Well, we’ve made it. The end of the season is nigh and even the umpires have given up on this whole affair.

Our Reds (67-92) get to be either the last roadblock for the Cubs (101-57) or the last tuneup they get prior to the playoffs. Either way, having the season end with a series against the team that used to be written off with a simple “Cubs gonna cub” but now is the premier team in the league seems like a cruel twist of fate. Or not. As long as the Cubs don’t break the curse, I don’t really care about the logistics of fate and destiny and whatnot. All that matters is we’re almost to October, which is fun regardless.

Starting Pitchers

Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 12.49.57 PM.png

The fun part of the end of the season is the good team’s bench their good pitchers and the bad team’s don’t always have good pitchers, which means you end up with a matchup like the one tonight. A pair of guys with nondescript names and one start between them but a lot of bad pitching at the end of games.

In Josh Smith‘s defense, he’s not supposed to be a good pitcher, he’s just supposed to eat innings until the Reds switch from needing bodies to fill their roster to needing good players to fill their roster.

In Jake Buchanan‘s defense, he might get a World Series pity ring for saving the Cubs’ starters from injury just before the playoffs begin? I don’t know, this matchup is horrendous and I don’t even know what to say about it.

Starting Players

Cubs Reds
1. Dexter Fowler (CF)
2. Kris Bryant (3B)
3. Anthony Rizzo (1B)
4. Ben Zobrist (2B)
5. Jason Heyward (RF)
6. Addison Russell (SS)
7. Chris Coghlan (LF)
8. Miguel Montero (C)
9. Jake Buchanan (P)
1. Jose Peraza (SS)
2. Hernan Iribarren (CF)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
6. Ivan De Jesus (2B)
7. Tucker Barnhart (C)
8. Tony Renda (RF)
9. Josh Smith (P)

An Obvious Thing

MLBTradeRumors wrote about the three needs the Reds have going into the offseason. Their findings are incredibly obvious, but the way they break down the data is still pretty interesting, so it’s probably worth the three minutes of you time.

In Memoriam

In Light of Last Night’s Event

In other news, if you don’t follow Michael Baumann on Twitter, you should. It’ll be the best part of your day.

Concluding Thoughts

I’m finding it really hard to get excited about this game because a) end of season fatigue and b) the pitching matchup just makes me sad. Alas, the three more to go, maybe the other two will be good.

Go Reds!

13 Responses

  1. David

    I think the Reds won their last game of the season Wednesday night.

    Have a nice weekend! Just wait until 2017. We’ll show them
    We’ll show them all!!!!

  2. Shchi Cossack

    Is Phillips dinged up or did Price decide after 157 games that Phillips needed to sit in order to give the youngsters the opportunity to play for the future?

    After that fiasco of a game last night, the Old Cossack doesn’t have much enthusiasm left for the final series. It’s been a long season.

    Maddon has the A team playing, sans pitcher. I feel a little bit sorry for Josh Smith against those bats. I hope the Reds players have a good series to finish the season. It would be nice to see Votto finish with three monster games. If Price inserts Schebler back into the lineup tonight, for any reason, I hope legal charges are filed against him and he is fired immediately. That move last night was completely irresponsible.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      Too late, he just got extended for a year with a team option for 2018 so firing is even more unlikely.

    • Jeffery Stroupe

      Bryan Price will be back next year, One year deal as will all the coaching staff.

    • ohiojimw

      I think Phillips is banged up from the swing injury on Tues that resulted in him leaving early. If either he or Schebler would have been available to PH for Renda Wednesday in the 8th inning with Duvall on 3B and two out, surely we would have seen them given that Renda was ultimately double switched out of the game after that AB anyway.

  3. Gaffer

    Price is coming back in 2017 with 18 option! So get used to the crazy decision making for a long time to come.

    • Dan

      I am glad to hear! I think he did a great job.

      • Gaffer

        Who was your favorite manager? Ray Knight or Bob Boone?

  4. Shchi Cossack

    The one year extention for Price, with a team option, is a good direction for the team. I think Steve did an excellent job of outining the benefits of such a move. Of course, Williams must deal with the Phillips and Cozart situation during the off-season or extending Price may really come back to bite them in the tush.

    If there were any doubts, this locks in the 2017 season as another rebuilding season and targets 2018 as the earliest possible competitive season.

    • ohiojimw

      Given how the team performed on the field from the ASB to Labor Day, the FO may have its work cut out for it to keep 2017 strictly a rebuilding season. Not sure they are up to the task 🙂

    • Dan

      Phillips should be a starter in 2017. You play your best players and no reason to think that we have a better 2b on the team. Peraza…. just might be our SS for 2017. I suspect Cozarts days in a Reds uniform are over.
      The only question for 2017 in my mind is going to be at catching and our pitching staff.
      The outfield has 3 solid starters in Duvall in Left, Hamilton in Center and Schebler in RF. Selsky the backup for LF, RF, and 1B.
      Winker needs to stay at AAA until he shows he can hit for some pop otherwise he is no different than Selsky except a worse defender.

  5. Dan

    Excellent news today Price gets 1 year extension plus an option year for 2018! Congrats Bryan Price!!!

  6. ohiojimw

    About fell off my chair reading the MLBTR rumors article linked above when it said Cozart might be the major trade chip this off season because of no trade clauses and injuries to other players. Has the person who wrote this article checked in with the goings on of the Reds since mid August? If so, they would know Cozart is now a big injury question mark too.