KB_Reds3The New York Mets need more wins to get ahead in the wild card race as they play game #2 of the series in Cincinnati tonight. They will have to do it in the scorching heat with an inexperienced rookie starter filling in for Jacob deGrom. deGrom is expected to miss multiple starts with soreness in his forearm.

Twenty-one-year-old Nashville recording artist Kaitlyn Baker will perform the National Anthem tonight at Great American Ballpark.


SF 73 64 .533 +0.5
STL 72 64 .529 0.0
NYM 72 66 .522 -1.0
PIT 67 68 .496 -4.5
MIA 68 70 .493 -5.0

More important to Reds fans is who else is getting the call for September? Well, just two more names today, and it’s looking like no Dilson Herrera nor Jesse Winker. Winker isn’t surprising to me, but Herrera is.

Today, the Reds recalled INF/OF Tony Renda and RHP Josh Smith from Triple-A Louisville.


Rafael Montero 3.68 4.38 0.0 20.6% 17.7%
Brandon Finnegan 4.19 5.25 1.6 11.0% 19.5%

Montero is making just his 4th appearance for the Mets this season and his 2nd big league start. That’s a lot of pressure on a guy who walked six batters over five innings in his only other major league start against the Marlins last week. Montero had a 7.20 ERA along with 40 walks over 80 innings in 16 starts for AAA Las Vegas. He had a much better time in nine AA starts: 2.20 ERA, 19 walks, 40 strikeouts over 49 innings.

Brandon Finnegan completed August with a string of three consecutive quality starts: 20 innings, just four runs allowed, 9 hits, 4 walks and 29 strikeouts. He posted quality starts in five of his six August starts, easily posting his best month with the Reds. Opponents hit just .183/.257/.366 off Finnegan for the month.


1. Jose Reyes (3B)
2. Asdrubal Cabrera (SS)
3. Yoenis Cespedes (LF)
4. Wilmer Flores (1B)
5. Jay Bruce (RF)
6. Travis d’Arnaud (C)
7. Curtis Granderson (CF)
8. Matt Reynolds (2B)
9. Rafael Montero (P)
1. Jose Peraza (CF)
2. Zack Cozart (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Brandon Phillips (2B)
6. Scott Schebler (RF)
7. Ivan De Jesus (3B)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Brandon Finnegan (P)

You can #VoteLorenzen starting now to MLB’s official social media accounts, @MLB on Twitter and Facebook.com/MLB

Check out Mark Sheldon’s full story on Lorenzen’s nomination:

Lorenzen, a Southern California native, who is in his second Major League season, has already worked to immerse himself in the Cincinnati community. He is a frequent visitor to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to connect with young patients. He also is involved with the Reds Community Fund and its Rookie Success League and clinics at the P&G Cincinnati MLB Youth Academy.

Among his other endeavors, Lorenzen has met with elementary school students at the Academy of Multilingual Immersion Studies, volunteered with “Matthew 25: Ministries” to help local boy scouts collect and distribute supplies for those in need. He’s a presence when the Reds host children and their families from the Make-A-Wish Foundation and is also active with the Cincinnati Bengals’ Marvin Lewis Community Fund and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.


It’s going to be a hot night at the stadium with game time temperatures in the upper 80’s and a heat index over 90! Hopefully, the Reds’ bats heat up (only 20 runs in last eight games, which includes nine runs Saturday afternoon) and provide Finnegan all the support he needs.


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  1. I would have liked to see Hererra this September, but there are two factors I think keeping him down. 1. His shoulder was “sore” when he came over, and had been sore off/on for a while, at least since spring. He could probably use some rest. 2. Where would he play? The Reds aren’t sitting Phillips down in September unless got a nagging injury that will actually keep him off the field.

  2. Cosart will continue to play if you call taking 3 strikes with bat on shoulder playing.He and BP are both ailing and there is no need for them to be out there unless 100%.

  3. I will call it a night since it appears our offense is just not going anywhere.If we can’t hit Colon then this young guy will dominate us.Sorry Finnegan but you ain’t getting much support.

  4. Greg, you left the Reds out of the wild card standings… *hic*

  5. 2nd solo shot given up by BF. Reyes gets him this time

  6. Solo homers won’t kill you … unless you don’t hit and can’t score. Then they’ll kill you every time.

  7. Wow. Finnegan leads the league in both walks and homers.

  8. Thom continues to amaze. Tonight he is lecturing on the difference just what one extra win a week can do to help a team’s record. Just think what the season would be like if the Marlins, Giants, Cards, or Bucs had won 1 extra game a week. This made me think how good the Cubs could have been if they won an extra game per week. Maybe 120 wins? If the Reds did that they would be a .500 team. We learn so much listening to Thom. Next year at Spring Training the Reds should ask Thom to speak to the manager, coaches, and players about winning one extra game a week. He knows so much about the game. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

    • THOM! just loves the sound of his own voice.

    • So, he’s discovered if you win 15-20% more of your games you wind up with 15-20% more wins. I’m glad the Reds investments in analytics are starting to trickle into the broadcast booth

  9. -80 ratio in Reds HRs and Hrs allowed!! We play in a complete bandbox and we’re only 21st in HRs with 143. 20+ of those were from Bruce. We have to get guys that keep the ball down because we don’t have the power to hit 200 HRs/year any longer.

  10. DUVALL!!!!

  11. Analytics are here to stay now that we have Thom providing a lecture on what they mean to him.

  12. Ask and ye might receive! I can’t think of another ballpark where that ball is gone? There might be 1 or 2? I’ll take it though…have Duvall in both fbb teams and this is the last week to determine the playoffs:)

  13. The Reds reward him with a September MLB paycheck … he rewards us with some darn fine hitting!

  14. Nice stroke by Ibby

  15. I guess Peraza is trying to make sure he gets some playing time by taking out other bench players.

  16. ಠ_ಠ … these last few AB’s by Peraza

  17. Oh no, Peraza has failed to get a runner in from 3rd three times in a row now according to Thom.

    The Thom has spoken. Release Peraza immediately. In fact, cut Votto too while we’re at it and get rid of all his meddling walks!

  18. But … but … but … oh, now I get it. 🙂

  19. Get your body in front of it, young man

  20. Thom is sooooo enamored with the bunt.

  21. Nasty, filthy, dirty … loved that pitch.

  22. Lorenzen is such a strong kid. It looks so effortless.

  23. Speaking of effortless……


  24. Minor leaguers getting us out with ease.Salas is up next and he hasn’t been any good for a couple of years.

  25. I hope the Mets use a real big league pitcher the next couple of innings so we have a chance to score.This game is over and one more that we should have won if we just hit a little bit.

  26. Shocking that Phillips would make an out on the basepath

  27. BP with great base running again.

    • BP caught off guard by Cespedes having a good arm.

    • Really??? A ball hit into the corner…you want him to stop at 1st? A rifle of a throw to get him. Sometimes people invent things to blame BP about.

  28. 1st batter …HR….water is wet

  29. The ONLY redeeming factor in play is that the Dirty Birds are losing (or were at last check) and the Metros win puts them in a tie for the WC spot.

    Good night Redleg Nation!

  30. Thom running off at the mouth again. Brandon hasn’t ran well in years

  31. Most HRs allowed in a season! We have it in the bag! Just keep running Simon and Jumbo and Ohlenlaunch out there and its ours! To all the expansion teams and Colorado Rockie pitching staffs out there….sorry…but WE’RE THE WORST…WE’RE THE WORST.
    Sad but true….even the guys like Lorenzen would rather pass on their bread-n-butter 97 mph sinkers and would rather hang a 92 mph cut fb to their best power hitter. Price is a bright guy but it isn’t translating to the pitchers execution

  32. Thom will be doing NFL football this weekend and it takes 3 days of preparation so he will not be doing the Pirates series. This is a break for all of us.

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