Ben Badler of Baseball America is reporting the Reds have signed Cuban pitcher Vladimir Gutierrez for $4.75 million.

The Reds have an agreement in place to sign 20-year-old Cuban righthander Vladimir Gutierrez for $4.75 million, multiple sources told Baseball America. Gutierrez’s contract is subject to the international bonus pools, which the Reds already blew past on July 2 with their $7 million contract for Cuban shortstop Alfredo Rodriguez. The agreement was first reported by Jorge Ebro of El Nuevo Herald.

At 6-foot-3, Gutierrez is a lanky, long-armed pitcher who has been one of the top prospects on the international market for a while, with his stock initially dipping upon poor early showcases before rising higher than after when his velocity spiked earlier this year, touching 97 mph after he topped out at 93 mph in Cuba to go with a swing-and-miss curveball. While his assignment for next year has yet to be determined, based on his present ability, he should start in the minors at one of the Class A levels.

Read the rest of Badler’s report here.

Doug Gray wrote this about Gutierrez earlier this week:

He will turn 21-years-old next month. The 6′ 3″ and 175 lb. righty has two potential plus pitches with a fastball that reaches 97 MPH. He mixed in a curveball in the 78-81 MPH range with good biting action. He also mixes in a change up that shows itself to be an average pitch.

Vladimir Gutierrez is the top pitching prospect left on the international market. With his age he is likely to command $10+M to sign. That would easily be the biggest amount the team has paid out to an amateur under the new signing rules.

Read the rest of Doug’s column here.

Steve Adams of MLBTR wrote this about Gutierrez:

Cincinnati, of course, has had its share of success in dipping into the Cuban market for high-upside arms, enjoying success with the likes of Aroldis Chapman and Raisel Iglesias. However, both Chapman and Iglesias signed at a considerably later stage in their careers. Gutierrez will have a lengthier path to the Majors and will be subject to the standard pre-arbitration pay scale and six full seasons of control for the Reds upon reaching the big leagues. His numbers in a brief Serie Nacional career in Cuba were solid, albeit not overwhelming; in 118 1/3 innings, Gutierrez logged a 3.27 ERA with 7.1 K/9 against 4.5 BB/9. Of course, he’s come quite a ways in his development since that time, as his last work in Cuba’s top league came when he was still just 18 years of age.

Film at 11.

With the Reds already over their annual limit for international signings because of their $7 million deal with SS Alfredo Rodriguez, this agreement will cost the team about $9.5 million after the penalties involved. Clearly the organization is paralyzed by Joey Votto and Homer Bailey’s contracts.

Steve grew up in Cincinnati as a die-hard fan of Sparky’s Big Red Machine. After 25 years living outside of Ohio, mostly in Ann Arbor, he returned to the Queen City in 2004. He has resumed a first-person love affair with the Cincinnati Reds and is a season ticket holder at Great American Ball Park. The only place to find Steve’s thoughts of more than 140 characters is Redleg Nation. Follow his tweets @spmancuso.

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  1. Future closer after the Reds bungle Rafael Iglesias by making him a closer and he gets traded.

    • I think it’s fair to want all these Cubans to be starters, but the available data does not support it. Iglesius’ arm probably can’t handle starting. Chapman would have likely been a 5 inning starter with probably only slightly above league average production once you take 5 mph off his fastball after throwing so much (and no control of the running game). My only complaint was using him only for saves and only for 60 innings a year. Iglesius could be very valuable in the pen throwing 90 to 100 innings.

  2. Shouldn’t there have been a sarcasm alert font for that comment about being paralyzed?

  3. You beat me to it, Steve. Was just logging on to post this.

    Appears Gutierrez has been pitching in relief for his current team.

    • Been out most of the day. Got home, turned on the internets when the news broke.

  4. Bienvenido a Los Rojos, Vladimir Gutierrez.

    Now that they have blown past their spending limit with this signing, go out and sign the new Cuban refugee, Jose Adolis Garcia, a very toolsy player.

    • Actually this bonus system saved the Reds because the Dodgers were on this guy but were limited to $300 K because of past overpaying. The Reds clearly waited the last 2 years while the big boys overspent, knowing this was the year less teams to compete with. This also means we get no one for 3 years by the way.

  5. I like this signing. This is more in line with what many hoped for when the Reds blew past their allotment with Rodriguez. Glad to see they didn’t incur penalties to add just one player. Teach him a change up and let him go to work.

    • Exactly my thinking – Pair him w/ Mario Soto all through off-season & ST

    • Glad to see we are taking some chances as we try and get better. Never can have too many players

    • Remind me again the Reds we signed Rodriquez for $7 million.

  6. Solid! The thing I like most about this signing is Gutierrez will develop through the minor league system. I’m sure the Reds have him slotted as a starter and hopefully he develops as a starter, but his development will (or should) dictate his ultimate path to the show and this adds more depth and stagger to their pitching prospects.

    International signings are the only way to augment the minor league system beyond the rule 4 draft and the Reds have not been nearly active enough in international signings. Hopefully this is changing, but they need to get more involved in Japan and Korea too, not just Latin America.

    • Note to Reds…

      International players also hit and play defensive positions in the field. I still don’t understand the $7MM commitment to sign Alfredo Rodriguez, but at least someone is trying to mine the international market now.

  7. Race for the #1 overall draft pick-2017.
    Twins 49-82
    Rays 55-75
    A’s 57-74
    Angels 57-74

    Braves 48-83
    D-backs 55-76
    Padres 55-75
    Reds 55-75
    Brewers 56-75
    Phils 60-71

    A big battle going on for the #3 spot with 7 teams between 55-57 wins.

    • We can get there, I know we can! I want to have some young guys look good the last month, but I don’t want a winning record. I’d rather have the #4 pick and losing record, than #8 pick and a winning September.

    • and then starting next April they can win at a .667 clip and I’d be fine with that.

  8. Clearly the organization is paralyzed by Joey Votto and Homer Bailey’s contracts.

    Not lot mention the outstanding $15-16M on Phillips 🙂

  9. Votto’s contract is a serious value right now in 2016, and even 2017.

    That will not be the case in 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023.

    Keep swatting away at that strawman though!

    • Bailey’s contract ends in 2019. The Reds will be spending $150 on payroll by 2020. The average team will have several $25 million players. Will only take 2 WAR to earn $25 million by then.

      Straw arguments would be more difficult.

      • As much as I love the Reds and baseball, I do not think salaries and tickets and interest will grow…..I think it will stagnate very soon and then start to contract. I don’t think demographics support continued economic growth and prosperity for all things baseball….teams/stadiums/players/markets. I don’t understand the cable TV/streaming/multimedia platforms enough, but I do think that less people….not more….will have a passionate interest in MLB and the Cincinnati Reds. There is a baseball bubble coming.

        • The cable bundled channel model is certainly teetering. That’s what has financed the big TV contracts. Probably 90% of the reason I have cable is to assure I can watch 4 things, the Reds, OSU Buckeye Football, Brit Premier League Football, and CBJ Hockey. I was just looking into SlingTV, which is actually a modified bundle system for that matter, still if I understand the literature correctly I can get everything but the Big10 Network right now from SlingTV for less than a third of what I pay Time Warner for cable, broadband and land line phone rolled together. . That’s everything but maybe 1 or 2 OSUn football games a year in that price. I would probably have to upgrade my broadband but I’s still end up paying probably half or less of what I pay now combined.

        • On a side note, we have Sling and cannot get the Reds. Is there something I’m missing? (No B1G Network either.)

      • Except your reply ignores your original swipe at that strawman which proves the point.

        I apologize for the digression into the greater argument over the future Votto; given his current salary, as mentioned, there is no argument about the current Reds 2016 being hamstrung in the spending department.

        I am very pleased to see they are willing to blow past the league imposed limits and pay the piper for premium talent. Let’s hope they continue to stock up in that same international arena.

        • I fail to understand your point Mark. Of course he won’t be worth his contract in the last year or two. That is the case with every big contract and superstar. If the Reds get an extreme surplus in value from years 1-7 or 8 they will have made out like bandits. The point I think they are making is his contract does not now or in any significant way in the future impede this club from competing. Of all the things the Reds organization needs to fix this ain’t one of them.

    • Value has nothing to do with being paralyzed, though. They are completely different topics.

  10. Who knows how it will turn out but it looks like a good signing by the Reds and you can never have too many pitchers. I like the attached videos of the city of Las Tunas which is the hometown of my spouse. Tunas is called el balcon de Oriente (the balcony of eastern Cuba).

  11. Wow, honestly never thought they would sign Vladimir Gutierrez. It’s been a great year adding young talent not to mention good years from Shed Long and Aristides Aquino, among others. Looks like the Reds could have good starting/relief pitching backed up by good middle infelders in a couple of years. The outfield should be good too with Hamilton, Winker and Duval/Schebler/Aquino Should be able to give the Cubs a run for their money.

    • I’m really excited about Shed Long, if Dilson Herrera plays a mediocre defensive second base we have what appears to be a very solid backup plan coming soon! Love the duvall/shebler/Aquino potential combination beside Hamilton and winker also.

  12. I don’t like the Russian first name.

  13. Sign-and-trade to Dodgers for Puig?

  14. Does he fall outside the no trade for 1 year after signing rule that applies to draft guys?

    Doing this would actually fit the scenario I sketched on the Puig thread of the Dodgers using Puig to essentially buy talent, particularly if the Dodgers sent money with Puig.

  15. “Clearly the organization is paralyzed by Joey Votto and Homer Bailey’s contracts.”

    I sense sarcasm? I wondered how they can even sign him with a bonus of any kind if they’re over, but I now surmise from you it’s a soft-cap with “taxes” or “penalties” and not some “you hit the limit, you’re done” cap.

    • Correct. You can spend all that you want in a given year if you’re willing to pay the penalties. Those penalties will, however, keep you out of signing guys in the future if you spend too much (though, that could change with the new CBA this offseason – something that it actually seems most teams believe will happen).

  16. Very glad to hear about this signing! It appears we will have a loaded bullpen that we can trade off pieces to upgrade other needs. Getting excited about 2017 and beyond season.

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