b and grossly overpaid.
    He used to be great. He now isn’t.

  11. I don’t think it will happen but if BP is not traded he needs to sit, but all of that needs to be taken care of in private before the season. “Brandon here are your options, you have been great for the Reds, but we are rebuilding. We will trade you, (maybe even eat some of the salary), or you can be a bench player getting occasional starts. Make your decision.”

  12. Oh my. If its a case of What BP wants, BP gets, then this re-build is going to be a wee bit behind schedule.
    Williams needs to take the bull by the horns and take full control of this situation. Bold moves should be on the cusp of this off-season.
    At least twice this off-season I would love to say, “Boy, I didn’t see that one coming. Great move by Williams.”
    There has been just too much disappointment here from the Reds front office since July 31, 2013. Past time for an upswing.
    Williams needs to accelerate the Re-Build with addition by subtraction and a couple of bold moves.

    • How I pray that we do get a couple of those surprises. I’m sure this is a topic that will be revisited this off season, but I have to question who really is making the final GM decisions. The first major off season decision of retaining Price and making the announcement was not done by Williams, but by Uncle Walt!

      Interestingly, when Jockety announced that he was taking the role as advisor and Williams would be the new GM after this season, he also made a very strong point of emphasizing that the days of one GM being able to handle everything were essentially over. I have a rather sinking feeling that Williams may be nothing more than Jocketty’s paper pusher and analytics guy, but not much more. Again, it certainly appeared that way with Jocketty announcing his decision to retain Price.

      • Jocketty was still ” in charge” when the decision to retain Price was made so it makes sense that he made the announcement. It was a 2 day news story and the focus shifted to Dick Williams’ ascent.

        If the team improves and Price is given an extension then no one will remember that the press release came from Walt. If they move on from Price next year, it gives Williams air cover in that it was a decision made by the ” previous regime”to keep Price and he’s evaluated the situation and decided to move on.

        While there is a 0% chance that Williams didn’t sign off on Price’s retention, he has culpable deniability. You always want to be able to pin stuff on the guy who isn’t there anymore.

        Good PR move

    • Last “wow, didn’t see that one coming” move I recall was the Choo trade. The Latos trade was another that I really loved at the time and didn’t see coming.

  13. Bullpen help for next year. RH relief pitcher free agent to be, and Cincinnati native, Joe Smith. He is pitching in the Cubs bullpen after being traded by the Angels at the deadline.
    Since he went to the Cubs, Smith was in 16 games, 14.1 IP, 4 R, 4 ER, 5 BB, 15 K. But the rub was he gave up 4 solo HR’s. He’ll be 33 next year. “Only” had 54 appearances this year after 5 straight seasons of 70+ outings. That might make him age 40 in bullpen years, but not for a rubber-armed sidewinder like Smith. He could help the Reds bullpen.

  14. Same old same old regarding BP. Will wait for updates from the rebuilt front office.

  15. BP is not going anywhere. He will be the Reds’ opening day 2B and will be there unless he gets hurt. I think Bob C. is making that call not Williams. Bob C. is telling Williams & Price to let BP ride off into sunset after the 2017 season. I don’t think they have the guts to sit him. BP is an entertainer & Bob C. knows that. It is probably his belief that BP still brings people into GABP.

    They cannot trade him unless he agrees. BP had a chance to play 2B for Dusty this year & turned it down. He is not going to agree to a trade over the winter. I just don’t think the Reds will release him either for the reasons listed above.

  16. Love Brandon Phillips and all he has done as a Red. It’s sad to see some of our favorite players grow older (baseball wise) and become average players; but this is life.

    However, IT IS TIME TO TRADE OR RELEASE BP or expect him to play as a utility player. We need to see what our new players can do in 2017. Peraza and Herrera. This is an easy call that must be made by the Reds front office.

  17. Brandon Phillips is no Joe Morgan. He hasn’t helped win one playoff series. His time is over. We’ve seen so many examples of how holding onto a “fan favorite” is a bad idea if you want to compete…

    Reds should somehow find a way to cut ties – regardless of how it looks.

    Of course Bob C won’t do anything, because of the bad PR he’d get if DatDude was DatDumped.

    • BP is no Joe Morgan, but even Joe wouldn’t have been involved in winning a playoff series with these Reds.

  18. I wonder what team(s) would actually be interested in trading for BP, even if the Reds assumed most of the contract — which I expect would be the case. Any team that is rebuilding isn’t gonna want him, and are there any win-now type of teams that need a second baseman? … Maybe an injury in spring training would open up a hole, but that does the Reds little good in their off-season planning.

  19. BP batted .290 with an OBP of .320 you don’t just bench a guy who puts up those numbers nor do you logical expect a rookie to come around and be able to do better.
    Just like Adam Duvall. Sure his stats are funky but same thing no team in baeball is going to give away or bench a LF who hits 30 plus dingers and drives in 100 base runners. Nobody gives away talent. Is he better than other players on the roster? None have put up similar numbers in the majors of in AAA.
    No team is going to take an unproven talent and bench players that are perfoming well from an offensive position. We might not like it but it is what it is.

    • So, Phillips just put up a 92 wRC+, which is 8% worse than league average. You claim “none have put up similar numbers in the majors or in AAA.” I assume by “none” you mean “possible replacements for Phillips.


      Jose Peraza – 103 wrC+ in the majors, and a 104 wRC+ in AAA
      Dilson Herrera – 112 wRC+ in AAA between CIN and NYM systems
      Tony Renda – 131 wRC+ in AA/AAA this year

      Now, I’m not advocating Tony Renda take over for BP, but don’t say no one else has put up similar numbers when there are 3 guys who can play 2B that all put up better numbers in the majors or minors, as you stipulated.

      • Agree but also agree with Dan. The .290 average still has weight with a lot of baseball people and BP is still a middle infielder. You’d hear a lot of “I can’t believe the Reds released/benched a guy who hit .290 last year and started almost 140 games at 2B!!!” Fans listen to these guys and more importantly, they are representative of how players think because a lot of people who will be saying that are ex-players. It’s the kind of move that makes your current players not want to sign a team friendly extension and makes free-agents hesitant to come to your ball club. The Reds need to figure out a way to trade him. It’s really the only way it works without them looking bad.

  20. 2017 still a rebuilding year. I don’t really see anyone interested in BP or Cozart, unless they are packaged with one of younger pitchers. Why give them away? Their experience could be beneficial to their eventual replacements. Herrera has to prove himself, I’d say in AAA at least to start (I wouldn’t put much faith in spring training performances). Platoon Peraza, with Cozart and BP with Peraza playing mostly everyday. Let BP go after next year. Bring up Winkler sometime next year, see what he can do. Senzel comes up in 2018 (where goes Suarez?). 2018 should be the tell-tale year.

  21. Could Cozart be converted to a backup CF/OF and still be a back up at SS/2B? Therefore, move on from Phillips and keep Cozart in the fold as a utility INF/OF??
    Would Cozart be a better bench option than say Tyler Holt and Ivan Dejesus, Jr.??

    • Well DeJesus and Holt combined for 451 PA and were worth -0.6 WAR. So yeah I would say Cozart would be a much better bench player, although I don’t know about him in the outfield.

      The Reds have got to stop giving so much playing time to replacement and sub replacement level players. Its like they think that bench players should be bad and won’t allow any decent players on their bench.

      I would like to see them look for a decent bat for the bench in free agency, as well as a catcher to pair with Barnhart. I would also like to see the roster get more versatile. Have Duvall work at third in spring training so that he can play all 4 corner spots. Have Suarez put in some work at short and second. Have Schebler playing all 3 outfield spots.

      If Hererra and Winker are up after the all star break the bench could look like:

      Yorman/ Phil Ervin
      Free agent

      Or you could move Duvall to third and have Winker and Schebler in the corners with Suarez as the utility guy on the bench. Either way it is much better than the Cabrera, Holt, DeJesus bench we saw for most of the year.

      • I think it is a stretch to include YRod and Ervin in a 2017 projection, even during the 2nd half. Also there is a real chance that Mesoraco is not back; and, Barnhart is everyday catcher.

    • What purpose would this serve? Cozart’s knee was only good for about half the 2016 season and was not serviceable enough for him to play by late August. He couldn’t hit or run and even said publicly his fielding was degraded. He actually ended the season on the 60 day DL. If there is one thing that a bench guy has to be that is healthy and ready to go on short notice. I just don’t see Cozart fitting that profile. He his on his walk year. Find somebody who will take him and have it done without the worry of player approval and eating sunken costs.

      • The 60 day DL assignment could be a concern, and maybe it isn’t. Maybe it is mostly a procedural move. I don’t know.
        His athleticism is still very good, so adapting to the OF part time is a possibility. He has more pop in his bat than either Holt or De Jesus, Jr. He probably wouldn’t go to arbitration and would sign a fair deal. His leadership on a young team could be valuable. If he can play the OF in a part time role , he makes the bench more versatile and more pop in the pinch-hitting department. He could be a good and inexpensive insurance policy on Herrera’s shoulder, if Herrera is the opening day 2B.
        If Cozart’s leg issues are a major concern, he could be non-tendered. About the time his 60 day DL stint could be up, the tender/non-tender a contract period will be in full swing and nearing an end. What they do in setting a new 40-man roster will tell us some things and some questions will be answered then.

        • There is no doubt Cozart would be an upgrade to the bench and he could probably be starter on multiple teams. The issue is the Reds aren’t going to resign Cozart and there is no reason to pay whatever he gets through arbitration to a bench player during a rebuild or playing him and preventing the development of a player with 4-6 years of team control. They should have finalized the deal the the Mariners at the deadline. Now the Reds are forced to take whatever an injured SS is worth this winter

  22. BP will be back and Cozart won’t, meanwhile our bench will be much improved with Selsky and possibly Irabarren.


    Mesoraco can take a walk while being pitched around in front of the pitcher and if he shows signs of life then move him up in the order! That lineup could be a top 4-5 NL lineup!! I like Herrera too and his on-base skills could help next year!

    • I think you are probably correct about BP and Cozart. The one caveat I would make is perhaps the Reds will pursue an ARod type exit strategy with BP if he indicates he isn’t willing to accept greatly reduced playing time and being in largely a bench role.

      I will believe Mesoraco as anything resembling a productive regular when I see it happening; not that it wouldn’t make me happy for the guy as well as Reds. I just don’t see it in the cards given the type and extent of his injuries and the essentially 2 full seasons away from competition at his age.

    • If Selsky gets starts over Jesse Winker i’ll probably renounce my fandom.

      • their minor league stat lines are nearly identical. only big difference is their age.

    • I just don’t see the point of putting replacement level guys like Selsky and Irrabarien on the bench. I would rather see them go out and spend a few million on actual major leaguers who can produce.

      I don’t think the Reds have much chance of contending next year. But the problem they have is that they only have one star and he is 33 years old. There is reason to believed that Votto will age well but how much longer can he keep putting up 5-7 win seasons? The second best player on this team is Billy. And he has only got 3 years control left. If the Reds are already giving up on 1 or 2 of those years, they are wasting Billy and wasting Votto.

      At some point they got to start trying to win. The purpose of targeting mlb ready prospects in their trades was so there would be a quick turn around. Giving significant playing time to guys like Selsky, Holt, DeJesus, not trying to win.

  23. Dick Williams making moves, albeit little ones.

    Reds DFA OF Patrick Kivlehan and claim off waivers 2B/OF Arismendy Alcantara. He is 24, 5’10” and 160 lbs. He was with the Cubs AAA team at one point last year.

    Mets are looking to pick up the option on Jay Bruce’s contract for 2017. Good for Bruce.

    • Alcantara seems to strike out a lot, yet doesn’t have a ton of power. Seems like a lottery ticket move. With that said, no harm in picking him up!

      He did put up 1.0 WAR/600 in 2014 with the Cubs at age 22… so perhaps there’s something there as a cheap backup bench player?

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