It’s episode #150 of the Redleg Nation Radio podcast!

Bill Lack and I celebrated this incredible achievement (we’ve recorded a round number of podcasts!) by talking about the Reds. Specifically, we talked about the Reds’ announcement that Bryan Price will be returning as manager in 2017, and whether we’ve gotten any answers to the questions facing the current version of the Redlegs. Plus, Bill and I reminisced about the origins of Redleg Nation, dating back to the legendary Reds Listserv of the mid-1990s.

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2 Responses

  1. Dan

    Why would his career as a manager would be over if he wasn’t offered an extension? As Chad says he is an average manager. Average in baseball s decent. He has clear value wth any team that has a younger, developing pitching staff. Not only that but he is predictable. Again that is a good thing in baseball.

    Finnegan is just 23. He had a good year for the Reds. Reed an Stephenson both seem o be stuck in a place where they are not progressing. I woul like to see them get to a dominant level in AAA before coming back up. Straily should also be on the 25 next year. Not sure he is a starter but might be a long reliever.

    You guys make Duvall sound like he is mediocore. He hit 30 plus homers and 100 plus rbis that is an all star. What are you guys wanting in our LF? We have had a whole there since Adam Dunn. This is good news!

    I agree on Tucker. Maybe he isn’t a starter but he is a major leaguer. He can fill in quite well as a catcher in a backup roll or temporary starter.

    Peraza will be our SS next year. 2b is Phillips until his contract expires. Then as you eluded to Suarez is going to move over there to make room for Senziel at 3b in 2018.

    Yup huge concerns should be mounting on the injury pronenees of BHam. The combination of weak hitting and his injuries are going to limit his career. Another reason why I think Schebler sticks around. Jesse Winker shoul stay in AAA until he shows more power. Otherwise we have similar product on the 40 man in Selsky. You should look at Winker and Selsky’s career minor league numbers. Nearly identical. Selsky’s problem is his age at 27.

    I think we get to .500 ball in 2017. 2018 I think we get to wild card status. I agree though we won’t be beating the Cubs in the standing for the next 10 years.

    • Nick Carrington

      I like Finnegan. A lot. But he didn’t have a good year. He showed a ton of potential and got better as the year went on, but he struggled overall. His walk rate needs to come wayyyyy down to remain a starter and strikeouts need to come up.

      I thought Finnegan’s walk rate had improved some toward the end of the season, but it really didn’t. He walked 11.3% of batters in his last 11 starts and had a 11.4% walk rate for the season. But he did start striking out more once the changeup started working.

      If the walks come down to around league average, I think he becomes a really good starter.