Reds at Brewers – September 23, 2016


We are down to just 10 games left in 2016. The Cincinnati Reds (63-89) have lost three straight games, and seven of their last eight games. The Reds will begin a three game series tonight against the Milwaukee Brewers (69-84) at 8:10 PM.

Starting Pitchers

Anthony DeSclafani 111.1 3.15 3.91 7.92 1.9
Zach Davies 158.1 3.92 3.86 7.50 2.8

Anthony DeSclafani is coming off arguably his worst start of 2016 (4.0 IP, 6 H, 6 ER, 3 BB, 4 K) on Saturday against the Pirates. Other than that start, DeSclafani has been very good for the Reds in 2016. DeSclafani has a 3.15 ERA in 4 career appearances (3 starts) against the Brewers.

Zach Davies has been very good of late. Over his last 5 starts, Davies has a 2.87 ERA/3.61 FIP with 32 K and 7 BB. Davies has the highest fWAR on the Brewers. Davies has a 3.80 ERA in 4 career starts against the Reds.

Starting Lineups

Reds Brewers
1. Jose Peraza (SS)
2. Scott Schebler (CF)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Brandon Phillips (2B)
6. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
7. Steve Selsky (RF)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Anthony DeSclafani (P)
1. Jonathan Villar (3B)
2. Scooter Gennett (2B)
3. Ryan Braun (LF)
4. Chris Carter (1B)
5. Domingo Santana (RF)
6. Hernan Perez (CF)
7. Orlando Arcia (SS)
8. Andrew Susac (C)
9. Zach Davies (P

Wild, wild-card races

NL Wild-Card

San Francisco Giants 81-72
New York Mets 81-72
St. Louis Cardinals 80-72 0.5 GB
Pittsburgh Pirates 76-76 4.5 GB

AL Wild-Card

Toronto Blue Jays 83-69 +1.0
Detroit Tigers 82-70
Baltimore Orioles 82-71 0.5 GB
Houston Astros 81-72 1.5 GB
Seattle Mariners 80-72 2.0 GB


The Reds have been struggling of late, but they’ll get a break from tougher completion against the fourth place Brewers. The Reds finish the season against the Cardinals and Cubs, so they might want to take advantage of getting some wins this weekend. Go Reds!


  1. Shchi Cossack says:

    I like the looks of this lineup right now. Selsky needs as much playing time as he can possibly get, even against RHP. He should get some serious consideration to make the 25-man roster next season coming out of spring training. I could live with a starting OF of Duvall, Hamilton & Schebler with Selsky and Iribarren as bats off the bench.

    1. ohiojimw says:

      Good enough until somebody actually forces the issue by playing well enough elsewhere to (very) strongly suggest they would do more at the MLB level than the incumbents.

      However, I think CF is always going to be a bit problematic for the Reds as long as BHam is their primary guy. A true back up contingency CF can be carried at AAA in case of major injury to BHam; but, indications are that BHam will miss enough time with nagging injuries that they need to have a guy they’d be OK with in CF for maybe ~20-25 games year on the everyday MLB roster. Is Schebler that guy? Would they want to disrupt the IF by using Peraza as that guy??

      1. Shchi Cossack says:

        Yes Jim…until someone forces the issue for playing time or service time issues are resolved. After 2-3 months, the Reds should have a good gauge on Duvall and Schebler as starting OF and hopefully the pitching staff will begin rounding into form. That’s the time to begin making moves for the future.

        In addition to Schebler for a CF backup, Iribarren has 182 games played in CF. Neither would be a long term solution, but could fill in as necessary for a game here and there with a more permanent solution available just 2 hours away.

        1. ohiojimw says:

          I think we are on the same page for the most part. Just pointing out it would be a fundamental change in approach for the Reds not to carry a true CF backup on the 25 man roster.

          The bench could be very interesting because if Meso is on the 25 man, they are probably a lock to carry a 3rd guy who can catch, at least initially (recall Pacheco cast in that roll this year until Meso was out).

  2. VaRedsFan says:

    Brwers turn 3!!! Votto lines out to 1st with the runners going.

    1. Darrin says:

      Did he smoke it or was it a soft liner?

      1. VaRedsFan says:

        smoked it to 1st

  3. IndyRedman says:

    Price about 10 days ago “We’d like to catch Milwaukee”. Its looks like they might finish 8-9 games behind them. St. Louis cares and we couldn’t beat the Cubs if they called up their AA squad for that last series. I think that would be enough to finish off Price if I was Bob C.

  4. Preach says:

    Broadcast just said the Reds, Brewers, and Braves lead the league in sacrifices…..hmmmmm

    1. jazzmanbbfan says:

      Welsh did point out eventually that maybe the sacrifice isn’t the key to a winning team (paraphrasing there). How TRUE!!

  5. VaRedsFan says:

    Peraza with a 3 run tater

  6. Preach says:

    That will work. Looking forward to seeing a lot of this kid

    1. IndyRedman says:

      We’re starting to see what they saw in this kid! He’s probably never going to be a great obp guy because he doesn’t walk much but he does foul off a lot of pitches and is a naturally pesky guy that can drop a hit into RF on any count. Plus we’re seeing some occasional power and he’s still very young and can get stronger. He’d be my leadoff man and I’d put Votto 2nd next year but the rest of the lineup is a question mark. Suarez is in a huge slump. Duvall hasn’t been good either lately? Maybe you leave Votto 3rd and try to improve someone by putting Votto behind them. Price has tried Suarez there and Schebler tonite. I’d leave Billy 9th next year and take some pressure off.

      1. ohiojimw says:

        Duvall looks like he is running on fumes. From the expression on his face, he thought he was right on the fly ball he hit in his 2nd AB and couldn’t believe it stayed in the park when in actuality it didn’t quite even make the warning track.

        I’d guess his legs are gone from his first season of running around the OF 9 innings every day. I know he was saying two weeks ago that it seemed like he wasn’t driving the ball even when he made good contact.

        1. IndyRedman says:

          I agree on Adam. Eugenio is running on fumes too….2 for 29 coming into tonite.

        2. jazzmanbbfan says:

          +1 I’ve been wondering if he is out of gas for at least the last couple of weeks.

  7. VaRedsFan says:

    Cingrani sans beard, bases loaded no outs.

    1. VaRedsFan says:

      4 straight balls to the lefty….Price pull Cingrani, thank goodness.

  8. IndyRedman says:

    Games like these are the reason I can’t give Price a pass despite the fact that he’s never had a legit team. Disco is obviously running out of gas but he leaves him in to walk guys back to back at 100 pitches….then comes in w/Cingrani. Its not like Cingrani ever walks his first guy or anything. It should’ve been Iggy after the leadoff double…PERIOD. They will tie at minimum and most likely take the lead

    1. IndyRedman says:

      Game over….Price gave it away. He also will make Disco the loser and he pitched a strong game! Suarez should’ve come home and he could’ve nailed Braun easily and Disco has a 3-1 lead coming into this inning. Price sucks

      1. IndyRedman says:

        Cingrani, Wood, Jumbo, Suckendorf….they all need to go and I don’t care who replaces them. They can’t be worse.

        1. jazzmanbbfan says:

          Hoover is much worse than Wood, otherwise I can’t disagree much. Cingrani has been the biggest disappointment to me of the 4 you mentioned.

    2. VaRedsFan says:

      You’re right about the options. I’m just not a fan of Tony C. not even as a loogy

      1. TR says:

        I’m tired of Cingrani. He needs to be on another team, not the Reds.

  9. VaRedsFan says:

    Braun kills the Reds again….game after game

  10. IndyRedman says:

    That’s what kills me about Price….he can’t recognize the obvious with the pitching? He’s a former pitching coach for crying out loud? Disco just got pushed back because of fatigue so why try to push him tonite? Makes no sense? Just had a day off….and you just said you want to catch Milwaukee! Pull him after the double and go w/Iggy. If you lose then you lose. Atleast you can explain it

    1. VaRedsFan says:

      I’m on board with that assessment. Iggy for 2 innings after the double. Or any combo of Iggy/Lorenzen for 3 innings.

      1. IndyRedman says:

        He just said he wanted to catch Milw and winning this series….really sweeping is the only chance they had. You have to win the 1st one so why are you pushing a starter you just said was fatigued and then going with the B team relievers? Is Iggy/Lorenzen unavailable? Cingrani with the bases loaded? Are you kidding me? Price has to go. Its.That.Simple

        1. TR says:

          If Price is here in April, it will be a repeat of this lost season.

      2. ohiojimw says:

        So obvious that the only plausible explanation for not doing it was that one of them wasn’t available??? (just guessing)

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