Titanic Struggle Recap: Eugenio Suarez earns a bobblehead night

Final R H E
St. Louis Cardinals (70-63) 2 6 1
Cincinnati Reds (56-77) 3 11 0
W: Iglesias (2-1) L: Oh (4-3)
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The Good
–With the game tied in the bottom of ninth, Zack Cozart led off with a walk. Brandon Phillips followed with a single. Adam Duvall struck out, but Scott Schebler followed with another single. Third base coach Billy Hatcher held Cozart at third, so bases were loaded for Eugenio Suarez.

Suarez hit a hard grounder up the middle…

–Billy Hamilton was 2-4 with a walk and three stolen bases. More on Billy below.

–Scott Schebler had three hits and an RBI. Suarez had two hits and a walk. BP had a couple of hits, as well.

–Outstanding pitching all the way around for the ol’ Redlegs tonight. Anthony DeSclafani allowed just two runs on six hits in seven innings. Michael Lorenzen and Raisel Iglesias followed up with a scoreless inning each.

The Bad
–Adam Duvall was 0-4 with two strikeouts; he also left six runners on base.

–The Reds loaded the bases in each of the last three innings. Fortunately, they scored in the bottom of the ninth, so this is just an interesting footnote to an exciting win.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–Losing streak over. Reds are now in the midst of a one-game winning streak.

–Anthony DeSclafani is good.

–Michael Lorenzen is good.

–Raisel Iglesias is good.



  1. msanmoore says:

    I’m thinking it’s way more fun to beat the Dirty Birds than any other win this season. Loved the patience at the plate from multiple hitters.

    1. seat101 says:

      I blame Brian Price!

      Seriously, went there a lot of first page swings last night?

  2. msanmoore says:

    And I love to see BHam steal on The Neck Tatoo!!

    1. Vicferrari says:

      For some reason I am really rooting for him to surpass Vince Coleman’s 19, wonder who got over 20 against a single catcher? Seem like ESPN was building up a Sunday night game with some Clint Eastwood Spaghetti theme as they showed Billy running on Yadi in slow motion awhile back.

  3. ohiojimw says:

    A win is a win, especially over the Cardinales. Would have been nice if they had brought up a hitter; but I guess it was more important to keep Ohlendorf et al which left them no choice except to DFA Waldrop to make a 40 man spot for Wandy Peralta.

    1. lwblogger2 says:

      Not sure why Jumbo wasn’t the odd man out.

  4. Shchi Cossack says:

    And it just gets better…

    Dilson Herrera: 3-3 w/ 2-BB
    Jesse Winker: 2-5 w/ 2-2B

    Phillip Ervin: 2-4 w/ 1-2B, 1-HR & 1-SF

    Nick Senzel: 2-4 w/ 1-2B & 1-Sac Bunt (are you bleeping kidding me!?)

    The future is pounding on the gates of GABP, but a sac bunt by the best hitting prospect in the organization, really?

    1. Vicferrari says:

      Its not like Tyler Holt is getting any younger, you never know when you will need to use an archaic strategy to kill rallies…. might as well find out who can get the bunt down early on

      1. I think he was referring to the sac bunt by Nick Senzel….

  5. Shchi Cossack says:

    Eugenio is really growing on the Old Cossack. His .828 OPS in the 2nd half is promising and he really only had one bad 20 game stretch in May wher he slashed .141/.197/.268 with a SO% of 42.1%. Outside of that 20 game stretch, Eugenio has had a consistently good season and he’s saved the best for last.

    1. Vicferrari says:

      I am with you, but if Senzel is on the fasttrack, where does he play? Is his career as a SS over,? I truly see him as utility guy if used right, get 300-400 AB’s if he can maybe like cubs’ Baez- or could he play the OF?
      Priority should be to get Peraza on the field as much as possible, so he should get OF spots before anybody including Winker. Off topic but I think you suggested on another post that they should not even promote Winker and I am leaning with this to partially let him rest his wrist and not burn his clock if he is not going to regular PT

      1. Gaffer says:

        It’s all the more reason we have to get rid of BP or next year, and Cozart too but we need value for him. Senzel is more like 2019 but right now we have to play Herrera, Suarez and Peraza

    2. msanmoore says:

      Same here. Very strong arm from over there continues to impress. Glove work getting better from what I can see.

      1. Reaganspad says:

        During his fielding slump, I did not see how he could be a ML 3rd baseman or shortstop and thought his future might be in the outfield.

        I am happy to be wrong on this one. I have enjoyed watching him at 3rd this last half season

  6. Dan says:

    If only our starting pitching could go this deep and be this effective more often we wouldn’t be talking about how bad our bullpen is, rather, we’d be talking about how great they are.

  7. Gaffer says:

    I know it sounds crazy, but what if this team had started the year with Lorenzen and Iglesius in a healthy backend of the bullpen? Go further and what if you had a healthy Disco the whole year? I bet you this team would be .500 at least.

    1. msanmoore says:

      +10 for a plausible theory Gaffer

      1. David says:

        Well, they would have had more victories, but who knows where that puts them in the standings. The bullpen was pretty bad the first two months of the season.
        Dumpster fire was a description that was apt.

    2. The rotation was awful too and could have used both of those guys as planned durin the first half of the season. Remember Daniel Wright, Alfredo Simon, Tim Mellville, Morris, John Lamb, Jon Moscot, and others I may have blocked out all made starts. No matter how good our bullpen was, we weren’t winning a ton more games. Probably a few but starting pitching is key and they had none.

  8. joshtrum says:

    A lot of these guys are hitting much better than the beginning of the year, but I’d much rather have the problem of, “where do we play (so and so)” than what was the first portion of the year which was “dear God let this season end”. Having too many good players can never be a bad thing, unless we have bad management who is inept in building the best roster…..I’m going to stop thinking now.

  9. David says:

    2018 and 2019 are a long way away. Eugenio has worked hard to be a better 3rd baseman. For all the criticism of him, he is a stand up guy, working hard to learn English and get better.
    Senzel will be here one day, and maybe Eugenio goes to 2nd base. His OPS would play great at that position.
    Without trying to sound like Pollyanna, this team could be pretty good in 2018.

    And yes, they have to find a way to move Brandon in the off – season. And I like Brandon, it’s just they have to rebuild, including 2nd base.

    1. lwblogger2 says:

      I just don’t see the Reds parting with BP until after 2017. He’s a fan favorite and his 2nd half has pretty much eliminated poor performance as an excuse to release him or sit him. Sitting or releasing vets who are still productive in the name of rebuilding just doesn’t sit well in the baseball world. BP isn’t accepting a trade unless he’s paid to do so and I don’t see the Reds doing that. An argument can certainly be made that they should but I doubt they will. It’s really the only scenario that I could conceivably see him gone before the end of next season.

      As for Cozart, I would be shocked if he was still with the Reds in 2017. That only makes room for one of the prospects but that’s the likely outcome.

      1. ohiojimw says:

        Cozart probably actually wants to move on because he needs a big multi year contract with several years at starting player salary to truly set him for life (at the end of this year he will have earned around $7M from contracts); and, it seems apparent that won’t be forthcoming with the Reds. Phillips on the other hand will be just short of $100M in contract earnings after the 2017 season and additionally will have earned a much more substantial pension based on years of service and salary level.

      2. Hotto4Votto says:

        I guess it depends on what you mean by performance. According to Baseball Reference his OPS+ is 90, his WAR is .2 for the year. Fangraphs has his WAR at .9, and his wRC+ at 89. Beyond that, his defense has been trending down significantly the past two years.

  10. seat101 says:

    I just realized something: we left the bases-loaded in the seventh, eighth, and ninth innings, didn’t we?

    1. msanmoore says:

      Yep … 7 & 8 were hard to take. 9 made it all worthwhile.

    2. msanmoore says:

      And what that means is we got on base vs. Dirty Birds relief core … including Oh No!

  11. james garrett says:

    Future looking bright with Peraza,Duvall,Schebler,Suarez and others.Seems like there will be lots of competition not only on the mound but in the field as well.Great problem to have and one we haven’t had for years.Let the auditioning continue.

  12. preacherj says:

    What is this “Peraza” of which you speak?

  13. preacherj says:

    It is brutal when your clean up guy leaves 6 ducks on base.

  14. Playtowin says:

    If the Reds are truly rebuilding Cozart and Phillips have to go in the off season. If no team wants Phillips they should release him, eat the contract and move on. Why keep a player no other team wants who is blocking players who are the future? Hamilton is a wonderful defensive player and a major disruptive force on the bases but he is an awful hitter. He is a weak link when he is at bat with men on base. There are no RBI in his bat. I hope Mesoraco can catch but his defense and framing are below average and he has had only 2 months of productive offense and that was in 2014. He makes $20 million over the next 2 years. The Reds owe Homer $70 million over the next 3 years. He has pitched in about 5 games over the last 2. Even if he returns to pre- injury form which is highly unlikely ant not particularly awe inspiring he will not be worth the money to the Reds or any other team. The future of this team rests with the young pitchers and Peraza, Herrera, Senzel, Duvall, Schebler, Suarez. Getting to .500 by 2019 will be quite an achievement.

    1. Carl Sayre says:

      Hamilton is an awful hitter who because of his speed and ability in CF and his speed on the bases makes him a valuable ball player. His defense is more than speed he plays a good CF and when you add his speed to reading the ball well and a reasonable arm you get a human highlight film. His .AVG is up over 30 points from the end of last season and his OPB is up around 40 points and he is still young I think that he is the CF for the next 3 or 4 years at least. When you are the table setter your job is to be the run batted in. Suarez is a bigger question mark for me his defense has improved a lot the second half and he is still shakier than Don Knotts. That hit in the 9th inning last night is the Suarez that can force himself into the starting line up regardless of defense he went to the plate looking to hit the ball back up the middle clean which he did. I loved his bat last year even as his numbers dropped to realistic range the start of this year not so much he was trying to muscle up on the ball. When he uses that sweet, compact level swing he is an exceptional hitter and he has enough power to drive the ball. The start of this season he had a long, looping swing that had a basketball size hole in it, he can approach the plate looking to put the ball in play and still be a 22 to 26 HR guy with 65 or 70 doubles thrown in.

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