Final R H E
Chicago Cubs (102-58) 4 8 1
Cincinnati Reds (68-93) 7 10 0
W: Adleman (4-4) L: Lester (19-5) S: Iglesias (6)
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The Good
–Joseph. Daniel. Votto. Joey went 3-5 today with 2 doubles and 3 RBI. He’s now hitting .327/.436/.554. Even better, Votto is now up to 97 RBI. Just imagine if he can get three more tomorrow. He’ll finally be an elite hitter!

–Ivan DeJesus Jr. had a couple of doubles, a couple of walks, and he scored three runs. Eugenio Suarez was 1-2 with a two-run homer, a walk, and 3 RBI.

–Raisel Iglesias pitched a perfect ninth for the save. Blake Wood pitched a scoreless sixth inning.

The Bad
–Nothing bad today. Except for all the stupid Cubs fans in the crowd this afternoon. That was bad.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–It’s official: the Reds will not lose 95 games this year.

–Typical Tim Adleman start: 5 innings, 3 runs allowed on 6 hits. Not great, not awful; he kept the Reds in the game. That’s kinda what he’s been doing nearly every single game he’s started.

–Once again, it just doesn’t seem right to watch Aroldis Chapman pitching against the Reds.

–Votto had a chance to get his 100th RBI in the ninth, with two runners on against Chapman. Chapman won that particular battle with three straight fastballs.

–The Reds denied Jon Lester his twentieth win of the season. Plus, Lester still can’t throw over to first, so Jose Peraza stole three bases against him.

–One game left in the season!

–Congratulations to Jay Bruce on making it back to the post-season:

Blame Chad for creating this mess.

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  1. Would it not have been perfect if Votto got his 30th Homer and 100th rbi off Chappy? To bad it was not to be.

  2. It’s been a long, hard road for Votto, but he made it with 1 game to spare…

    VOTTO: .988 OPS. 1st in NL leading Murphy by .001
    VOTTO: .434 OBP, 1st in NL leading LeMahieu by .018
    VOTTO: .324 AVG, 3rd in the NL
    VOTTO: .548 SLG, 5th in the NL

    Some games are still pending completion, but the Nats game is complete and Murphy hasn’t played since September 20th. Going into the final game of the season, Votto leads all NL qualifying hitters in OPS…BAM!

  3. that vid of Jay is priceless. Good luck buddy, win it all.

  4. How big could that that messed up finish in StLouis Thursday night turn out to be? If the Cardinals would have lost that game, they now would be eliminated from the post season. As things stand now, they’ll still need a win and a Giants loss just to get into a one game play off for the final NL WC spot.

    • Not both … one or the other. Go Giants!!

      • Giants are 86-75; Cards are 85-76. If they both win Sunday, the Cards are out. If they both lose Sunday the Cards are out. The best the Cards can do is tie by winning while the Giants lose.

  5. If anyone is listening, I’m on 700 WLW in a couple of minutes, talking about Bryan Price and the Reds.

  6. Nice win. Go Reds. Go Giants.

  7. Looks like nothing gets settled tonight on positions 2-7 of the draft order for the June 2017 draft.

    The Reds and Braves have posted wins to stay at 93 losses. Barring late multi run comebacks against them, the DBacks will stay at 93 losses; and, the Rays will stay at 94 losses. The Padres (playing the Dbacks) will go to 93 losses. The A’s are tied early with the Mariners. If the A’s win, they stay at 93 losses, if they lose, they fall to 94.

    As Reds followers we can distill it down to this. At the end of action tomorrow the Reds, by virtue of holding the tie breaker, will pick ahead of everybody they lead or are tied with in games lost except if the Reds and Braves have the same number of losses, the Braves will pick ahead of the Reds due to the Braves having a slightly higher losing percentage because they played one fewer game (Fernandez death game cancellation).

    • A tidbit to consider when making your rooting choice for Sunday…. If the Reds win Sunday, they can pick no higher than 5th.

      The Rays (win or lose) would have more losses than the Reds. The loser of the Sunday game between DBacks and Padres would have more losses than the Reds; and the Braves would have the same number or more losses than the Reds. Thus all of these teams would pick after the #1 Twins and before the Reds.

      A worst case scenario is that if the A’s lose tonight and Sunday and the Red win on Sunday, the A’s would have more losses than the Red and drop the Reds to pick #6.

  8. I am gonna float a conspiracy theory… Price wanted to protest that game against the Cardinals but Jocketty convinced him not to, in order to jockey for draft position and also of course because he is still loyal to the Cardinals as most of us have figured out by now! I think they rewarded him with that 1 year contract for being a Yes Man.

    • I don’t think so. MLB are the ones that said the protest had to be immediate. Doubt there was even time for Jocketty and Price to communicate in that 30 second or so window that seems to fit MLB’s more detailed explanation of “immediate”.

      There is one piece that I am confused about though. Price said there was so much noise that he couldn’t hear what his video replay guy was telling him over the dugout phone. If the replay guy called the bench in such a situation, wouldn’t that itself be an indication he had something the manager should challenge? Also it was obvious from the pointing going on by several of the Reds players that they had seen what happened and thought it was reviewable.

      I think the underlying thing that transpired is that the umps simply vamoosed almost immediately without discussing the play even among themselves then dug in that since they had left the field the game was over; and, it was too late for a challenge or protest.

      • It’s Cardinaltown, man. Yes, the Umps vamoosed right away. Forget about the ground rules or integrity of the game. They all saw it and did nothing. This is just not on Price’s shoulders, the Umpires let this happen and the Cardinals won.

        Make of that what you will.

        • I totally agree, that entire crew should be suspended, I have been following college football so I have not kept up with it, are their any ramification for how bad that was handled. To lay that on Price for taking 30 some seconds is ridiculous

    • 1. Protest almost never work and MLB has no interest in creating precedent. Sometimes bad calls are made…its been going on since 1869.

      2. Why would Jocketty care about draft position? He’s no longer the GM after today.

      3. He was fired by the Cardinals a year after winning the World Series and it was by no means a mutual parting.

      4. Guys with 3 days left on their contract don’t get to unilaterally decide to extend the contract of someone else with 3 days left.

      Do you think Bob C is sitting in his mansion going ” Oh, no….I really hate Price, but I;m stuck with him because I’m the CEO and I just don’t have any power. Who ever would’ve guessed that the actual owner of the team has the authority and obligation to approve a million dollar obligation to an employee? Who would’ve guessed that I’m the first owner in the history of professional sports that has no say in who leads the team. What a bad day for me.”

  9. No I am sorry, I meant they could have filed a protest with the commissioner’s office. No time limit on that, and they had a legitimate gripe.

    • The commissioner’s office said a protest would have had to be filed immediately at the end of the game, same as a review challenge.

      I think MLB was making up the rules as they went along trying to minimize that the umps had basically walked off the field thus handing the game to Cards without even realizing or considering there was cause for anything to be questioned.

      I read one quote or fragment of a statement that had the home plate ump or crew chief saying that he looked at Price and that Price did not attempt to indicate he had any interest in challenging. The counterpoint offered to this was that if the ump was looking at Price, he must have thought there was possibly something amiss and in a game ending situation should have instigated a review or at least conference among the entire crew on his own.

  10. No positives in winning tomorrow’s game, so after Stevenson, Magill, Ohlendorf, DLS and Peralta should follow. No Iglesias or Lorenzen. DeJesus, Selsky, Holt, Iribarren, Lopez, Renda, Cabrera and Kivlehan should all start tomorrow. Lineup should be Holt(CF), DeJesus(SS), Iribarren(2B), Selsky(RF), Renda(LF), Cabrera(1B), Lopez(C), Kivlehan(3B), Stephenson. If we lose, we are picking 4th at the lowest, 2nd at best. Losing is a no brainer

    • I’m doubting that both Atlanta and Tampa Bay win on Sunday which has to happen for the Reds to pick 2nd. Flip a coin between 3 and 4 and hope the Reds don’t win because then it is at least 5th and possibly 6th..

  11. .313 .425 .536 .961
    .314 .439 .550 .989

    One of these is the career batting line of the best player in the game. The other is Joey Votto. Other stats, one of these players has 1 season over 100 RBI, the other 2 (maybe 3 after today).

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Blame Chad for creating this mess. Chad launched Redleg Nation in February 2005, and has been writing about the Reds ever since. His first book, "The Big 50: The Men and Moments That Made the Cincinnati Reds" is now available in bookstores and online, at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and wherever fine books are sold. You can also find Chad's musings about the Cincinnati Reds in the pages of Cincinnati Magazine. You can email Chad at


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