Final — Game 1
Pittsburgh Pirates (73-74) 10 11 3
Cincinnati Reds (62-85) 4 10 3
W: Taillon (4-4) L: DeSclafani (8-4) S: LeBlanc (1)
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Final — Game 2
Pittsburgh Pirates (74-74) 7 11 0
Cincinnati Reds (62-86) 3 7 1
W: Nicasio (10-6) L: Finnegan (9-11)
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Game 1 Recap:

Milton was unhappy with Cincinnati's performance today.

Milton was unhappy with Cincinnati’s performance in Game 1.

Game 2 Recap:

Milton was unhappy with Cincinnati's performance today.

Milton was unhappy with Cincinnati’s performance in Game 2.

The Good

Game 1:
–Jose Peraza had three hits. Adam Duvall hit a three-run homer, his 31st of the year. Hernan Iribarren had two hits, and he’s now hitting .444/.444/.667.

Game 2:

–Scott Schebler had two hits, including a mammoth home run. Jumbo Diaz pitched a perfect inning.

The Bad

Game 1:
–The Reds made three errors; Brandon Phillips had two and Adam Duvall made one.

–Poor outing by Anthony DeSclafani, who struggled from the first pitch. The Pirates batted around in the first; Disco went four innings, allowing six runs (four earned) on six hits and three walks.

–Keyvius Sampson and Abel de los Santos pitched three innings between them, giving up four runs on two hits and six walks. The Reds staff surrendered ten walks in the first game. Ugh.

–Ross Ohlendorf allowed three hits and a walk in two innings, but somehow didn’t allow a run. Wonders never cease.

Game 2:

–The Reds were down 6-0 after 4 and the game was essentially over at that point.

–With the Reds desperate for a good outing from Brandon Finnegan — the bullpen needed a break — Finnegan went out and vomited all over the mound. He threw 83 pitches, and couldn’t even get out of the third inning: 2.1 IP, 5 runs allowed (2 earned, thanks to a Scott Schebler error) on 7 hits and 3 walks. Just terrible, and it could have been worse! He left with bases loaded and just one out, but Josh Smith came in and snuffed out the rally.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–That was a long — a rain delay followed by two slow games — day of really crappy baseball.

–Take a look at Joel’s tweet below, which notes that the Reds had a historic day in terms of issuing bases on balls. At the end of the doubleheader, the Reds actually had 19 walks on the day. Miserable.

–Duvall has 92 RBI, which is pretty good, if you’re into that sort of thing.

–Keyvius Sampson can’t throw strikes. So yeah, he fits in just fine.


21 Responses

  1. msanmoore


    As Brad Pitt’s character said to his brother in “A River Runs Through It” … it’s time to wipe this day off the books.

  2. ohiojimw

    I think the season probably ended for me today. Even before things went south on the field, I was more interested in watching the Premier League than listening to the Reds. When I heard the start of OSU and Oklahoma was delayed, I turned on the Reds in game 2 long enough to see they were down 6 nil. I think Schebler was batting which means I switched it off without seeing his big blast. Such is life.

  3. Preach

    I really want to see the bullpen establish themselves with historical records….We can do it!!

  4. Preach

    Plus, isn’t a double Milton some sort of record? I was around when he was ‘drafted’ and I can’t recall another. Yeah, records!

  5. Gaffer

    Where is the hope for next year? This team will be basically identical next April as we have no real departing free agents, minimal trade candidates (Cozart for an A ball pitcher?), and zero chance of free agent signings.

    We will likely slog thru another 65 win season with a huge payroll and a bunch of guys who might break out, but probably won’t. As much as people talk about the lineup, rightly so, but man the pitching is clueless. You don’t just suddenly fix guys who have never thrown the ball over the plate consistently.

    • greenmtred

      The hope for next year lives in the good stretch after the ASG. Young pitchers have plenty to learn, but there are good arms around and, in any case, it’s too early to give up on 2017 already.

      • sandman

        Why is it too early to give up on 2017? The Reds FO has. Remember them saying at the beginning of this rebuild that they don’t expect to be contending again until at least 2018? AT LEAST…2018! Look, anything’s possible in baseball and this team could very well surprise the hell out of everybody and put together a winning or even playoff type season next year, so I’ll leave open a small possibility of that happening next year (say like maybe no more than a 5% chance) but a lot of people are expecting another bad year in 2017 even some of those here at redlegnation.

      • greenmtred

        You’re free to give up on 2017 if you like, but it’s 7 months away (the season) and lots can happen in 7 months. And, as I said above, this team played impressively for a reasonably extended period of time this year. It won’t surprise me if they are bad, and it won’t surprise me if they are pretty good. What I’m looking for is improvement and growth–something to follow and have happy thoughts about.

    • lwblogger2

      ~$90-million is a ton of money but in baseball terms, their payroll is in the lower end. I must agree on pretty much all your other points though. It’s hard to be optimistic for me. Even when they are playing well, you only see flashes. I’m not thrilled with the rebuild so far. Of course, it’s still very early. I think 2018 was the team’s unofficial goal, with thoughts that it may be 2019. If the Reds can get close to .500 in 2017, then I think they are on target. I have my doubts about rather they can though.

  6. jazzmanbbfan

    As someone who attended the 2nd game (with Pirate fan friends from out of town), I think we could have gone with Good, Bad, and Ugly as part of the recap. Finnegan’s pitching would have fallen well into UGLY. Thankfully my friends are not obnoxious Pirate fans but it was a looong game to sit though after that horrible start.

  7. David Eberly

    I really wonder if today will stick in the memories of those who are making decisions on Price next year. . .

    • greenmtred

      It might. Price didn’t throw a single strike all day.

    • ohiojimw

      To me there is the feel of 2013 season end starting to build. If Price doesn’t get the team back on at least almost even keel, I suspect whatever chance he might of had moving forward will go down the drain.

      I am also reminded of 2007 when Pete Mackanin took over the team (from Jerry Narron) at almost exactly the mid point of the season. That team had played -20 to .500 (31-51) over 82 games for Narron. For much of the second half, Mackanin had them playing some of the best baseball in the league. They were at 31-22 under his tenure heading into September when the wheels feel off and the team went 10-17. This dropped Mac’s overall record to still a respectable 41-39 but sealed his fate, if it were ever in question.

      • TR

        I think the reason we didn’t get Pete Mackanin, a solid baseball guy with a sense of humor, was because Bob Castellini wanted a big name, so we got Dusty Baker.

      • ohiojimw

        Agree you are probably correct which is why I said if Mac ever had a chance. However, imagine if Mac had gone just .500 in September. That would have given him half a season at an almost certain certain playoff qualifying rate. I think the grand plan would have been sorely tested.

    • TR

      I think the decision on Price has been made in the same way, as Tommy Tuberville said, that the decision on UC to the Big 12 had been made before the Houston game.

  8. sandman

    Again, I reiterate, I can’t wait for this stupid miserable season to end! It’s like pouring salt into the wound. The end of this season is seemingly dragging on at a turtles pace who’s crawling through molasses.😖😩😫😟😳

  9. larry the red

    Wow, what a double header…Votto forgets to bring his bat, Phillips leaves his glove in his locker, and most of the pitchers can’t find the strike zone. Oh well, Sunday will be better, we can only lose one game.

    • StillRed

      Exactly…and some people want to blame that on Price. Disco seems a little iffy of late and perhaps Finnegan and Straily have got that dreaded Sept. tired arm. Hitting seems respectable with different people stepping up, but without the pitching forget about it. No excuse for bad fielding though…if that is a sign of the Reds giving up, then that is where Price’s worth as a manager will show…the team is decent defensively and they have to keep their head the game to the bitter end. If the team completely collapses, bye bye Price.