A Good Game on a Sad Day

Reds 4
Brewers 2

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I don’t have much energy for a recap today. Jose Fernandez died and yes that kind of thing happens sometimes, but that doesn’t make it less sad. Baseball lost something good today.

So, just the basics…

Finnegan got a short but good start. 5 innings on only 54 pitches.

With the exception of Jumbo Diaz, the bullpen was fabulous. Generating 9 strikeouts in 4 innings.

The offense did enough. Suarez, Votto, and Schebler all reached base twice (and really, Schebler has to be opening some eyes at this point).

With today’s win, the Reds are once again .500 since the All-Star break. there have been some troubles lately, but it’s not a bad team, especially when the pitching is working.

Okay, folks, I’m out. One week left in the season then we can talk about next year in earnest.


  1. Darrin says:

    I think Schebler has some serious potential.

  2. Shchi Cossack says:

    The Brew Crew is good for whatever ails the Reds.

    Peraza => 0-3 w/ 1-BB
    Schebler => 2-4 w/ 1-2B
    Votto => 1-3 w/ 1-2B & 1-BB
    Duvall => 1-4 w/ 1-2B
    Suarez => 1-3 w/ 1-BB

    Once again, those are names we expect to see in the lineup to begin the 2017 season and that ain’t bad at all.

  3. Shchi Cossack says:

    I have no problem with Renda receiving playing time, but as a corner OF? With Selsky and Iribarren on the roster and both appearing ready for possible OF utility roles next season, why start Renda as a corner OF? I don’t see Renda filling a possible utility role in 2017 but if he does, it will be as a utility IF.

    1. Playtowin says:

      They probably want to look at Renda’s bat vs. MLB pitching.

  4. TR says:

    If Price returns, he will need Renda to lay down sacrifice bunts.

  5. David says:

    Renda is scrappy and ……”plays the game the right way”, or something like that. He’s a Skip Schumacher in the making,
    A certain kind of manager loves to have guys like that in the dugout. I’m not so sure myself.

  6. CI3J says:

    Schebler has been on a tear since about August 15 and it’s been nice to see, but I believe it comes with the “sample size” caveats and all. I wouldn’t mind giving him a full-season audition next year, if he’s still going strong by the time the All-Star Break rolls around, the Reds might have something.

  7. CI3J says:

    While we are on the topic of outfielders and sample sizes, I’m surprised no one has written about how Adam Duvall has completely fallen off a cliff in September.

    .227 OBP/.552 OPS/.175 AVG

    Maybe he just ran out of gas?

    1. vegastypo says:

      Duvall in the first half, Schebler for a good chunk of the second half. And what have we learned? Well, nothing. Or at least not enough. I’ve said before that the Reds would be lucky to see Duvall OR Schebler turn into an everyday outfielder. Getting both would be quite the good fortune when you’re dealing with prospects. … So going into next year, the Reds essentially have to decide which one keeps his everyday job, assuming Jesse Winker is ready for left field. Unless they platoon.

      This year has proven frustrating for numerous reasons. Also regarding the outfield, we have learned again that Billy Hamilton might never be able to take a pounding that he does to himself from his style of play. Does Schebler spend time in center next year to give Billy more time off? Not sure that helps, since he seems to get hurt on his dives and slides, etc.

      Aside from the outfield, I guess we learned that Suarez could stick at third base, until pushed aside by Senzel or someone else. We learned that Cozart is limping to the finish, and that we’re still stuck with Phillips for maybe another season. His defense is far from what it once was, but he hit better than expected — provided we didn’t expect any power.

      I guess we did learn that Joey is still Joey, despite that scary first month and a half to two months. And we learned that Tucker Barnhart can provide some offense along with his strong defense.

      1. CI3J says:

        Yeah, I’m sure we’re going to have a lot of discussions on here about should be done next year. I do agree this year was pretty frustrating in that we haven’t really learned much that we didn’t know before the season began.

        If they plan to compete in 2018, 2017 HAS TO be devoted to figuring out what they’ve already got. No more playing veterans or coddling egos, it’s time to see if these kids can play.

  8. ohiojimw says:

    Didn’t see it said anywhere else, so, I’ll add here that the Reds win on Sunday means they will finish at least 1 more victory than they finished with in 2015. That’s a twist on the old “addition by subtraction” adage.

  9. cfd3000 says:

    I could see a four man outfield of Hamilton, Schebler (sharing CF with most starts for BHam), Duvall and Winker (getting the bulk of starts in left), with Iribarren as the backup, pinch hitting fifth outfielder and to spell Votto at first every ten days. That wouldn’t bother me at all. If that gave Schebler more at bats and kept BHam fresh then the Reds could worry about the infield, backup catcher, the rotation and filling out the bullpen. After a rebuilding year I agree that there are still more questions than answers and that’s disappointing, but I think the outfield is, amazingly, more on the answered list.

    1. ohiojimw says:

      Unless Winker has the world beater of all springs including showing substantial power, I think he starts the year at AAA again. He’s rated about average as a defender and does not have the speed to make himself a base running threat. He really needs to demonstrate he can be at least a doubles machine to go along with an OBP that is likely to drop off into the .350ish range at MLB.

      1. lwblogger2 says:

        I’m inclined to agree. He isn’t kicking down the door.

  10. WVRedlegs says:

    The most disappointing thing about this season has been what was supposed to be a strong suit, the starting pitching. The only questioned answered this year was whether Finnegan could be a starter or not. And Finnegan stepped up and answered that question. The rotation has a nice duo in DeSclafani and Finnegan now. But 3/5 of the rotation is STILL unsettled and that is very disconcerting. Straily should land a #4 or #5 spot and that helps immensely. But he’ll have to earn it again in spring training. They have no idea on Homer Bailey’s status for next year. Where does Iglesias fit in? Where does Lorenzen fit? Is Adelman really one of the 5 best for the rotation? Nah. Reed and Stephenson were very disappointing. Lamb and Moscot never really recovered from injuries and were demoted.
    If Straily repeats his 2016 performance, if Homer Bailey comes back to form, and if Iglesias’s shoulder holds up this is a very solid rotation.
    Too many question marks for this unit going into next year. The Re-Build needs a significant step forward from this group next year. And, of course, a new bullpen.

    1. ohiojimw says:

      They need to do with Stephenson what they did with Finnegan and Reed. Just keep sending him to the MLB mound every 5th day and see what happens. To date RS looks no worse than Finnegan was early on and well ahead of where Reed turned out to be. For the most part he has left games too soon because he was out of pitches but with the Reds still in nominally in the game as opposed to being blown away as regularly happened with Reed.

      I understand the service time player control issues early on; but, in a year like this season, it was a missed opportunity not to have brought RS up with Reed and just have put them both in the rotation at the same time.

    2. DEN says:

      Why does Straily have to “earn” it? Right now I would have him as the No. 2 guy behind Disco then Finnegan. IF anyone has to “earn” it to me it’s Bailey. We still don’t know if he will be able to go every fifth day and how that arm will hold up.

      1. lwblogger2 says:

        You had me until you said Bailey should have to earn it. His track record suggests that he’s a starting pitcher. You also don’t really want that high of a salary sitting in your bullpen. Bailey goes in the rotation assuming he’s healthy enough to do so.

  11. Chuck Schick says:

    The Cubs have perhaps the smartest FO in baseball and Yankee like resources. They were extremely lucky in who was available in the years they drafted high and lucked out in the Russel trade…..and it still took 3 years to get it right.

    1. ohiojimw says:

      We still don’t know whether they got it right or were also lucky that their entire division was on the decline as they were on the rise.
      A lot of their shiny record results from being 36-14 versus the Reds, Pirates and Brewers.

      At just a quick glance, I put them at 25-22 versus the other two NL divisional champs and 3 possible WC teams. Maybe of most immediate interest, 16-17 versus the three possible WC teams.

      Who gets fired if the Cubs drop that first 5 game series??

  12. WVRedlegs says:

    The Daily Draft Pick watch.
    1. Twins 56-100
    2. Braves 63-92
    3. D-backs 64-91
    4. Reds 65-90
    4. Rays 65-90
    6. Padres 66-90
    7. A’s 67-88
    8. Angels 69-87

    1. ohiojimw says:

      I think the Reds win 2 or 3 more games, wherever that lands them.

      The Cards will be full of motivation but are actually -1 to the Reds on the season series going in. Unless the Reds are in full tank mode they should not get swept in a four game series; even a split is not out of the question.

      The Cubs will be playing it like a spring exhibition tune up series this weekend. The Reds should manage to win one.

      Rays have the W.Sox and Rangers both on the road. hard to say how that might play out.

      Braves have the Phils and Tigers both at home; also hard to handicap here. Plus there’s the game cancelled in light of the Fernandez tragedy which I presume will never be played but may impact the draft standings.

      The biggest factor for the Reds may be that the Dbacks and Padres close against each other (in Phoenix). Somebody has to lose (at least) 2 games there.

      I’m guessing the Reds likely stay where they are thanks to holding the tie breaker.

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