Three Angels finished a triple shy of the cycle last night, which on any other night would be a cause to mock the team’s apparent collective lack of speed, but on this night, the Angels hit five home runs, limiting any Reds fans’ joy. If you read the previous sentence and see desperation to find some sort of silver lining in last night’s matchup, well then you are correct. If you read the previous sentence and actually find a silver lining, you’re probably an Angels fan.

Starting Pitchers

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 4.50.04 PM.png

Despite giving up three home runs in just 5.0 innings his last time out, Tim Adleman escaped with a no decision against the Texas Rangers. Adleman has made two starts since his return from the minors and has yet to last more than 5.0 innings. With Alfredo Simon as the purported long man in the bullpen, hopefully Adleman has his longest outing of the year tonight.

Once a premiere starter in the American League, Jered Weaver has fallen off, now struggling to pitch below a 5.00 ERA. Weaver’s ERA and FIP has crept up each year since 2011 and his K% has steadily gone down with it. In his last four starts of this season, Weaver is 1-3 and has yielded eight home runs, never posting a game score above 50.

Starting Lineups

Reds Angels
1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Zack Cozart (DH)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Brandon Phillips (2B)
6. Scott Schebler (RF)
7. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
8. Jose Peraza (SS)
9. Raffy Lopez (C)
1. Kole Calhoun (RF)
2. Mike Trout (CF)
3. Albert Pujols (DH)
4. C.J. Cron (1B)
5. Andrelton Simmons (SS)
6. Jefry Marte (3B)
7. Nick Buss (LF)
8. Jett Bandy (C)
9. Cliff Pennington (2B)

Reds Links

Jose Peraza is A-OK after taking a pickoff throw to the head last night. The ball ricocheted from first baseman C.J. Cron’s glove, to Peraza’s head, back to Cron’s head. That sentence makes it sound like a bit of a yo-yo effect, which it wasn’t, but that’s also a fun image.

–The Reds have signed Cuban pitcher Vladimir Gutierrez to a $4.75 million contract. Doug Gray and others have lots of information about Gutierrez attached to this link, which makes more sense to click on than expecting me to scout the young man on the spot. (Note: I can actually say young man for once because I am in fact older than young Vladimir.)

Concluding Thoughts

I need this.

Go Reds indeed.

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  1. The Old Cossack has been inordinately excited through the 2nd half of the season, but the continued presence of players filling significant roles like Adelman, Ohlendorf, Diaz, and Cabrera, with Simon and Lopez now added to that mix, is way past wearing thin. If the Reds need room on the 40-man roster, start cutting hard and deep.

    • Those guys all suck, but the guys with long term value are likely going to see their workloads reduced as they hit their innings cap. If you need to run someone out there in September it may as well be Ohlenhoover or Simon. If they get hurt in game 156 no one cares.

  2. I really hope we were in fact the team that claimed Puig. I get the clubhouse chemistry, but I feel like being out of the spotlight in Cincinnati could be just what Puig needs.

  3. I am with you SHCHI that we don’t need fill ins the rest of the way but I can live with it from a pitching standpoint but not from a position player standpoint.I want to see anybody that the Reds think maybe part of next year and beyond play.

  4. Puig in RF and some power off the bench with Tim Tebow! Lets mix things up!!

    Seriously though…Texas released my boy Drew Stubbs. He’s still only 31 and a lifetime .798 ops vs lefties. He’s a decent upgrade over Holt! Holt probably can’t hit the ball out of the park in batting practice.

    Is John Lamb coming back anytime soon? I still believe in him! 7ip/1 earned run in Colorado is not something that too many people can do! I doubt if 5% of the total starts there this year have been that good. Price could use him as a co-long man and loogy with that slow curve.

  5. The more I watch these players with no future on the team waiting for something to change, the more I am reminded of the same feeling I constantly experience with this team. The change is happening, it’s just at a very casual pace. Frustrating to say the least

  6. Aldeman won’t make it past the 3rd or 4th inning tonight so who is the long man for this game.

    • Got 5, I would think you risk running him out there for the sixth no matter what happens, hopefully they can put a rally and then use the back end of the bullpen to make this a game

    • not bad a 4 pitch 6th, let him go 7-lets get some runs!

  7. I want to ask why adleman is starting, but this is the Reds. Part of me wishes I could see managements logic, the other part of me feels seeing this stupidity will melt my face off.

    • I complained a few weeks back about that and no one seemed to have much of opinion. They had Sampson on 4 days rest after throwing 5 innings of relief in Reed’s last start. Could have had 3 starts and September to evaluate if a mid 20 something pitcher would be part of the plan. What kills me the most is they thought so much of him they tested him out last season

  8. Not a lot of positive vibes here tonight.

    • A “Quality start” froma replacement player, multi-hit night for Votto and Perza, and umm, give me something else guys

  9. I hear you Josh but I can live with the pitching but I would love to see more life out of this offense.We haven’t scored any more then 3 runs in only 1 game so far on this road trip,If you count tonight 4 of the 5 starters we have faced had an ERA over 5.Yes we have given up a bunch of runs but we should be scoring a bunch as well.Weaver has a 5.25 ERA and can’t break 85 on the gun.

    • Agree- The pitchers they have faced is the most discouraging part. outside of last Friday’s game the losses really have not been competitive. It is like all the good fortune and series wins have just caught up with them- Bailey not having his stuff seems to have a carry over to everything

  10. They should PH right???

    • Sad to say Lorenzen is probably the best bat off this dreadful bench if Tucker is not available.

  11. According to Game day that relief pitcher threw 2 strikes out of 10 pitches, terrible AB by Billy, hopefully he can turn it around as his nice numbers are dipping

  12. I am developing a serious fondness for Michael Lorenzen. Please let him pitch at least 100 innings next year.

  13. Speaking of Lorenzen….and his bat. Its unconventional but I’d rather have Lorenzen pinch-hit for the catcher then our other catcher. I think someone could pinch hit then come in to pitch per AL rules. Anyway…Lorenzen’s stuff is incredible! 98 mph fastball that drops a ton like a sinker!!

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