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Two more Cincinnati Reds in the Hall of Fame?

The National Baseball Hall of Fame has been tinkering with their system, and now there is evidently something called the “Today’s Game Era” ballot. The Hall of Fame announced the ten names on that ballot, and two of them were of interest to Reds fans:

Five former Major League players, three executives and two managers will be considered for induction into the Hall of Fame. The players are Harold Baines, Albert Belle, Will Clark, Orel Hershiser and Mark McGwire. The three executives are John Schuerholz, Allan H. “Bud” Selig and George Steinbrenner. The two former managers are Davey Johnson and Lou Piniella.

Clearly, only Piniella and Johnson — both former Reds managers — are eminently qualified, if only because each suffered mightily at the hands of former Reds CEO Marge Schott. (Remember when Schott insisted on rubbing dog hair on Piniella’s chest before games? Or when Schott disapproved of Johnson living with his fiancee, and replaced him with Ray Knight? What a disaster.)

davey-johnsonAnyway, there are sixteen members on the committee that will elect new Hall of Fame members from this ballot. I don’t know who those committee-members are, but I know that they will vote at the December winter meetings, and that it will take 75% of the votes for enshrinement.

Honestly, I’m not sure any of those names — other than McGwire — deserve to be elected. But I’m pulling for Piniella and Johnson, two of the best Reds managers of my lifetime.

5 thoughts on “Two more Cincinnati Reds in the Hall of Fame?

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Schuerholz got in based on his sustained success with the Braves and being the first and so far only GM to win the series in both leagues. Theo Epstein will likely join that list and assure himself a well deserved spot in Cooperstown. And though there is a lot I didn’t love about Selig he does have the key attribute of actually being someone who truly loves the game of baseball. I suspect he’ll be in eventually. Others than that, perhaps McGuire gets a nod. Not exactly edge of the seat news here though…

  2. I haven’t looked at his numbers, but Hershiser was one of the best pitchers of his time. I certainly am pulling for Johnson and Piniella. McGuire not so much. Im not sure how much of his numbers were steroid aided. If so that does not put him ahead of Baines, Clark or even Bell.

    • Agree, the hitters are all offense with no other value. But if I had to take one it would be Clark.

      McGuire has career WAR of 52, not enough even just on numbers.

  3. I liked Marge Schott – sure, sure, I wasn’t a big fan of her gutting the farm system – but the Reds weren’t near as much a “small market” team when Marge owned them. She’d bankroll a major player into the team if it looked like it’d make a difference too – she okayed David Wells and others.

    Sure she was eccentric (and I don’t see that as a bad thing) – but they last won a World Series when Marge owned the Reds.

  4. Why does anyone thing McGuire deserves it? On stats alone he is very borderline. The fact that he was a steroid guy earlier than most and took it to ridiculous levels. I would vote for Bonds, he was HOF worthy before steroids, maybe even Arod in 5 years, but not McGuire.

    In regard to the managers, pinella deserves it. Johnson just plain won everywhere he went, but somehow never stuck around long anywhere.

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