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The latest on Homer Bailey

Cody Pace over at MLB.com has the latest on Homer Bailey, such as it is:

The encouraging news is that Bailey’s injury has nothing to do with his surgically repaired elbow. Instead, he’s experienced tightness in his right biceps as he’s struggled to stretch the muscle out. On Friday, Bailey played catch and felt fine afterward.

“They’re really working on just trying to get this lengthened out,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “He’s really tight in his biceps, and they’re just trying to work that out, but nothing surrounding the elbow area where he’s had the problems in the past. Our goal is to get where he’s fully comfortable, feels normal, get him on the mound, get him back into games.”

Price also said he doesn’t think they’ll have to shut Bailey down for the rest of the year, but that it’s possible that will be necessary, depending on how Homer responds to treatment. We’ll see…

4 thoughts on “The latest on Homer Bailey

  1. I mean, if it came to it, I’d rather have him shut down and be ready for 2017

    Of course I’d rather just have him healthy for good and stop this carousel of constant injuries and setbacks…

  2. I see no logic at all to having Bailey pitch again this year. We are into September now, at the Reds have 27 games left after today, meaning if Homer got the ball every 5th day, he’s looking at 5 starts max between now and the end of the season. Why bother?

    If Homer were 100% healthy, sure, ok, let him pitch out the string. But he’s not, and it doesn’t matter if it’s his elbow or not, why pitch through injury and risk making what is right now a relatively minor issue into something major? And it’s not just that he has the potential to injure his biceps, but also his other muscles/ligaments as they stuggle to compensate for the weakness of his biceps. Why risk it?

    Shut him down, try again next year when the games might actually matter. The last thing we need is Homer to injure himself again and not be 100% next year. There is absolutely, positively no reason at all for the Reds or Homer to risk his health this season by pitching in 5 meaningless games.

  3. Bailey should be shut down. He should work out over the winter to be ready to go next spring training. It is no sure thing that he will be able to return to his former self. The Reds should not press their luck by letting him pitch any more this season.

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