The Cincinnati Reds (55-73) will go for a series win this late afternoon at 4:10 against the Arizona Diamondbacks (54-76). The Reds smoked the Dbacks 13-0 last night behind two home runs from Scott Schebler, and the first complete game shutout of the season from Anthony DeSclafani.

Starting Pitchers


Things were looking very good for Homer Bailey until his last start. Bailey gave up 9 hits and 6 ER in just 2.1 innings on Monday afternoon against the Dodgers. Those kind of starts will happen when you are coming back from Tommy John Surgery. Overall, Bailey has very nice line of 27 strikeouts and just 7 walks in his first 22.0 innings of 2016. The strikeouts and the velocity are very encouraging so far for Homer.

Archie Bradley was the Diamondbacks first round pick in 2011 (7th overall). Bradley once cracked Baseball America’s top 10 prospects following the 2013 season. He made his debut with the Diamondbacks last season. Bradley has yet to get the results at the big league level that his high prospect ranking might suggest, but he is only 24. He has been up and down between AAA and the majors this season. Last year, Bradley took a line drive to the face off the bat of Carlos Gomez.

Archie Bradley

Starting Lineups

Standard lineup for the Reds, with Ramon Cabrera still replacing Tucker Barnhart.

SP: Homer Bailey SP: Archie Bradley
1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Zack Cozart (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Brandon Phillips (2B)
6. Scott Schebler (RF)
7. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
8. Ramon Cabrera (C)
9. Homer Bailey (P)
1. Phil Gosselin (1B)
2. Michael Bourn (RF)
3. A.J. Pollock (CF)
4. Rickie Weeks Jr. (LF)
5. Welington Castillo (C)
6. Jake Lamb (3B)
7. Brandon Drury (2B)
8. Chris Owings (SS)
9. Archie Bradley (P)


A win today for the Reds would make them 9-2-2 in series since the all-star break. That would be pretty incredible. Go Reds!

Nick is a lifelong Reds fan who was born and raised in Cincinnati. He acquired his love of baseball from his late grandfather. Nick moved to the Cleveland area in 2014 with his wife, and his currently fighting to convert his beautiful baby daughter Emma to Reds fandom. Nick has been writing for Redleg Nation since 2013. Follow Nick on Twitter @nicholaspkirby.

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  1. Go Homer! Homer Adam / Scott / Joey! Go Reds!

  2. Once again the Reds bats are facing a mediocre pitcher in the dry Arizona air. This should be another big offensive opportunity with Bailey mimicing the Disco Man’s performance on the mound. Yeah Buddy!

  3. Cossack

    Does the Arizona air remind you of your days on the steppes?

  4. Nick,

    If I saw your response I missed it I apologize who do you like better Duvall or Schebler?

  5. Why did the Reds trade for Peraza if they will not play him?

    • At this point, it really doesn’t make any difference if he’s sitting in the dugout in Cincinnati or playing in Louisville. Peraza’s major league service time is accumulating continuously since his June 14th call up. Peraza began the season with .042 days of accululated major league service time, so the Reds have put him well within super-2 status after he completes 2 years of service time. All for the priviledge of sitting in the major league dugout.

      • So, he was not in AAA long enough to loose that service time? I thought that was the case as it needed to be 20 days (he was down 18). So, it was actually 2 days of sitting on the bench that will cost the team millions!

        • Well they do need to find a place for him to while while building on the value of Cozart. Phillips isn’t going anywhere. Duvall is about to hit 30 homers and Schebler is starting to tattoo the ball. Maybe peraza can catch?

  6. Bailey isnn’t even hitting 90 mph on the radar?

  7. Homer’s velocity is way down. At least he’s just giving up singles right now.

  8. Bailey looks like he will need a winter of more healing. He appears very hittable. He has been lost to the Reds for 2 years….producing nothing in 2015 and 2016. Sad.

  9. 3 runs later, Homer has been nickel and dime’d to death in the first inning

  10. he’s looking broke. This should be his last start of the season. Let him try again next year. What a mess.

  11. Homer has nothing again today although Cozart has cost him 2 runs so far! Zack is usually pretty aware of the 6-5 force when he goes in the hole but today he goes 6-4 to BP when he had the guy dead to rights at 3rd. The next guy goes 6-4-3 and they would’ve only got 1 run! Back to Homer though….he looked good before LA so I wonder if they taxed him too much or something?

  12. Cabrera dropping that ball on the play at the plate was a bad break.

  13. Homer Bailey rhp
    6 years/$105M (2014-19), plus 2020 option

    6 years/$105M (2014-19), plus 2020 mutual option
    signed extension with Cincinnati 2/19/14 (avoided arbitration, $11.6M-$8.7M)
    14:$9M, 15:$10M, 16:$18M, 17:$19M, 18:$21M, 19:$23M, 20:$25M mutual option ($5M buyout)
    in-season payments: 14:$3M, 15:$4M, 16:$11M, 17:$12M, 18:$14M, 19:$15M, with balance of each salary deferred until November each year

    • I think we can still see a few good years from him. Hoping it is 2017-2019. What is the buyout on the option?

      • The Reds have a $5MM buyout on the $25MM team option for 2020.

      • We’ve seen at most 2 good seasons from him only. And, I’m counting one of those where he still had a losing record, that season being only one of 2 seasons he won more than 10 games.

  14. Nice knock for BP. Reds on the board. Given the Dbacks bullpen issues, I like to think the Reds can get back in this. Now Schebler with the long ball. Reds are definitely back in the game.

  15. Well if Schebler and Phillps keep doing that Peraza might wind up being a trade chip.

  16. I agree but he is having a nice 2nd half.

  17. Probably did make any difference in the end because the DBacks kept getting hits; but, that was also not a very good 1st inning for Cozart at SS. On the 1st (bases loaded) grounder that recorded the out at 2nd, Cozart was moving toward 3rd when he fielded the ball. Suarez was on the base; and, they easily could have had the out at 3B. Instead Cozart pivoted and threw back to second for the out. Then on the next ground ball Cozart sort of did a Cadillac job on delivering the ball to 1B which didn’t hurt Week’s chances continuing on to 3B. And while I’m at it, Suarez looked slow to get to the base to cover on that play, forcing Votto to hold the ball a split second longer, again not hurting Weeks’ chances….

    • Coz must still have some pain in those legs.

      • Then why isn’t Peraza playing SS. That was my point 🙂

        • I understand why they play him. They are hoping to pad his stats and get whatever they can out of him. If he sits mthe rest of the year then going into the off season there will be that stigma that he was injured.

  18. I just hope Bailey isn’t injured. Aside from that a good move to pull him while we are down by just 2.

  19. I know Bailey is coming off TJ but I really want to slam him in the worst way. He showed Colin Kaepernick level self-awareness when he ragged on the Reds front office for the Jay Bruce trade. He’s contributed NOTHING for 2 years now and now he’s topping out at 90 mph? Does he really think he’s a team leader or something? Yu Darvish is coming off TJ too and he brought a sub 3 era into GABP the other night. I wasn’t exactly a Homer fan before his comment but that really really rubbed me the wrong way!

    As for the good news….picked up Schebler on my fbb team and the Reds are going to win this game!!

    • I didn’t agree then but I’m coming around on it. He isn’t helping his argument right now that is certain. Bailey has never lacked in the confidence department and that is probably what led him to shoot off is mouth not realizing that sports has a tendency to bring about near instant Karma.
      SChebler is going to make things difficult for the Reds but in a good way. Better to have options then Shoemaker scenarios.

  20. Josh Smith could seriously add to his value by putting together 3 or 4 solid innings here.

  21. I don’t think there’s any question at this point, Bailey to the 60-day DL for the rest of the season and begins work to get ready for 2017. That jog down to 1B on the liner up the middle that riquocheed off the pitcher was just icing on that decision.

    • Did Bailey appear to be injured? I want him shut down but I don’t want his million dollar arm injured either!

      • There was no obvious injury, other than nothing on his pitches in the 1st inning.

        • 7 mph drop is a serious decline. I would imagine that was the reason for the pull instead of 4 runs.

    • Shutting Bailey down is a good idea. Maybe schedule a workout session in Goodyear in November and come to a Spring Training on a normal schedule.

    • Can somebody be added to the 60 day DL this late in the season? I suppose it opens a 40 man slot until they have to reset the roster for the Rule 5 draft but as of midnight Wednesday coming, there is effectively no 15 day DL because anybody on the 40 man can be activated/ recalled.

      Assuming Bailey isn’t deemed to be injured, I think they might as well keep running him out there every 5th day to see if he progresses or alternately has a break down. In a season that means nothing, might as well use the innings for that purpose as have a potential rude surprise in the spring.

      The way the Reds were hitting the ball in the 2nd, with a man on and 2 in, why was Bailey even batting if he wasn’t going back to the mound?

  22. I echo everything everyone has been saying in this thread. If Bailey is still not 100%, why bother making him pitch in the Lost Season? Why risk having him re-injure himself?

    Shut him down, hope 2017 brings brighter days.

    • The only risk I would be in favor of would be if anyone is watching and needing some pitching that maybe they would consider coming after Bailey. Wishful thinking.

  23. billy could go 1st to 3rd in a hurry on that knuckle curve pitch being thrown up there to the batters.

  24. I didn’t like that Price tried to milk another inning out of Smith there; and, it ended up costing them a run. OK with letting him bat with 2 out and nothing going; but, with the bullpen fully rested and 3 days of DH baseball coming up, go on and use the pen.

    • Then because you’ve fallen to 4 back instead of 2 or 3, you rationalize bringing in the suicide squad and……..

      Game, set, match.

  25. Ohlendorf is going to be expendable when it comes to us needing to add players to the 40 man roster in order to protect them.

  26. ok game over. Laters!

  27. This game is ugly. Did we just travel back in time to April?

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Nick is a lifelong Reds fan who was born and raised in Cincinnati. He acquired his love of baseball from his late grandfather. Nick moved to the Cleveland area in 2014 with his wife, and his currently fighting to convert his beautiful baby daughter Emma to Reds fandom. Nick has been writing for Redleg Nation since 2013. Follow Nick on Twitter @nicholaspkirby.


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