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Hernan Iribarren’s Baseball Life

If you haven’t seen it yet, I’d encourage you to go take a look at this piece I wrote for the Hardball Times about recent Reds call-up Hernan Iribarren. I was working on this for several weeks before the call-up happened and it includes quotes from Rockies GM Jeff Bridich and Bats manager Delino DeShields. Iribarren is a well-spoken, thoughtful person with a fascinating story.

Also, as a bonus feature, I encourage you to go check out this youtube clip of a baseball-like game called Chapita which Iribarren told me about playing as boy, but which didn’t fit into my story.

5 thoughts on “Hernan Iribarren’s Baseball Life

  1. Very nice article on Iribarren. Iribarren could fill that role on the Reds that Brayan Pena did over the last two years as a leader within the Latin players. A young re-building team should have a need for a player like this on their roster.

  2. That was a nice article. Hopefully he will find a role in baseball after his playing days are over, if that is what he wants.

  3. After reading this, it makes even more sense why the Reds are giving Iribarren an MLB payday this month.

    These September days can be really big for guys like Iribarren and Raffy Lopez with very limited MLB service in terms of getting them into the player pension plan.

    Here is an interesting Power Point presentation I found which delves into such things. Sometimes the link barks a bit but eventually works…..


  4. Great story Jason. But it’s more than feel good stuff. Here’s a guy with a serious bat who could make a difference off the bench and in the clubhouse. There have been a lot of guys on the Reds bench the last few years who weren’t at his level. If he’s that versatile, can hit, can run, and can mentor the younger guys, for major league minimum with enthusiasm, I like him in Cincinnati for the next year or two. Thanks for sharing all that.

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