The Reds minor league teams wrap up regular season play this week and next.  Three of the teams, Pensacola, Billings, and the AZL Reds will all then be competing in their league playoffs and Daytona is still holding on to slim hopes of qualifying for the FSL playoffs.

Today, September 1st, is the day that the major league rosters can expand.  Keep an eye out to see if the Reds, who are off today, announce any call ups or wait until tomorrow to make their roster moves .  Probably the Reds most interesting decision will be whether they clear a roster spot to add OF Jesse Winker or if roster and playing time considerations will prevent them from adding him at all.

The Reds made another splash in International signings as they announced the signing of top Cuban prospect RHP Vladimir Gutierrez.  The right hander turns 21 in a few weeks and reportedly throws a mid 90s fastball with a plus curve.  Gutierrez is ranked by many as a better prospect than previously signed Cuban SS Alfredo Rodriguez.

The Reds will also be sending six prospects, listed below, plus a pitcher to be announced to play for the Peoria Javelinas in the Arizona Fall League.  Surprisingly, you’d be hard pressed to find any of these six players listed in the top 20 on any of the Reds prospect lists.  It will be interesting to see if the additional pitcher might be newly signed Vladimir Gutierrez.

RH SP/RP Barrett Astin put up a 2.29 ERA in 102.1 IP allowing 74 H and 25 BB with 95 SO at AA.

RH RP Evan Mitchell put up a 3.38 ERA in 16 IP allowing 13 H and 6 BB with 18 SO at A+ and then put up a 2.95 ERA in 42.2 IP allowing 38 H and 15 BB with 23 SO at AA.

RH SP/RP Daniel Wright who had a 7.62 ERA in 13 IP allowing 25 H and 2 BB with 6 SO with the Reds.  Wright also put up a 0.45 ERA in 20 IP allowing 10 H and 4 BB with 22 SO at AA and then put up a 6.13 ERA in 83.2 IP allowing 109 H and 25 BB with 65 SO at AAA.

2B/OF Brandon Dixon hit .260/.315/.43/.746 in 432 PA at AA.

SS Zach Vincej hit .271/.320/.374/.694 in 414 PA at AA.

C/1B Chad Wallach hit .235/.367/.402/.769 in 221 PA at AA.

AAA Louisville Bats

The Bats have a 67-70 record and are in 2nd place in the International League West.

The International League hitters are averaging .255/.320/.381/.701.

OF Jesse Winker (.301/.392/.379/.771) is finishing strong with hopes of a September call up.  2B Dilson Herrera (.276/.327/.462/.790 at AAA Las Vegas) is hitting .267/.346/.489/.835 in his first 54 PA with the Bats.  3B Jermaine Curtis (.291/.404/.435/.839) and OF Steve Selsky (.277/.359/.456/.815) are both still on the DL.

The International League average ERA is 3.65.

SP Cody Reed (3.08 ERA) hopes to back with the Reds soon.  SP Amir Garrett (3.32 ERA) will be a roster expansion candidate as well.  SP Robert Stephenson (4.58 ERA) hopes for a September call up also.  SP/RP Keyvius Sampson (1.90 ERA) is a good bet to be called up in September.  RP Kevin Shackelford (2.30 ERA) has now recorded 6 S with the Bats.  LH RP Wandy Peralta (2.38 ERA) continues to pitch well at AAA.

AA Pensacola Blue Wahoos

The Blue Wahoos have a 76-59 record and are in 1st place in the Southern League South.  The Blue Wahoos are the First Half South Division Champions.

The Southern League hitters are averaging .252/.325/.368/.693.

OF Phil Ervin (.239/.360/.397/.757) has had a pretty good season at AA.  OF Sebastian Elizalde (.288/.318/.380/.698) has put up a solid year at AA.  2B Alex Blandino (.228/.326/.336/.662) finished strong after a rough start to the season.

The Southern League average ERA is 3.70.

SP Rookie Davis (2.72 ERA at AA and 7.50 ERA at AAA) was sent back down to the Blue Wahoos to help with the playoffs.  SP Jackson Stephens (3.41 ERA) has put up a nice season at AA.  SP Sal Romano (3.42 ERA) has finished his year very strong.  SP Nick Travieso (3.99 ERA) has got his ERA under four with a strong finish.  RP Alejandro Chacin (1.87 ERA) has 27 S.  RH RP Abel De Los Santos (1.42) is no longer unscored on since joining the Reds organization.  LH RP Nick Routt (0.77 ERA) is throwing really well at AA,

High A Daytona Tortugas

The Tortugas have a 74-59 record and are in 4th place in the Florida State League North.

The Florida State League hitters are averaging .250/.321/.356/.677.

RF Aristides Aquino (.271/.324/.512/.836) great season will propel him up some prospect rankings this off season.  2B Shed Long (.336/.390/.520/.910) has raked over his first 141 PA at A+.  OF Juan Duran (.390/.427/.584/1.011) is hitting well in 82 PA since his demotion to A+.  OF Reydel Medina (.308/.327/.542/.869) is hitting great in his first 110 PA at A+.   OF Angelo Gumbs (.298/.342/.460/.803) has improved his prospect status this season.

The Florida State League average ERA is 3.58.

LH SP/RP Ismael Guillon (2.41 ERA) has pitched very well in 93.1 IP over 32 G with 13 GS.  SP Tejay Antone (3.51 ERA) is having a good season for the Tortugas.  SP Keury Mella (3.90 ERA) has not stood out as expected at A+ this year.  RP Jimmy Herget (1.82 ERA) is the closer and has 23 S.  RP Ariel Hernandez (1.76 ERA) and RP Alex Powers (3.21 ERA) are pitching well out of the bullpen.

Low A Dayton Dragons

The Dragons have a 45-90 record and are in 8th place in the Midwest League Eastern.

The Midwest League hitters are averaging .249/.317/.355/.672.

3B Nick Senzel (.314/.410/.539/.949) continues to impress at Dayton.  C Chris Okey (.255/.333/.454/.787) has had a very good A ball debut as well.  OF Daniel Sweet (.256/.320/.453/.773) is hitting very well for the Dragons.

The Midwest League average ERA is 3.54.

RP Jesus Reyes (2.49 ERA) has pitched very well in 86.2 IP over 29 G with 9 GS.  SP Wendolyn Bautista (3.14 ERA) has pitched well in 28.2 IP for the Dragons.  SP Antonio Santillan (8.87 ERA) has struggled in 6 GS at A.  RP Sarkis Ohanian (3.31 ERA) now has 13 S.  RP Lucas Benenati (2.25 ERA) is off to a good start at A ball.  RP Ryan Hendrix (2.45 ERA) is off to a good start in his first 25.2 IP.  RP Sandy Lugo (2.61 ERA) is pitching very well out of the bullpen.

Rookie Billings Mustangs

The Mustangs have a 38-29 record and are in 2nd place in the Pioneer League North.  The Mustangs are the First Half North Division Champions.

The Pioneer League hitters are averaging .286/.355/.433/.788.

OF T.J. Friedl (.362/.434/.596/1.030) continues to pound the ball at Billings.  OF Michael Beltre (.292/.380/.443/.824 in the AZL) is hitting .317/.419/.508/.927 in 74 PA since joining the Billings club.  OF Jose Siri (.323/.348/.565/.913) continues to hit at Billings.  SS Hector Vargas (.358/.372/.540/.913) is still hitting very well also.  OF Taylor Trammell (.293/.364/.399/.763) continues to get on base.  C Cassidy Brown (.338/.426/.404/.830) is doing very well for the Mustangs.

The Pioneer League average ERA is 5.01.

LH SP Scott Moss (2.35 ERA) is pitching great over 10 GS.  SP Ian Kahaloa (2.81 ERA) is pitching great thus far at Billings.  SP Andrew Jordan (4.09 ERA) has fell off a bit recently.  RP Junior Arias (2.18 ERA), RP Zac Correll (2.45 ERA), and RP Patrick Riehl (3.48 ERA) are the leaders in the bullpen.

Rookie AZL Reds

The Reds have a 31-24 record and are in 2nd place in the AZL Central.  The Reds are the Second Half Arizona League Central Champions.  The Reds have been eliminated from the playoffs as they lost 8-1 to the AZL Mariners last night in the first round of the Arizona League Playoffs.

The AZL hitters are averaging .255/.329/.363/.691.

OF J.D. Salmon-Williams (.272/.361/.427/.789) is leading the Reds at the plate.  2B Emmanuel Cruz (.272/.355/.400/.755) continues to hit well.  C Pabel Manzanero (.303/.339/.403/.742) is hitting well.

The AZL average ERA is 3.98.

SP Wennington Romero (1.93 ERA), SP Matt Blandino (2.30 ERA), and SP Luis Alecis (3.26 ERA) lead the rotation.  RP Carlos Machorro (1.52 ERA), Aaron Fossas (2.55 ERA), and Dauri Moreta (2.05 ERA) are heading up the bullpen.

Rookie DSL Reds

The DSL hitters are averaging .240/.334/.320/.654.

It appears that the DSL Reds season is complete and Alfredo Rodriguez ended up hitting .234/.333/.299/.632 in 93 PA over 22 G.  Bear in mind that Rodriguez is 22 years old and the average age of the DSL is 18.2.

11 Responses

  1. mdhabel

    Mahle had a nice start this week to recover from a couple sub-par outings. Hopefully he can keep his walk rate down next year as it has been creeping up since Dayton

  2. doofus

    Tom, thank you for this nice summary.

  3. gaffer

    Overall nothing to get upset about in terms of player production, but was really hoping for some of things we talked about from past 1st rounders BEFORE THE SEASON.

    1) better power from Winker
    2) better average from Ervin
    3) continued solid mid-level starter production from Travieso

    Not so much really . . . .

    • Shchi Cossack

      Winker’s .077 ISO is disturbing after a .151 ISO in AA last season. Maybe a full off season for rest and recovery from the wrist injury will help get his power back on track. The Reds do not need big HR power (10-15 HR is more than sufficient) from Winker, but a slap-hitting, singles-hitting Winker drastically devalues his potential and production.

      • mdhabel

        Doug commented on this in his question answering post and believes it is the wrist injury leading to the poor power numbers. He has never been below .143 ISO in any of his stops so that does make sense

  4. WVRedlegs

    Thanks for another year of updates. It didn’t seem all that long ago we were just getting the season started. The time certainly goes by fast.
    This was a very good year in adding talent to the minor league system. Senzel, Okey, Trammell, Moss, and Cassidy Brown through the draft, the astute free agent signing of TJ Friedl, a now Gutierrez. Then add in Herrera from the Bruce trade, Peraza and Schebler from the Frazier trade, and Davis and Renda from the Chapman trade and it has been quite the year. Now, if only this coming off-season can go this well.

    • The Duke

      I think we move Cozart this offseason, but I’m not sure what else we will do. BP is untradeable because no one is giving him an extension at what he thinks he is worth, and there really aren’t any other pieces you move, unless someone overpays for Straily, but I don’t think that happens. A Cozart trade is likely our only activity of the offseason, and I’m not even 100% convinced that will happen. It should though, I want to see Peraza as the every day SS next year, and we shouldn’t be extending a SS into his mid-30’s in Cozart.

      • WVRedlegs

        I agree with you on Peraza. If I could wave a magic wand and make it be, I would put Suarez at 2B, Peraza at SS, Duvall at 3B, Winker in LF. And then package R. Stephenson and Dilson Herrera (or whomever) in a trade for a big RF, maybe Puig. I’d also be happy keeping Herrera for a super utility role. I’d also find a backup C to pair with Barnhart for about 40% of the playing time.

    • Big56dog

      Can anyone explain to me why Burke Badenhop is plugging, I thought this was his site or something and was hoping to read some of his insights so I can do the opposite

  5. RedsFanForLife

    Really wished that Senzel and Okey were promoted to Daytona in early August to try to help them make the playoffs. Oh well. Interesting where a lot of players will be placed next season. We should be very competitive at every level of the minor leagues next year.