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Is this the Anthony DeSclafani breakout we expected?

Interesting piece by Corinne Landrey over at Fangraphs today, about Anthony DeSclafani:

An oblique strain at the start of the season kept DeSclafani from making his 2016 debut until June 10th, but since his return to a major-league mound, he’s been fantastic. He’s made 17 starts and he’s yielded three earned runs or fewer in all but two of them. Two weeks ago, he pitched the first complete-game shutout of his career. And, what’s more, he’s maintained the adjustments that he made at the end of last season.

The outlook isn’t all peaches and ice cream, as you’ll note if you read the entire piece, but I remain encouraged by what we’ve seen from Tony Disco this season. I think he’ll continue to progress, and he should be nothing less than a mid-rotation starter for the next good Reds team. Frankly, I think his ceiling is significantly higher than that.

3 thoughts on “Is this the Anthony DeSclafani breakout we expected?

  1. He has good stuff and doesn’t walk people along with the strikeouts.His best skill is that he is mentally tough and pitches as if it is 0-0.So if your down late you can still send him back out there for another inning.Good pitchers all have this particular skill in that they just pitch their game regardless.

    • I agree on the appearance of mental toughness. Maybe it’s because he never smiles but whatever, he leaves me with the impression that he is all business all the time out there. And I agree with Chad that his ceiling may be much higher than middle of the rotation on the next good Reds’ team.

  2. Debates and blogs and ideas like these are central to why the Reds have mostly been an enjoyable and interesting team to watch since June 1. They stumbled before the All Star break and Labor Day week, but for the most part have competed and beat some good teams. They won series after series and beat the Giants and Dodgers and Cards and ….sniff sniff….the Pirates season is now essentially over thanks to the Reds.

    I am convinced Disco is still a developing pitcher and will attack his weakness and continue to get better. Finnegan could be Disco next year. I cant wait to watch Lorenzen or Bob Steve pitch. Did Iglesias really hit 98 mph last night? These are the storylines….not how bad Ohlendorf or Simon are in the bullpen or BP’s contract next year or those last 3 Joey Votto detractors in the universe.
    I also think Price has earned another year. He has cultivated a culture of competition and endurance amongst his pitchers. He was part of that incredible 2012 5 starter year with Cueto/Latos/Homer/Leake/Arroyo starting every game. I can see that developing again. Guys want the ball and want to pitch deep in the game. Arroyo wanted 30 starts and 200 innings every year. Lets find 5 guys who can do that again and get a dominant bullpen.

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