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Not-So-Random Thoughts

Our friend Nick is off traveling the world with his lovely wife — and representing Redleg Nation at the Baseball Hall of Fame, as you can see below! His normal Central Intelligence column, written by Greg Dafler, will run later in the day. Until then, enjoy some nonsense from me…

The Best of Redleg Nation
Lots of great content here at RN over the last week. Be sure to catch up on anything you may have missed:

–Matt Wilkes says that Anthony DeSclafani is totes underrated.
–Joe Shaw is talking about empty fields.
–Rob Carpenter looked at the worst ERAs in Reds history, including one kinda-current Red (see below).
–Nick Carrington on Dan Straily and the rotation.
–Here’s a recap of the fantastic Redleg Nation meetup at Great American Ball Park last weekend.
–Bryan Price says he doesn’t need any stinkin’ innings limits.

Now for some more recent news, and some not-so-random thoughts…

–Joey Votto could become the first batter to hit over .400 in the second half since 2004.

–The Reds are skipping Tony Disco’s next start and giving it to Keyvius Sampson. DeSclafani is not injured, the Reds insist.

–Alfredo Simon has most likely pitched his last inning for your Cincinnati Reds. You have permission to rejoice.

–Our old friend Bronson Arroyo, one of my favorite Reds ever, will be 40 next year. He hasn’t pitched in either of the last two seasons. But he’s going to try to make a comeback next year. I wish Bronson the best. He’s a Reds Hall of Famer, in my opinion.

–I just started listening to the Enquirer’s new “Accused” podcast. They’re clearly trying to mimic “Serial,” but “Accused” is very good in its own right so far. Check it out.

–Speaking of entertainment for your ears, I hope you’ll take the time to listen to the latest edition of our podcast. Doug Gray joined me this week, and he got really frustrated with my attempts to turn the conversation back toward Tim Tebow.

If you’re already subscribed to the podcast, thanks. If you haven’t listened yet, give it a try. And tell your friends. (I used to have a friend once. I told him things. His name was George Glass.)

–That’s enough for today. Nice weekend for the Reds, taking three of four from the formerly competitive Pirates. Let’s hope the upcoming week, with games at home against Milwaukee and Pittsburgh, will be just as much fun.

Only 19 games left to root, root, root for your Redlegs. Enjoy them while you can, right? Right?

3 thoughts on “Not-So-Random Thoughts

  1. Blog from C.Trent this AM talking about the Reds 2017 draft position:


    Unless you’ve been frequenting their site, the paywall will likely let you through if you answer a one or two mindless marketing demographic questions.

    Anyway, the Reds are currently in a three way tie for the #5 spot (last season’s (2015) record is the tie breaker) and don’t have much of chance of getting better than the #3 and even that looks to be a “struggle”.

    This got me to thinking, if the Reds were to try and increase their level of tanking, what avenues are even open to them at this point? Judicious (mis)management of the pitching might be the only real possibility. Could this have anything to do with why Disco has been skipped (we can hope so for several reasons)? Is it possible that playing Cozart with his leg situation is as much about tanking as hoping he will play well enough to build some off season trade value? ZC was certainly in the middle of several defense lapses in Pittsburgh and created what could have been a key TOOTBLAN.

    • I don’t know. With the way baseball prospects are so very hit/miss, is it worth tanking for maybe 1 or 2 spots? There is just as good of a chance as the #5 guy hitting/missing as there is the #2 or #10 guy as far as I can tell.

      • I think you are correct that the conventional wisdom is that in a year when there isn’t a clear cut Harper or Bryant at the top, there isn’t that much informed choice and difference among the top 5 at least and more typically among the top 10.

        Who did the Phillies take ahead of Senzel in June? I don’t recall but I don’t think he has done as much to date as Senzel. (For the record it was Mickey Moniak, a high school OF; he spent the entire season in rookie league and OPSed at just over .700. Senzel moved through the rookiem league to “A” and OPSed at 900+ in a month+ there).

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