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Bryan Price on Homer Bailey after the game

Reds manager Bryan Price talking about Homer Bailey after today’s game:

“It was stuff concern, first. There will be peaks and valleys of this type of recovery from this elbow injury. Right now he’s got some bicep tenderness. Ball’s not coming out. You can tell when he’s throwing the last couple times out. It’s just not the same. He’s pitching at 88-91 mostly. Trying to create movement trying to throw more 2-seam fastballs. Doesn’t really have the teeth on the slider. It’s just not as competitive as he needs it to be to get big league hitters out with regularity.

We’ll assess. It’s good. There is no issue with his elbow. He does have bicep soreness. Which isn’t uncommon however it can be tedious and it can be tough to pitch with at times. Going into the game he felt really good. When he really started to lean on it, it started to get sore.

We’ll see. We’ll get ice on it. Do some rehab stuff. He’ll get an extra day in between. If we have to skip him a start or bring in somebody in September to push him back a few days, we’ll do that. We just want to make sure the next time he’s out there he’s fresh and feeling good.

There’s no problem with the elbow.”

22 thoughts on “Bryan Price on Homer Bailey after the game

  1. Might as well shut him down and just have him throw controlled sessions on the side instead of game action. Getting destroyed for 6 mores starts won’t help prepare him for 2017.

  2. I understand. I, too, am concerned. But this is Price’s area of expertise. Homer is not shy, and if he thinks that Price is saying something that’s not true he’ll let people know.

    Homer needs to get the work in. If we’re lucky the Reds might win a few games that he starts. He also needs to get some innings in so he can build on them for next year.

    Do I wish you’d come back 100% in April? Of course I do. Everyone does. But this is the course it’s going to take and I think the powers that be are doing the right thing.

  3. Nobody comes straight back from Tommy John at 100%. It’s a process. Adam Wainwright didn’t jump back to his normal pitching when he had TJS back in 2011 as the 2012 season was respectable, but not normal Wainwright.

    Here’s to Homer being at 100% for Opening Day 2017.

  4. *Closes eyes, takes big deep breath, and whispers to himself:

    “There’s no problem with the elbow…there’s no problem with the elbow…there’s no problem with the elbow…”

  5. It probably would be prudent to skip his next start. Then afford him everything he needs to get ready for his next start. If the same thing happens, then shut him down. It doesn’t do anyone any good to run him out there without his stuff.

  6. Let him pitch out of the bullpen the rest of the year. 1 inning every 5th day would do. Call up someone that needs to be protected on the rule 5 to take his slot in the rotation.

    • It would be interesting to know if there is insurance on his contract. It’s likely that even if there is, it doesn’t pay 100%. The premiums are just way too high on policies like that.

  7. After the long layoff from TJ surgery, it is a long process building back the muscle strength and muscle tone in his throwing arm. Guys that are ML pitchers are mutants anyways, as the wear and tear on their arm is tremendous.
    He worked, he conditioned, he had good and bad starts. But his arm is just not strong enough yet to go out there every fifth day. Skip a start, and set up a game where he pitches 3 innings of relief in 10 days. Use him a little like the way Raisel was being used, 2-3 innings every few days. He has to work to get that arm strength back. It won’t come back by magic.

  8. Its a process as mentioned and it makes no difference for this year.I am curious though to know why we send him out knowing where his velocity is in warm ups.Don’t know much about the injury and maybe his velocity does or will go up and down during a game for awhile until he build up more arm strength.One thing for sure it doesn’t help him or the team to get hammered and leave after one or two innings

  9. The Reds are in a perfect scenario to let Bailey keep on pitching so long as the medical staff, training staff and Bailey himself are OK with him pitching. It is in the team’s best interest to let him work through the post op issues now and not wait until next spring to finish the process. And if he “breaks” his arm again, same thought. It was probably going to happen regardless; better now than next year.

    • Agree, as long as the elbow feels ok, the issues he’s dealing with not are likely just part of the process of getting back to where the Reds need him to be next season.

  10. Price talking baseball reminds me of Alan Greenspan explaining what the FRB did or didn’t do. Not a compliment.

  11. I’m no orthopedist but this sounds like the type of soreness / inflammation that would arise from firing it up after not throwing overhand for 18 months. It’s like the longest winter ever for a biceps tendon.

    • Makes sense that biceps tendonitis could be the issue. I’m no ortho either though. I did have triceps tendonitis though. It was no fun.

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