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Robert Stephenson, Cody Reed among the first wave of September callups

With rosters expanding as of yesterday, it appears that the Reds have called up four pitchers to the big league club: RHP Robert Stephenson, LHP Cody Reed, RHP Wandy Peralta, LHP Keyvius Sampson. Outfielder Kyle Waldrop was designated for assignment.

The Reds had indicated previously that more callups were likely after Louisville’s AAA season ended early next week. Among those that I suspect will be joining the Reds: Jesse Winker, Dilson Herrera, and Amir Garrett.

The future of the Cincinnati Reds is inching ever closer to the present…

26 thoughts on “Robert Stephenson, Cody Reed among the first wave of September callups

  1. Really not unexpected, but what pitchers gets the starts? Reed is close to innings limit. Stephenson needs to get regular starts. Should Finnegan get shut down?

  2. Finnegan getting stretched out this year could not have gone better. I’d shut him down now – pitching great. Muscle memory is real – let this past month be what his arm wakes up to next spring.

    I think Reed needs more work and he’ll tolerate the pitch count hopefully. I’d put him and Bob Steve on 80-90 pitch counts and try to get them into the 6th.

    Hope (falls) eternal …

  3. Would it be wise to even call up Winker, they are going to have trouble finding PT for Peraza and Herrera and Peraza could play the OF/ Every day he is up is another day he will not be up next season if they want to maximize his clock.

    • I hope they keep Winker down, and bring him up in May/June next year to avoid Super 2. I think you’re right with PT, Schebler and Duvall need to play regularly so the Reds can figure out what they’ve got (less so with Duvall).

    • I thought Bob Steve was unteachable and didn’t want to learn. I guess the narrative is changing. I’ll try to keep up better.

    • This is good. He needs Power and Price tutoring him on the finer points of pitching and professionalism. Lot of pressure on him, interesting to see how he looks. This is must see stuff.

  4. Triple A season is over on the 5th. Louisville won’t be in the playoffs. Why not bring up Winker. Even if he only gets a few pitch hit opportunities at least he gets a taste of the show.

  5. Bringing Winker up would be a kind gesture but he has not earned it. He has an injured wrist which apparently limited him to 3 HR at Louisville. He should rest and rehab and do something next year that indicates he is an MLB player.

    • A guy hitting 21% (121 wRC+) better than average at AAA while also being young for the level hasn’t earned it because he has 3 HR (and 2 in his rehab stint)? And he’s got a .390 OBP at AAA as mostly a 22 year old. Votto’s OBP at AAA his last year was a paltry .381…

      You think a player needs to have a 30 HR season before he’s called up, or something?

      You guys need to get over your arcane single-stat views. I can’t believe you actually said he’s not an MLB player. I’m fairly confident he’d be the 2nd best hitter on this team right now behind Votto, apologies to Adam Duvall.

      He’s got a .390 OBP at AAA as mostly a 22 year old.

    • He only hit .295 with a ridiculous .390 OBP this year but yeah, I guess if home runs are the only way to prove you’re an MLB player, I guess he’ll have to try again next year

  6. The move to DFA Waldrop looks good. That speaks to how tight the 40-man roster will be this off season. If a player has no real prospect of making a positive contribution at the major league level, there will simply be no room on the 40-man roster for him.

    • Tyler Holt and Ivan de Jesus are both pre-arb eligible in 2017 but both were below replacement level players.

      Ramon Carbrera and Rafeal Lopez are both pre-arb eligible in 2017 but both were below replacement level players.

      Jumbo Diaz is pre-arb eligible in 2017 but both was a below replacement level player.

      • I don’t expect that we’ll see Holt next year. We have too many OF’ers that will need to be added. DeJesus may depend on who they can trade off this winter.

        As far as OF’ers go, the Reds will have Hamilton, Duvall, Schebler, and YRod, on the 40-man, and will add Winker, Ervin, and Aquino. (Technically the Reds list Peraza as an OF’er on the 40-man. That might explain why Price thought he had to play Peraza primarily in LF this year…) That leaves the Reds making decisions on whether to keep Holt and Selsky, and whether or not to add Elizalde (who I believe is eligible for Rule V). It’s helpful to remember that guys like Renda can play OF as well. I’d suspect the Reds will need the spots and only one of Holt, Selsky, or Elizalde is on the 40-man.

        Holt’s main advantage is that he can play a good CF. But YRod, Ervin, and Peraza can all play CF as well so he may be squeezed out.

        DeJesus may stick, in lieu of keeping Renda. With BP, Cozart, Herrera, Peraza, and possibly one of Daal/Vincej middle infield/utility spots may be at a premium. Now if Cozart or Phillips is traded or if the Reds decide not to protect either SS prospect then DeJesus’ versatility likely keeps him around.

        Lots of moving parts and offseason trades will come into play. Should be interesting as it’s really the first year in a long time that the last 5 spots or so on the 40-man won’t seem like filler.

  7. Bring on anybody that has an OBP of 330 or higher and give them a job.Give me a lineup full of guys like that and we win a bunch of games next year and more the following year.A player like Winker with a 390 OBP is a no brainer because he will hit 15 to 20 homers playing half his games at GABP.

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