Cardinals at Reds – September 3, 2016

In front of the loyal Redleg Nation and the wonderful folks from Red Reporter, the Cincinnati Reds (56-77) do battle with the St. Louis Cardinals (70-63).  Today marks the First Annual Redleg Nation/Red Reporter Meetup at GABP.  People who cannot attend may or may not be jealous… but that’s neither here nor there!

Attendees of The Meetup will be privy to a private Q&A session with Reds Assistant GMs Sam Grossman and Nick Krall.  I’m sure questions like “What is a thermos?” and “How does it keep things hot AND cold?” will be of paramount importance. Everyone will be hanging out in and around Section 143, so if you are going to ballpark tonight, stop by and say hello!

The Reds will be hard-pressed to put on a more exciting, up-and-down display than they did last night.  A 9th inning single by Eugenio Suarez downed the Redbirds.  More of that tonight please!

The Reds and Dan Straily face Jaime Garcia tonight; here’s the tale of the tape!


Of particular note is this fact…


Yes, I tweeted that just so I could snip it into this column.  And, yes, I liked my own tweet.  Sue me!

Mr. Joseph Votto makes his (triumphant?) return to the Reds lineup today.  That’s a good thing in my book.


You’ll notice that, for a 2nd night in a row, Jose Peraza is not playing.  Last night Ivan DeJesus, Jr got the nod.  Tonight, Tyler Holt gets the nod.  Yeah, yeah, Peraza doesn’t play 1B and RF, but a workable solution could have been accomplished.

[EDIT! 12:52 MDT]  Apparently BP is being scratched due to a sore foot.  Peraza will take his place at 2nd.  I haven’t seen the lineup and I have to leave the house, so you’ll have to make due!

Tonight is Eugenio Suarez Bobblehead Night.  I’m calling another Suarez walkoff.  Take it to the bank!!



No one likes the Cardinals.  (Stole that from Wesley)


  1. james garrett says:

    Peraza seems to be the only guy that can’t play his way in to the line-up.Not sure what the Reds are thinking in playing guys ahead of him that are not part of next year and beyond.Can anybody think of a reason not to play him?

    1. joshtrum says:

      Honestly, I can’t come up with one. The only thing would be to see if any of these guys can play to a point that they would be throw ins in a trade package in the offseason because of decent play/ml experience. Certain players have to have gangrene before they get a day off, it seems.

  2. preacherj says:

    Typical 8-4-3 double play. Its never over Billys head.

    1. lwblogger2 says:

      That play was ridiculous! It was an easy double off the bat.

  3. DHud says:



  4. msanmoore says:

    I stopped napping just in time to see that … WOW!!

  5. preacherj says:

    Its about time Duvall break his funk with guys on base.

    1. preacherj says:

      Or not.

  6. DHud says:

    Not the most graceful slide into third by Peraza

  7. james garrett says:

    Not sure why Price double switched and took Suarez out.I understand he wants Wood to pitch the 7th but why.You can bet he will see at least two left handed hitters and possibly 3 if somebody gets on.We just called up two left handed pitchers and already have Cingrani so why not use one of them.Just saying

    1. preacherj says:

      He probably thought he was taking Peraza out and accidentally said “Suarez”

      1. msanmoore says:


  8. james garrett says:

    Hey what do I know cause Wood struck out all 3 left handed batters.

  9. msanmoore says:

    I have to keep saying to myself … don’t look at the strike zone … don’t look at the strike zone …

    These guys just continually screw up the calls. Near zero consistency.

  10. VaRedsFan says:

    Redleg Nation just got a shout out on the telecast!!!!!

    1. vegastypo says:

      Really, on the TV feed?

      1. Patrick Jeter says:


  11. msanmoore says:

    Just saw y’all at GABP! Sure wish I could have joined you. You got a shout out from the TV booth.

    1. jazzmanbbfan says:

      That’s cool. We had a great time!!

      1. Chad Dotson says:

        I wish I had more time to talk to you guys. Thanks for coming!

    2. lwblogger2 says:

      It was a great time. Chad says he’d like to do it again so maybe next time you are able to make it.

      1. Chad Dotson says:

        I’m serious about this: we’re already planning next year’s event. It’s going to be even better…and today was great.

      2. msanmoore says:

        Will have to do advance planning to get here from NC, but I’d love to make the trip.

  12. VaRedsFan says:

    Cabrera!!! 2 rbi pinch hit!!!!

  13. msanmoore says:

    I’m not sure many other infields make that DP around the horn. One more reason I’m warming to Suarez there. He’s certainly not the Edward Scissorhands we saw earlier this season.

  14. Jim t says:

    Price pushing all the right buttons today

  15. Jim t says:

    Would love to see Herrera at 2nd and Peraza at SS at least a couple of times before season ends

  16. msanmoore says:

    Wowser … what an inning.

  17. james garrett says:

    Can’t ever remember a game with 17 walks through 8 innings.Guess you could say the umpiring has been consistent but for us to walk 8 times is really really hard to beleive

    1. msanmoore says:

      I didn’t exactly see consistent from him unless it was consistently bad.

  18. msanmoore says:

    First 2 from the Dirty Birds … now THAT feels good!

    1. vegastypo says:

      You betcha! The editors got it right tonight !!!!!!!!!!

      1. msanmoore says:

        Oh they sure did. Perfect game to watch. Really makes me jealous now.

        1. vegastypo says:

          Make ’em go back tomorrow

          1. msanmoore says:

            With all of them wearing the same socks.

  19. While Frazier does have around 35 HR in Chicago, kinda feels nice knowing Peraza is over .300 while Todd is closer to the Mendoza line. Peraza may never hit 30 HR in a season but I think some power will come eventually. Will be a 20-40 man one day soon. And his OBP is much better than Todd. At first I hated the trade, but Peraza looks like he may have been worth it after all.

    Did I hear Jim Kelch say hello to RedlegsNation at the Park? If I did that was pretty cool. I don’t miss many Cardinals series myself.

    I bought a St Louis Cardinals shirt last week that says…
    “Billy Hamilton is my Daddy”

  20. VaRedsFan says:

    How appropriate that the RLN got to see the bases loaded walk to Votto

    1. msanmoore says:


  21. RedAlert says:

    Why is Sentzel still in Daytin and not moved to another level to help a prospective playoff team ???? – what more does he have to prove at this level ??? Dayton losing right now but he is 4-5 with 2 more doubles and 3 runs scorerd. Guy is batting .335 – Whatnin the Sam Hill is Red’s management doing . I realize it’s at the end of the year – but geeze

    1. RedAlert says:

      That would be Senzel – sorry for the typo

    2. Patrick Jeter says:

      My guess would just be end-of-year, like you said. Maybe they want him to go to the offseason on a high note so he’ll be super confident next year? I dunno! I think he should have been promoted at least 2 weeks ago.

  22. renbutler says:

    Any day that the Reds beat the Cardinals is a good day.

  23. cfd3000 says:

    I was just looking at the box score and up to date stats. The Reds have six qualified batters (not counting Bruce). In OBP Votto leads the team (and the league and the world). Second is… Hamilton. Just saying.

  24. Playtowin says:

    How could the Reds play DeJesus instead of Peraza on Friday night and start Holt in instead of Peraza today. At the last minute Phillips comes up with a sore of some sort and Peraza plays. The handling of Peraza is a mystery. They traded Chapman to LA for him and when that fell through they traded Fazier to the White a Sox for him. You would think they would want to play him.?? This is a mystery.

    1. Seadog says:

      You play your “best” players everyday to win.. Right now your best 2nb is Phillips, your best SS is Cozart. They will and should play everyday, until they are traded, or released. I love Perazza. I think it was a great trade. His time will come.

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