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RNR #145: What should the Reds do with Devin Mesoraco and Tucker Barnhart (plus Joey Votto is special)

Jason Linden joined me again for a fun discussion of the following topics:

1. Precisely how awesome is Joey Votto?
2. Can we equate the 2016 Reds to the 2009 Reds?
3. What should the Reds do with Devin Mesoraco and Tucker Barnhart next year?

Jason also maintains that I said Adam Dunn is better than Pete Rose, but I don’t think I did. You’ll just have to listen, and decide for yourself.

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8 thoughts on “RNR #145: What should the Reds do with Devin Mesoraco and Tucker Barnhart (plus Joey Votto is special)

  1. I believe a trade involving Tucker or Ramon. I don’t think they could get much for Devin right now, not until Devin was to show he can play well for an extended time.

    Is Votto good? Yes, of course. I believe he has a bit of an ego on him, though. For instance, years ago, when there was talk about him moving to left field, he was wondering why should he? Now, while I probably wouldn’t have myself, that is entirely different than he thinking that. He should be open to whatever he can do to make the team successful. I mean, that was either a huge ego or a huge lack of confidence in his being able to play another position.

    Then, earlier this year, when he made his Ferrari comment, while what he said may be true, the reason people would want that is because until the Ferrari acts like a Ferrari, it’s still no better than any other 4 wheeler out on the road. When it came to that, I couldn’t help thinking that, “Shouldn’t a Ferrari be acting like a Ferrari and not like any other 4 wheeler?”

    • I’ll take Votto’s ego (which doesn’t seem that over the top to me at all) over most others. Especially with his kind of results. I think sometimes he gets stressed and is a little less than friendly and it’s a side effect of the intense focus required to do what he does.

  2. I don’t think anyone gets to the top be it MLB, the corporate world or politics without having a healthy ego.

    • +1 TR. Some show it a little more, although personally I don’t think Votto does, but almost no one in a competitive sport or profession lacks a pretty strong ego.

  3. Just want to thank you guys for doing these podcasts. No one out here in the Philly area is interested or knowledgeable enough to talk about the Reds, so this is the next best thing for me.

  4. I saw the first basemen payroll the other day too and found it amazing. Gotta love Ryan Howard getting $25M

  5. The reason to bat Winker higher in the lineup has nothing to do with winning. It has everything to do with getting him more plate appearances to further hone his game. Batting Winker 7th or even 5th is silly.

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