The Reds minor league teams wrap up regular season play this week.  Two of the teams, Pensacola and Billings will then be competing in their league playoffs.  The AZL Reds were eliminated from the Arizona League playoffs as they lost 8-1 to the AZL Mariners last week in the single first round playoff game.

The Reds have announced all of their September call ups and Robert Stephenson, Cody Reed, Keyvius Sampson, Josh Smith, Wandy Peralta, Hernan Iribarren, Tony Renda, and Steve Selsky all got called up to the big leagues.  The Reds had to clear two roster spots for the call ups and Daniel Wright and Kyle Waldrop lost their spots on the 40 man roster.  Daniel Wright was claimed off waivers by the Los Angeles Angels and Kyle Waldrop cleared waivers and was assigned to the Louisville Bats.

Daniel Wright was also scheduled to play in the Arizona Fall League for the Reds.  So the Reds will need to find a replacement for him.

AAA Louisville Bats

The Bats finished with a 71-73 record and in 2nd place in the International League West.

The International League hitters averaged .254/.319/.381/.700.

OF Jesse Winker (.303/.397/.384/.782) finished the season strong but did not get a call up when rosters expanded.  2B Dilson Herrera (.276/.327/.462/.790 at AAA Las Vegas) hit .266/.372/.422/.794 in 80 PA with the Bats and also did not get a September call up.  Reds GM in waiting, Dick Williams cited a lack of playing time for them in the big leagues and the need for time off for Winker to rest his wrist and Herrera to rest his shoulder as the reasons they were not recalled.  He didn’t mention anything about them accumulating major league roster time, but we know better.  Hernan Iribarren won the IL batting title with a .327 BA.

The International League average ERA is 3.64.

SP Amir Garrett (3.46 ERA) finished off a strong season and did not get a big league call up either.  SP Keury Mella (7 IP, 1 ER, 3 H, 1 BB, 6 SO) and SP Tejay Antone (5 IP, 1 ER, 3 H, 3 BB, 5 SO) were both promoted from A+ and turned in nice performances in spot starts for the Bats at seasons end.

AA Pensacola Blue Wahoos

The Blue Wahoos finished with a 81-59 record and in 1st place in the Southern League South.  The Blue Wahoos are the First and Second Half South Division Champions.  They defeated the Mississippi Braves last night 6-5 in the first game of a best of five Southern League Division playoff series.

The Southern League hitters averaged .252/.324/.368/.692.

OF Phil Ervin (.239/.362/.399/.761), C Chad Wallach (.240/.363/.410/.773 ), 2B Brandon Dixon (.260/.315/.434/.749), SS Zach Vincej (.281/.329/.378/.708), and OF Sebastian Elizalde (.297/.324/.387/.711) lead the Blue Wahoo offense into the playoffs.

The Southern League average ERA is 3.70.

SP Rookie Davis (2.94 ERA), SP Jackson Stephens (3.33 ERA), SP Sal Romano (3.52 ERA), SP Nick Travieso (3.84 ERA), SP Tyler Mahle (4.92 ERA) head up the Blue Wahoos rotation entering the playoffs.

High A Daytona Tortugas

The Tortugas finished with a 76-61 record and in 4th place in the Florida State League North.

The Florida State League hitters averaged .250/.321/.357/.678.

RF Aristides Aquino (.273/.327/.519/.846) was named the FSL Player of the Year.  2B Shed Long (.322/.371/.503/.875) finished well at A+.  OF Juan Duran (.371/.404/.584/.989) hit well at A+ after struggling at AA.  OF Reydel Medina (.309/.325/.528/.854) hit great at A+ after some struggles at A.   OF Angelo Gumbs (.298/.342/.460/.803),1B Gavin LaValley (.275/.334/.470/.805), and OF Brian O’Grady (.235/.363/.394/.758) all had good A+ seasons as well.

The Florida State League average ERA is 3.58.

LH SP/RP Ismael Guillon (2.41 ERA) pitched very well in 93.1 IP over 32 G with 13 GS.  SP Tejay Antone (3.51 ERA) had a good season for the Tortugas.  SP Keury Mella (3.90 ERA) did not fare quite as well as we hoped at A+ this year.  RP Jimmy Herget (1.78 ERA) recorded 24 S.  RP Ariel Hernandez (1.76 ERA) and RP Alex Powers (3.13 ERA) pitched well out of the bullpen.

Low A Dayton Dragons

The Dragons finished with a 47-93 record and are in 8th place in the Midwest League Eastern.

The Midwest League hitters averaged .248/.317/.354/.671.

3B Nick Senzel (.329/.415/.567/.982) was absolutely dominate at Dayton this season.  C Chris Okey (.243/.323/.432/.756) was very good in his A ball debut as well.  OF Daniel Sweet (.243/.307/.407/.714) tailed off toward the end of the season at A ball.  1B James Vasquez (.223/.295/.358/.653) struggled a bit despite leading the club with 14 HR.

The Midwest League average ERA is 3.52.

RP Jesus Reyes (2.40 ERA) pitched very well in 93.2 IP over 30 G with 10 GS.  SP Wendolyn Bautista (3.15 ERA) pitched well in 34.1 IP for the Dragons.  SP Antonio Santillan (6.82 ERA) struggled in 7 GS at A despite recording 38 SO in 30.1 IP.  RP Sarkis Ohanian (3.31 ERA) finished with 13 S.  RP Lucas Benenati (2.77 ERA), RP Ryan Hendrix (3.05 ERA), and RP Sandy Lugo (2.45 ERA) all had good seasons out of the bullpen.

Rookie Billings Mustangs

The Mustangs have a 40-34 record with one game remaining tonight and are in 2nd place in the Pioneer League North.  The Mustangs are the First Half North Division Champions.  The Mustangs will face off against the Great Falls Voyagers on Friday in the first of a best of three game Pioneer League North Division playoff series.

The Pioneer League hitters are averaging .286/.354/.434/.788.

OF T.J. Friedl (.354/.425/.566/.992), OF Michael Beltre (.308/.419/.526/.945), OF Jose Siri (.325/.353/.570/.923), and SS Hector Vargas (.354/.367/.544/.911) will lead the Billings offense into the playoffs.  OF Taylor Trammell (.299/.372/.420/.792) and C Cassidy Brown (.329/.416/.390/.807) will help out at the plate as well.  SS Hector Vargas was named a Pioneer League end-of-season All-Star.

The Pioneer League average ERA is 4.98.

LH SP Scott Moss (2.35 ERA), SP Ian Kahaloa (2.82 ERA) will head up the Billings starting rotation heading into the playoffs.  SP Wennington Romero (1.93 ERA at AZL Reds and 3.00 in 1 GS at Billings) was just added to the staff for the playoffs,  RP Junior Arias (2.18 ERA), and RP Zac Correll (2.64 ERA), are the leaders in the bullpen.  RP Carlos Machorro (1.52 ERA at AZL Reds), and  RP Dauri Moreta (2.05 ERA at AZL Reds) were also just added to roster to help out in the bullpen for the playoffs.

Rookie AZL Reds

The Reds finished with a 31-24 record and in 2nd place in the AZL Central.  The Reds were the Second Half Arizona League Central Champions.  The Reds were eliminated from the playoffs as they lost 8-1 to the AZL Mariners in the single game first round of the Arizona League Playoffs.

The AZL hitters averaged .255/.329/.363/.691.

OF J.D. Salmon-Williams (.272/.361/.427/.789), 2B Emmanuel Cruz (.272/.355/.400/.755), and C Pabel Manzanero (.303/.339/.403/.742) led the Reds at the plate.

The AZL average ERA is 3.98.

SP Wennington Romero (1.93 ERA), SP Matt Blandino (2.30 ERA), and SP Luis Alecis (3.26 ERA) led the rotation.  RP Carlos Machorro (1.52 ERA), Aaron Fossas (2.55 ERA), and Dauri Moreta (2.05 ERA) headed up the bullpen.

Rookie DSL Reds

The DSL hitters averaged .240/.334/.320/.654.

The DSL Reds season is complete and Alfredo Rodriguez ended up hitting .234/.333/.299/.632 in 93 PA over 22 G.  Bear in mind that Rodriguez is 22 years old and the average age of the DSL is 18.2.

11 Responses

  1. cfd3000

    The Florida State League must have some awful teams if 15 games over .500 only nets the Tortugas 4th place! And I’ve never heard of Scott Moss but if he and Ian Kahaloa were more than two runs below league average ERA in Billings that deserves a tip of the hat and a call up to Dayton next year. Some nice prospects here Tom and some disappointing numbers too. Nice to see Senzel and the surprise Friedl pickup turning out so well. Let’s hope the next draft is just as productive. Thanks as always.

    • ohiojimw

      Scott Moss was the 4th round draft choice in June out of the University of Florida. His situation was a bit like Friedl in that he was a “redshirt” player who was eligible to be drafted despite having 2 years of college eligibility remaining. However Moss was not totally under the radar like Friedel because he had been drafted out of high school despite being committed to UofF (Rockies, 2014 38th round).

      Moss’s redshirt resulted from him having TJ surgery while at UofF. He was just rounding back into full form as the 2016 college season ended. It appears to have been a sharp move by the the Reds to grab him in the 4th round and offer him enough to get him to sign versus going back to UofF to attempt to pitch his way higher in the 2017 draft.

  2. Shchi Cossack

    Really glad to see Winker and Herrera shutting things down rather than getting September callups. I just hope that the Reds have both players on a supervised strength and rehabilitation program during the off season so both players have the best chance of starting strong and playing injury free in 2017. If healthy, both players should have significant (and hopefully long-term) roles at the major league level by the 2nd half of the 2017 season.

    • ohiojimw

      Don’t disagree but it is a strange rebuild when two of the most anticipated prospects already at AAA for a substantial period, Garrett and Winker, don’t get a September call up.

      • Jonathan

        Its all about the Service Clock….Why would the Reds want to add extra time to their clock? Those 3 will probably be called up for good 5.1.17 to add an extra year of arbitration.

      • ohiojimw

        The rules work to allow a guy to be up in September and still not cost the the team the “extra” year of control or Super2 status on a player if the team holds off on calling them up until late June or early July the following year.

        If a guy is brought up before June, he is going to become a Super2 whether or not he was up the previous September. The year of control on a guy brought up the previous September can be “saved” by holding him back in the minors until mid May.

        To save both the year of control and avoid Super2, the guy would have to be held back until July.

        Robert Stephenson is a good case in point. He will finish 2016 with ~40 days (probably just less than that) of MLB service. If he starts the year in 2017 with the Reds and stays up for the rest of his career, at the end of 2017, the Reds would still have 5 years of control over him; and, he would likely would NOT become a Super2.

        If the Reds keep Stephenson at AAA until mid May of 2017, at the end of 2017, the Reds would still have 6 years of control over RS but he would be on track to be a Super2.

        If the Reds were to hold Stephenson in the minors until around the 2017 All Star break, at the end of 2017, they would have 6 years of control over him; and, he likely would NOT make Super2

        So, I don’t really buy into the service time argument since barring injuries, Garrett and even very likely Winker aren’t going to be up with the Reds until late June/ July anyway.

      • Big56dog

        Does it matter when service time is earned? if they are called up Winker and Garrett 2nd game of next season do they not earn a full year until game 2 of the following year if they do not get sent down. I know Super 2 is another issue.
        correct me if I do not understand- Sept call-ups add to the clock just as a month of service in April would have- say someone like Mellville who will probably never have to worry about any more of his clock running.

  3. mdhabel

    Rookie Davis with 6 IN, 8 SO 1 BB 1 ER in the playoffs last night. Love that

    • ohiojimw

      It was an exciting game. I was following it off and on via MiLB Gameday. I’d been away and picked it back up just as the Blue Wahoos let the lead slip away and fell one down in the top of the 9th. It was a nail biter but the Blue Wahoos came back from that slip up. The winning run scored on a bases loaded walk with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th. It came on the screen that the pitch was a ball; and, I thought that was that. However, it took seemingly forever to finally update that the run was scored and the game was over which added to the suspense.

      • ohiojimw

        The person who records the data for MiLB is probably a Blue Wahoos staffer or intern. He or She maybe instinctively punched the pitch in as a ball then realized what that meant and spontaneously joined celebration for several seconds before finishing the job 🙂