Let’s hope.

Zack Cozart is still experiencing “soreness in his surgically-repaired right knee and his Achilles tendon.” He hasn’t played in either of the last two games:

“He didn’t have enough improvement to justify having him in the lineup, against a usable player,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “But I’d like to get this behind him if we can. I don’t think playing the full nine innings is going to make him feel better tomorrow. Perhaps a day’s rest will get him over the hump.”

That doesn’t make me very optimistic that Cozart will be available soon.

Adam Duvall fouled a ball off his foot on Monday, and has now missed the last four games. He is expected to start today’s game against Los Angeles:

“We did some running today. Everything felt good. I’m available and ready to go,” Duvall said.

We’ve complained many times over the years — and the criticism has been completely justified, in my opinion — about the Reds deliberately playing short-handed for a week and a half because they’re seemingly so hesitant to place anyone on the disabled list. Not sure that criticism applies here, though if Cozart can’t play this weekend, we should start to wonder why Jose Peraza isn’t up here playing shortstop.

But if Cozart and Duvall were just going to miss 4 games each, you can’t really put them on the DL. It’s just unfortunate that both were injured at the same time.

On the other hand, even if Cozart returns soon, Bryan Price has been forced to play these games with a 23-man roster. The Reds have enough challenges facing them as it is, without making them play with one hand tied behind their back.

Blame Chad for creating this mess.

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  1. Duvall hits the ball SOOOO hard. That’s usually a good thing, but not when he’s hammering the ball off the top of his foot. I was really surprised he didn’t have a significant injury that resulted in an immediate trip to the DL after the pictures were developed. The dude eats at the same table as Phillips, both are hard-as-nails ballplayers.

    Renda in LF is not a good option under any circumstances. I actually felt sorry for him yeasterday when he had to repeatedly deal with the wall and the baseball at the same time. Renda gets an ‘A’ for effort, but he is simply not a good OF. That probably has more to do with inexperience than capability since the Reds are force-feeding him this season with his only OF experience as a professional. Hopefully we will see Duvall back in LF today and making up for lost time by taking out his anger on the dang baseball by sending line drives to, through and past the OF, rather than targeting body parts.

    Cozart (and the doctors, trainers and manager) should make very sure his knee and Achilles are healthy and sound before even considering testing them in game action. With Renda available as an additional utlity IF, I’m OK with the Reds playing short-handed with Cozart for a few days this season since W & L are secondary to many initiatives. If the Reds hadn’t squandered so much service time with Peraza by riding him on the bench, Peraza might actually be on the 25-man roster now and getting some effective, usefull playing time at the majoe league level.

    • And if the Reds had traded Cozart to the Marines like the Mariners apparently wanted, Peraza would be playing now. And this soreness Cozart is experiencing can only dampen any trade value he might have at the end of the season.

      • My thoughts too on Cozart. And with the added revelation that apparently his achilles is also involved, his market value is going to be depreciated even more than if it were just residual stuff left over from the knee.

        I’m guessing he has already been on waivers, was claimed and subsequently “pulled back” for lack of offered value in return. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is eventually (early off season) bundled with a prospect for a middling return then subsequently nontendered by the team that took him to get the prospect he was bundled with.

        • We should trust that the Reds front office knows when is the optimal time to trade a player. . . . I know that’s not even a decent attempt at humor.

        • I am not saying this is what is going on with Cozart but very often when a professional athlete is nicked up they end up with pain or even an injury in another spot compensating for the original injury! I will say Price is starting to guess what the baseball Guru’s here in the nation are going to say. Sampson down Peraza up and in the line-up and making the most of this chance.

    • Hit a ball off the top of my foot in the batting cages the other day. I hadn’t been in the cage or hit a baseball in years. It was a “cage-ball” and it still hurt… a lot! I had forgotten how much it hurt. Duvall hit it off his foot much harder than I did too!

  2. Feel sorry for Zack and hope he gets better soon but the way Peraza was handled when he was up here was pitiful.I would love to know who was behind the way he was used or maybe it should be the way he wasn’t used.Couldn’t have helped much with his confidence.

  3. The Reds have seemed for some time to be an org that is predisposed to going long on pitching and short on position players when constructing their 25 man roster. Currently that situation is even more pronounced given that 2 of the active relief pitchers are apparently working on recovery protocols which limit their availability beyond the normal.

    In the current circumstance, it is puzzling at least to see Renda continue at MLB while Peraza remains at AAA, especially since Herrera is not playing at AAA (he did PH Friday, his first game appearance in a couple, of weeks).

    • Renda up this time instead of Peraza tells me somebody got a clue about the FA and super-2 arbitration clocks!!!!

  4. Where do we sign the Reds fans Anti-Playing Short-handed petition! Its ridiculous and it never ends? Let Cozart rest up and bring Peraza back up and be done with it! It would be one thing if Cozart was the young prospect that they’re trying to evaluate but its not…..and it never is????? Dusty always did the same thing! They’re playing well and winning games so why not give them the best chance to keep it going!

    If Lorenzen/Iggy can’t go back to back then don’t waste them with 7-0 leads like he did w/Iggy vs the Cards. Start using Lorenzen as one of your key pinch hitters! The other team has 25 guys so have 25 available on our team. Don’t give Dejesus more atbats then Suarez. This isn’t rocket science!!

  5. Dejesus had an outstanding day yesterday, in the field and at bat plus Lousville needs good players. Might explain leaving Jose where he is.

  6. Jose Peraza has been called up from AAA and Keyvius Sampson has been optioned to minors. Why does it seem like the Reds never have and never will allow Sampson to show us if he is capable of starting or pitching at all. He’s done pretty well this year so far and at this point is far better option than Sweatin’ to the Oldiesdorf if left in bullpen. The way announcers were talking about Sampson sounded like the Reds were going to put Adleman in bullpen after first start and let Sampson take over. Adleman does great in first 3 innings but falters afterwards – could be better in bullpen and Sampson in rotation. Oh well. . .

    • i think Sampson had his chance last year as starter and the org now views him as a bullpen guy. just proves that sometimes a guy only gets a half a chance and need to seize it. I think his stuff plays up better in relief as well.

    • Sampson will be eligible to be recalled by the day of the roster expansion; so, even though I’ve been a Sampson advocate here and elsewhere, I don’t see this as a bad move. Given the history of Sampson’s use since his last recall, it is likely in those 11 days all he would have been called upon to do with the Reds is throw a couple of innings of mop up. Maybe he can get a start or two at Louisville, excel, and put the heat back on them to use him in that role during September with the Reds.

  7. Why on the world do the Reds wait until just when Cozart is getting healthy again to recall Peraza!?

    “Hey, we have a 5 day window to get our SS of the future some playing time

    Hmm…let’s wait until the exact moment that window slams shut and THEN recall him! That way he can sit the bench where he belongs!”

  8. Peraza is going to get MLB service for his minors stent by the way, super 2 candidate now.

  9. I must have missed the pitch or two that Sampson has thrown that is big league pitching. I will allow that he hasn’t been given much of a chance to impress with the Reds and this is “eye test” and “gut” the numbers may not back it up but he has been completely underwhelming when I have watched him this year. I haven’t seen them play much since they have been playing better. The small sample size I have seen of him puts me in the mindset of only slightly better than Diaz and Homerun Hoover and I mean slightly better without their STUFF.

  10. Regarding playing short-handed with day-to-day players; this isn’t just a Reds thing. In general, when one of your better players is dinged up and day-to-day, teams don’t just DL the guy automagically. The general rule of thumb is that if the player is going to miss more than a week you DL him and bring someone up. For some teams who have a really good replacement, they may want to DL sooner; say if the player is expected to miss 5 games or so. The Reds may want to pull the trigger a little sooner than that so they can see Peraza with regular time in MLB, but I wanted to point out that in general, their handing of day-to-day players, isn’t that unusual.

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