The Reds (57-81), losers of four straight, try to stave off the imminent result of a losing season for one more day today against the similarly faltering Pirates (68-69). Neither team has lived up to the expectations of the season, but at least the Pirates had playoff aspirations at one point so maybe the losses just sting them a bit more?

Starting Pitchers

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 10.10.23 AM.png

Dan Straily has been a rocking ship his last two times out, tipping dangerously close to the water one way only to right it before momentum carries him right back to the water on the other side. Against the Angels, Straily got hammered: giving up seven earned runs in 2.2 innings on four home runs. Then, five days later, Straily earned a win against the Cardinals, but not without walking seven batters in 5.2 innings. Hopefully, tonight Straily can calm it down and not walk excessively or reincarnate Bronson Arroyo (though we all still love him).

Ivan Nova has been stellar in his last three starts for the Pirates, only giving up four earned runs in 21.0 innings and striking out 16. Since coming to the Pirates from the Yankees at the deadline, Nova has made six starts, walking only two and recording a 4-0 record. His first start for the Bucs actually came against the Reds, in it giving up three runs over 7.0 innings but still notching the win.

Starting Lineups

Reds Pirates
1. Jose Peraza (CF)
2. Zack Cozart (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Brandon Phillips (2B)
6. Scott Schebler (RF)
7. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Dan Straily (P)
1. Josh Harrison (2B)
2. Josh Bell (RF)
3. Andrew McCutchen (CF)
4. Gregory Polanco (LF)
5. Jung Ho Kang (3B)
6. David Freese (1B)
7. Francisco Cervelli (C)
8. Jordy Mercer (SS)
9. Ivan Nova (P)


Honestly, there is no better news than Tim Tebow getting a professional baseball contract. He’s like the less athletic version of Michael Jordan now. You know MJ is just chilling in North Carolina thinking: “Finally, there was someone else stupid enough to try and now everyone else can just forget about me.”

The Jose Peraza Question

C. Trent Rosecrans wrote an exploration of how Jose Peraza fits into the Reds plans this year and in the future, but mostly this year because Peraza’s bat has suddenly turned into Excaliber which is an obscure Knights of the Roundtable reference that really doesn’t make any sense, but what I’m trying to say is Jose Peraza is good.

Read Trent’s piece here, so you don’t have to take my word for it all.

Concluding Thoughts

It’s raining in St. Louis today, my feet are soaking wet and I can’t wait for some Reds baseball later. That and sleep. Mostly the baseball though.

Go Reds

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  1. That link to the CTR article is a good one. Recommend everyone read it.

    • CTR thinking a little out of the box with his suggestion to trade BHam; I’m not sure Peraza is really an everyday CF. There are Friedl and couple of other guys maybe not that far away who are CF’s. Perhap Peraza could keep the seat warm and then move to IF when the middle infield should be open.

      However Herrera was the centerpiece of the Bruce deal. Hard to see him not getting first shot at 2B; and, the Reds paid a highly publicized large sum for the Cuban SS (Rodriguez?). So, I suppose it could work out with Peraza in the OF.

      • trade billy hamilton, one of the most exciting reds player i’ve seen in my 59 years…just as he’s getting better…c trent just report, don’t try to convince us you are a baseball expert. one of the reasons for me to watch the games or go to the ballpark this season has been billy, otherwise ho hum…

  2. The Reds turn the page today from their embarrassing play yeaterday.We win tonight.Go Reds.

  3. Two strike two run double for Kang who continues to be red hot.

  4. Eight pitch inning for Nova in the second.He looks good out there.

  5. Did the aliens from Space Jam show up this weekend or what??

    It’s like this team has never played baseball before

  6. 9 up 9 down on 27 pitches for Nova.

    At least football is on tonight so I don’t have to watch a complete game shut out

  7. Nova is dominating.I just don’t see why the Yankees let him go.Starting pitchers are tough to find that are as good as he is.

  8. That foul tip is one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen. The first clue for the ump should have been the way the catcher appealed to first on the check swing. 😀

  9. Nova is perfect through 4 innings on 39 pitches with 1 ball hit out of the infield.What a steal by the Bucs.They fleeced the Yanks big time.

  10. Straily’s BABIP was bound to go up. Tonight could partly be regression and maybe some fatigue, even though he did pitch 140 innings last season.

  11. Seems like every pitch Straily gets up in the zone is getting hammered tonight. Not looking good.

  12. I would suggest that there is some fatigue with Straily but he has been solid most of the year.

  13. You can pretty much set your watch by the time BP will hit into a twin killing.

  14. Nova with an 8 pitch fifth inning and 47 for the game but we did get two hits.

  15. Straily battled and put up zeroes after giving up 3 in the first.I expect he is done after 5 innings and so am I for this night.Go Reds.

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